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Antenna impedance mismatch measurement and correction for adaptive CDMA transceivers
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A tunable matching network has been developed to adaptively correct antenna impedance mismatch for CDMA transceivers. The tuning network consists of two L structures in cascade and is implemented with silicon-on-sapphire switches, fixed capacitors and inductors A hybrid transformer-based integrated tunable duplexer is demonstrated. High isolation between the transmit and receive ports is achieved through electrical balance between the antenna and balance network impedances. A novel high-power-tolerant balance network

Antenna signal correlation and its relation to the impedance matrix
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elements. It is generalised to include non-identical elements and arbitrary load termination of passive antenna ports. The method is related to the power balance concept and based on the antenna impedance matrix. Introduction

Automated antenna impedance adjustment for near field communication (NFC)
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Near Field Communication (NFC) is a very intuitive way to open a communication link, to authenticate, or to implement a payment by simply bringing two mobile personal devices closely together. NFC is based upon reliable contactless card technology and combines

Measurement of UHF RFID tag antenna impedance
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A methodology to measure UHF RFID tag antenna impedance using network approach is presented. The balanced UHF RFID tag antenna is considered as a two-port network and the impedance of the antenna is characterized by network parameters. In the measurement

UHF RFID transponder chip and antenna impedance measurements
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The communication performance between reader and transponder in radio frequency identification (RFID) in the ultra high frequency (UHF) range strongly depends on the matching between transponder chip and transponder antenna. To assure power

The impedance of a short dipole antenna in a magnetoplasma
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Page 1. 1964 IEEE TRA;YSACTIONS ON ANTEN~YAS AND PROPAGA4TIO;V 605 REFEREKCES V. L. Blake, Reflection of radio waves from a rough sea, PROC. IRE, vol. 38, pp. 301-304; March, 1950. S. 0. Rice, Reflection

Impedance of a monopole antenna with a radial-wire ground system on an imperfectly conducting half space part III
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13. Figures 6 and 7 show the effect of if; on the antenna impedance . The 101. It is rarely worthwhile to make b/A> 0.2. 3. Changes in the size of the radial wires, within the range considered, have little effect on antenna impedance . 4 The impedances of relatively long dipoles in an isotropic laboratory plasma have been measured at 9.2 GHz (X band). A helium plasma was generated by discharging a capacitor between electrodes in a cylindrical container ten free-space wavelengths in diameter

On the impedance of a satellite borne VLF electric field antenna
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geophysical phenomena) but might instead simply represent variations in the antenna impedance with changes in the ambient plasma parameters. 1 Page 5 14 Page 18. In order to give numerical examples of the antenna impedance typical

Multi-objective gain-impedance optimization of yagi-uda antenna using NSBBO and NSPSO
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It further complicates as multiple objectives, viz. gain, and impedance, etc., are required to be optimized due to their conflicting nature, ie, reactive antenna impedance increases significantly as antenna gain is intended to increase This paper presents a comprehensive theoret-ical study on Doherty power amplifiers (PAs) under antenna impedance mismatch. It is demonstrated for the first time that by varying the relative gain and phase of the carrier and peaking amplifiers, the PA performance

A Novel UWB Impedance Matching for Planar Circular Monopole Antenna Via Meandering the Microstrip Feed Line
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For instance; the alternation of impedance due to the effect of human body or hand in mobile communication terminals, has been investigated by suggesting an adaptive antenna impedance matching system . Despite of all of the above benefits of IM on antennas, but

Broadband antenna systems realized from active circuit conjugate impedance matching.
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A. SMALL ANTENNA THEORY 7 1. Antenna Impedance Likewise, in the active antenna system, to achieve the resonance characteristics desired, the conjugate match of the antenna impedance is synthesized by use of active networks and then presented to the antenna

Design aspects of UWB printed elliptical monopole antenna with impedance matching
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technologies. For instance; the alternation of impedance due to the effect of human body or hand in mobile communication terminals, has been investigated through; suggesting an adaptive antenna impedance matching system [10]

Antenna Impedance Tuning Unit for DVB-H Front-End
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When implementing wide band low frequency antennas in small devices, eg, mobile phones using DVB-H, a large mismatch is inevitable. An impedance tuning unit (ITU) can then be introduced to reduce the reflection losses and noise and improve the gain. An ITU consisting

RFID tag antenna matching to frequency dependent microchip impedance
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RFID Tag Antenna Impedance Matching As a result, design of a good tag antenna comes down to the minimization of the reflection coefficient Γtag, in order to get a good matching between the antenna impedance and the microchip impedance

Real-time adaptation to antenna impedance mismatch for CDMA transceivers
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Page 1. Real-time Adaptation to Antenna Impedance Mismatch for CDMA Transceivers Peregrine This geometry can be treated by modifying a recent impedance formulation for a flat strip antenna, where a cold plasma is on both sides of a dielectric layer which supports the antenna [l]. The antenna impedance is defined by but the presence of the conducting

The impedance of an electrically short antenna in the ionosphere
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Page 12. the NN 3.08 F data are more accurate, since the method of measurement permitted allowance for the changes in the resistive component of the antenna impedance . In the NASA 4.07 measurements at RESISTIVE COMPONENT OF ANTENNA IMPEDANCE

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