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can increase the power of a signal An amplifier uses electric power from a power supply to increase the amplitude of a signal. The amount of amplification provided by an amplifier is measured by its gain: the ratio of output voltage, current, Amplifiers are used in wireless communications and broadcasting, and in audio equipment of all kinds. They can be categorized as either weak-signal amplifiers or power amplifiers.

Conceptual design of a fast neutron operated high power energy amplifier
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Abstract The basic concept and the main practical considerations of an Energy Amplifier (EA) have been exhaustively described in Ref. . Here the realisation of the EA is further explored and schemes are described which offer a high gain, a large maximum power

Optimum design for linearity and efficiency of a microwave Doherty amplifier using a new load matching technique
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Design Figure 3 shows the schematic diagram of the proposed fully matched microwave Doherty amplifier with offset transmission lines in the input and output circuits. The carrier and peaking amplifiers have input and output power matching circuits, which transform the

RF and microwave power amplifier and transmitter technologiesPart 3
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The generation of significant power at RF and microwave frequencies is required not only in wireless communications, but also in applications such as jamming, imaging, RF heating, and miniature DC/DC converters. Each application has its own unique requirements for

Frequency-domain description of a lock-in amplifier
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The basic principles behind the operation of a lock-in amplier are described. Particular emphasis is placed on looking at the frequency components of the signal present at the various stages of the lock-in during a typical measurement. The description presented here

Introduction to electroacoustics and audio amplifier design
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The Acoustic Wave Equation Abstract-Feedforward linearization has advantages in bandwidth and generality over other linearization methods. However, it is based on the subtraction of nearly equal quantities, so its major parameters must adapt to changes in environmental or operating conditions. This

The tunnel-emission amplifier
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SURFACE TUNNELING Let us consider the behavior of a metal-insulator-metal layer structure with a volt-age impressed between the two metal layers. A simplified energy band picture of such a structure is shown in Fig. 1 (a). Under the bias condition shown, electrons

Causality and negative group delays in a simple bandpass amplifier
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We demonstrate a bandpass amplifier which can be constructed from common electronic com-ponents and has the surprising property that the group delay is negative in most spectral regions. A pulse propagating through a chain of such amplifiers is advanced by

RF and microwave power amplifier design
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The main objective of this book is to present all the relevant information required for RF and micro-wave power amplifier design including well-known and novel theoretical approaches and practical design techniques as well as to suggest optimum design approaches

RF power amplifier behavioral modeling
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If you are an engineer or RF designer working with wireless transmitter power amplifier models, this comprehensive and up-to-date exposition of nonlinear power amplifier behavioral modeling theory and techniques is an absolute must-have. Including a detailed

Linear RF power amplifier design for CDMA signals: A spectrum analysis approach
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The nonlinear effects of an RF power amplifier on CDMA signals are analyzed and an estimation of the out-of-band emission levels for CDMA signals in terms of the power transistor traditional nonlinearity parameters and third-and fifth-order intermodulation

New simple CMOS realization of voltage differencing transconductance amplifier and its RF filter application
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Abstract. The voltage differencing transconductance amplifier (VDTA) is a recently introduced active element for analog signal processing. However, the realization of VDTA is not given by any author yet. In this work, a new and simple CMOS realization of VDTA is Filament formation in a tapered GaAIAs amplifier with an output width of 320/im is characterized by injecting an input beam with a superimposed sinusoidal intensity modulation (30 lira, period, 30% peak-to-peak modulation). Strong seeded filamentation of

Electronic amplifier circuits
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The amplification of weak signals into stronger signals is of fundamental importance in almost any electronic system. Sometimes this is obvious, as in a radio receiver, where the objective is to select and amplify the weak signal from the antenna and to present the

The linearity and efficiency enhancement using 3-way Doherty amplifier with uneven power drive
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Abstract This paper reports a 3-way Doherty power amplifier for repeater application. In general, 3-way Doherty amplifier provides better linearity than 2-way amplifier . And uneven power drive can give a bias adaptation effect, which guarantees better linearity and

AC Instrumentation Amplier for Bioimpedance Measurements
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AbstractWe analyze the input impedance and CMRR requirements for an amplier for bioimpedance measurements when considering the capacitive components of the electrode- skin contact impedance. We describe an ac-coupled instrumentation amplier (IA) that, in

Experiments on the efficiency increase of FEL amplifier on the base of LIU-3000
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relative to the FEL saturation provoked by the electrons and electromagnetic wave synchronism violation. In/4/a few methods of-r; increase due to the FEL parameters varying on the length (tapered undulator field B~. undulator period~ w) are analized. The last time

Class D audio amplifier basics
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Class A In a Class A amplifier the output devices are continuously conducting for the entire cycle, or in other words there is always bias current flowing in the output devices. This topology has the least distortion and is the most linear, but at the same time is the least

Single resistance-controlled sinusoidal oscillators employing current differencing buffered amplifier
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Abstract The basic aim of this paper is to present several of a newly introduced current differencing buffered amplifier (CDBA)-based oscillator topologies achieving orthogonal control of oscillation condition b and oscillation frequency v0 with a reduced number of According togood genesmodels of sexual selection [1, 2], male secondary sex characters (ornaments) evolve as signals of male genetic quality, and female preferences for them are favored because offspring derive enhanced vigor from the genetic quality of their sire. In an

Design and development of a novel EOG biopotential amplifier
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AbstractElectric potentials are generated across the Cornea and Retina of the eyes as a result of the movement of eyeballs within the conductive environment of the skull. This is referred to as the Cornea-Retinal Potential (CRP) and is the source of the Electrooculogram

Using digital modulation to measure and model RF amplifier distortion
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The relationship between saturation, inter-modulation distortion and spectral regrowth is important in the design and test of RF power amplifiers. A binary phase shift keyed (BPSK) signal using a 1010 data pattern is nearly identical to the two-tone signal used for

The dual-fed distributed amplifier
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ABSTRACT This paper describes a novel microwave distributed PAPER amplifier technique which results in a significant improvement in gain and reduction of noise figure in comparison with the conventional distributed amplifier provided that the novel amplifier uses a small number

Amplifier linearization using adaptive digital predistortion
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The emphasis on higher data rates and spectral efficiency has driven the wireless industry towards linear modulation techniques, such as quadrature phase shift keying (QPSK), quadrature amplitude modulation (64 QAM) and multicarrier configurations. Although these

The lock-in amplifier : A student experiment
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The lock-in amplier is an exceptionally useful instrument for extracting signals from noise, even when noise and signal frequencies are close. Lock-in ampliers are widely used in physics research, and for this reason it is important that undergraduate students be exposed

Detailed theoretical and experimental investigation of high-gain erbium-doped fiber amplifier
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Abstract-A full scale numerical model for the erbium-doped fiber amplifier has been developed, incorporating realistic index and erbiumconcentration profiles as well as the spectral distribution of amplified spontaneous emission. The high accuracy of the model is

Fundamental limits on Nd3-doped fiber amplifier performance at 1.3. tm
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Abstract To explore the fundamental limits on performance at 1.3 pm, a model for Nd* doped fiber amplifiers which includes signal saturation and excited state absorption (ESA) at the signal wavelength has been constructed. Ignoring ESA, the difference in pump efficiency

Explicit-current-output quadrature oscillator using second-generation current conveyor transconductance amplifier
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Abstract. This paper presents a novel quadrature sinusoidal oscillator using second- generation current conveyor transconductance amplifier as an active building block. The proposed circuit employs only a single second-generation current conveyor Recently, Celma, Martinez and Carlosena derived a complete set of canonic RC-active oscillators using a single second generation current conveyor (COI) through an approach which was an extension of the method presented by Bhattacharyya et al.in the context of

Getting the most out of your instrumentation amplifier design
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Many industrial and medical applications use instrumentation amplifiers (INAs) to condition small signals in the presence of large common-mode voltages and DC potentials. Standard INAs using a unitygain difference amplifier in the output stage, however, can limit the input

A conceptually new high-frequency switched-mode power amplifier technique eliminates current ripple
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ABSTRACT A new witching powtn amoli ien. ipwpobvL vividi hai a. numb advantages oven the conventional buch type. deign. The,ampLLiieJi iband on a recently announced optimum topologywitching dc-to-dc conve teA uied in a push-pott-tike

Handbook of operational amplifier applications
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ABSTRACT While in the process of reviewing Texas Instruments applications notes, including those from Burr-Brown I uncovered a couple of treasures, this handbook on op amp applications and one on active RC networks. These old publications, from 1963 and

The effect of body contact series resistance on SOI CMOS amplifier stages
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Abstract- This paper examines some implications for analogue design of using body ties as a solution to the problem of floating body effects in partially-depleted (PD) SO1 technologies. Measurements on H-gate body-tied structures in a 0.7~ pm SOI process indicate body-tie

Ultrafast laser and amplifier sources
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Abstract. There has been remarkable progress in the development of high peak-power ultrafast lasers in recent years. Lasers capable of generating terawatt peak powers with unprecedented short pulse durations can now be built on a single optical table in a small

New CMOS realization of voltage differencing buffered amplifier and its biquad filter applications
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Abstract. In this paper, new biquad filter configuration using a recently introduced active element, namely Voltage Differencing Buffered Amplifier (VDBA), is proposed. This block has high impedance input terminals and low impedance output terminal, providing

BiCMOS current-controlled current feedback amplifier (CC-CFA) and its applications
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Abstract:-This paper introduces a modified version of current feedback amplifier (CFA), called current controlled current feedback amplifier (CC-CFA), to extend usabilities of this active element in terms of electronic control-abilities and simpler circuit description of the FOR a portable multichannel biomedical telemetric system intended to be used for EEG and ECG signals, low-noise, low-power instrumentation amplifiers were required. In general, the design of instrumentation amplifiers for physiological signals is based on the classical

An IC Amplifier UserGuide to Decoupling, Grounding and Making Things Go Right for a Change
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This quotation seemed a proper note with which to begin on a subject that has made monkeys of most of us at one time or another. The struggle to find a suitable configuration for system power, ground, and signal returns too frequently degenerates into a frustrating glitch

Efficiency enhancement of linear power amplifier using load modulation technique
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AbstractEfficiency enhancement of linear power amplifiers of CDMA base station using Doherty amplifier concept is proposed. The new design concept for the load modulation matching and its experimental optimization procedure are introduced. The matching circuit

An integrated CMOS instrumentation amplifier with improved CMRR
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Abstract An instrumentation amplifier is described, which is based on the classical current- balancing technique that ensures this type of circuit to achieve high immunity to common- mode signals. In the particular case of the circuit herein described, a CMRR of 110dB was

A low-noise amplifier at 77 GHz in SiGe: C bipolar technology
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Abstract A single ended low noise amplifier at 77GHz has been designed, implemented, and characterized. The focus was on a low noise figure, reasonable input and output matching, and a high input compression point which are basic requirements for automotive

Wave digital modeling of the output chain of a vacuum-tube amplifier
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ABSTRACT This article introduces a physics-based real-time model of the output chain of a vacuum-tube amplifier . This output chain consists of a single-ended triode power amplifier stage, output transformer, and a loudspeaker. The simulation algorithm uses wave digital

An improved outphasing power amplifier system for wireless communications
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In an outphasing system, the amplitude modulation of a bandpass waveform is transformed into phase modulation prior to power amplification, and the original amplitude modulation is recovered by recombining the two amplified phase modulated signals. With this approach,

Single-CDTA (current differencing transconductance amplifier ) current-mode biquad revisited
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Abstract: This paper presents a current-mode (CM) second-order filter, employing one so- calledZ Copy Current Differencing Transconductance Amplifier(ZC-CDTA), two grounded capacitors, and one virtually grounded resistor. The filter provides two current outputs of low-

Real-time guitar tube amplifier simulation using an approximation of differential equations
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ABSTRACT Digital simulation of guitar tube amplifiers is still an opened topic. The efficient implementation of several parts of the guitar amplifier is presented in this paper. This implementation is based on the pre-computation of the solution of the nonlinear differential

New approach to a switching amplifier for piezoelectric actuators
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Abstract: This paper describes a new approach to a switching amplifier for reactive loads (piezoelectric actuators). The amplifier transfers in every switching cycle exactly that portion of energy which is necessary to achieve the desired output value at the load. This approach

Noise and operational amplifier circuits
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If we want to preamplify a small signal or measure a somewhat larger signal precisely, one of the limitations we encounter is noisc. Most available treatments of noise are cither highly mathematical or not readily applicable to operational amplificr circuits in a clearcut and

Dual-pumped tellurite fiber amplifier and tunable laser using Er 3+/Ce 3+ codoping scheme
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Er3+/Ce3+ codoped tellurite fiber amplifier and tunable fiber laser using a dual-pumping scheme. The short, 22cm Er3+/Ce3+ ion co-doped fiber exhibits a net gain of 28 dB at 1558 nm, a wide positive net gain bandwidth of 122 nm, and a noise figure (NF) of 4.1 dB. Finally,

An adaptive feedforward amplifier for WCDMA base stations using imperfect signal cancellation
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This article describes a new adaptive feedforward amplifier for a WCDMA system using an imperfect signal cancellation. Due to the complicated signal statistics, the distortion generated by the error amplifier is significantly reduced by an imperfect signal cancellation.

Ka-band wideband-gap solid-state power amplifier : General architecture considerations
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Motivated by recent advances in wideband-gap (WBG) gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology, there is considerable interest in developing efficient solidstate power amplifiers (SSPAs) as an alternative to the traveling-wave tube amplifier (TWTA) for space AbstractWe report on an Yb-free Er-doped single frequency large mode area (LMA) fiber amplifier cladding pumped at 976 nm. Using a commercial 40/140m Er-doped doubleclad fiber, output power levels of more than 67 W could be obtained. To the best of our

All-solid-state diode-pumped Cr: LiSAF femtosecond oscillator and regenerative amplifier
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AbstractGeneration of nanosecond pulses with 55 mJ energy and 4.8 MW peak power are demonstrated in a multi-stage fiber amplifier system, which is seeded with 10 nm broadband pulses from a superluminescence diode (SLD). The pulses are at low repetition of 10 Hz and

A 12 GHz-band monolithic HEMT low-noise amplifier
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ABSTRACT A 12GHz-band two-stage monolithic HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) low-noise amplifier has been developed. The HEMT used in the amplifier has a gate length of 0.5 um and shows a typical noise figure of 1.0 dB at 12GHz. A noise figure of the amplifier

Instability in a semiconductor amplifier with negative effective carrier mass
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KROMER has shown1 that a crystal of germanium or silicon, of the p type, in which there exists a strong field in the [100] direction (longitudinal direction), will have in any direction perpendicular to the [100](transverse directions ) a negative conductivity. The use of this AbstractWe improve and validate the multi-section model for a bulk reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (RSOA) as a modulator in radio over fiber (RoF) systems. The RSOA model was developed using the symbolically defined devices (SDD) component

A circuit grammar for operational amplifier design
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A Circuit Grammar For Operational Amplifier Design by Andrew Lewis Ressler SBCSSBEE Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1979 SM Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1981 Submittcd to the Department of Electrical Enginccring and Computer Science in Partial Fulfillment of the Requiremcnts

Self-sensing magnetic bearing driven by a switching power amplifier
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Abstract Active magnetic bearings require some form of control, based on feedback of the position of the suspended object, to overcome open loop instability and to achieve targeted system performance by modifying the bearing dynamics. In many applications of magnetic This paper reviews recent theoretical and experimental studies on optical amplification by stimulated Raman scattering (Raman amplification) in single-mode optical fibres, and discusses its possible applications to long-distance optical communications. The fibre

AII-Optical Logic Gates Using Semiconductor Optical- AmplifierBased Devices and Their Applications
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As the speed of telecommunication systems increases and reaches the limit of electronic devices, the demand for all-optical logic operations such as switching, decision-making, regenerating, and basic or complex computing is rapidly increasing. All-optical logic gates

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