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Approaching MIMO-OFDM capacity with per- antenna power and rate feedback
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This paper presents power-efficient transmission schemes for the multiple-input multiple- output orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) block-fading channel under the assumption that the channel during each fading block is known perfectly at the Power pattern synthesis for linear antenna arrays is discussed without the usual phase constraint on the far field. Mathematically, the problem is to find the optimum nonnegative harmonic approximation to a given function. Two types of error criteria, defining the optimum In multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, power constraints are critically important for transceiver designs. The most popular and widely used power constraint is sum power constraint. However, each antenna usually has its own amplifier, per- antenna power

Adaptive antenna utilizing power inversion and linearly constrained minimum variance algorithms
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Key words: adaptive antenna ; power inversion algorithm; LCMV; GPS; antijamming . EA MOHAMED, Also the shape of the antenna power pattern will not give exact information about the directions of the jam mers In this paper, we consider signal-to-leakage-plus-noise ratio (SLNR) maximized precoding for multiantenna downlinks under per- antenna power constraints (PAPCs). In contrast to the conventional sum power constraint, the per- antenna power constrained SLNR precoder

Approaching MIMO-OFDM Capacity With Zero-Forcing V-BLAST Decoding and Optimized Power, Rate, and Antenna-Mapping Feedback.
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Page 1. This article has been accepted for publication in a future issue of this journal, but has not been fully edited. Content may change prior to final publication. 1 Approaching MIMO-OFDM Capacity with Zero-Forcing V-BLAST Decoding and Optimized

Basics of antenna power transfer
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I. THE BASICS No, you cant really do this in a short technical note, but there are a few basic concepts that can be covered. This paper attempts to do so in as physically motivated a fashion as possible. The transmitted power density (in W/m 2 ) at a distance r from a transmitting antenna

Investigating the Impacts of Base Station Antenna Height, Tilt and Transmitter Power on Network Coverage
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37 | Page V. PROBLEM EVALUATION In this section the coverage of GSM network is investigated and evaluated on the basis of received signal level and its impact on network coverage and capacity by varying the BS antenna height, antenna power and antenna tilt

Iterative mode-dropping for the sum capacity of MIMO-MAC with per- antenna power constraint
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We propose an iterative mode-dropping algorithm that optimizes input signals to achieve the sum capacity of the MIMO-MAC with per- antenna power constraint. The algorithm successively optimizes each users input covariance matrix by applying mode-dropping to

Design of miniaturized antenna and power harvester circuit on the enucleated porcine eyes
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Transceiver Design for SU-MIMO System with Improper Modulations Using per Antenna Power Constraint and Perfect CSI
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This paper addresses the problem of joint transceiver designs for single user-Multiple-input and Multiple-output system (SU-MIMO) employing one dimensional improper modulations such as binary phase shift-keying and M-ary amplitude shift-keying (M-ASK) using per

Power allocation under per- antenna power constraints in multiuser MIMO systems
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A low-complexity power allocation algorithm was investigated under per- antenna power constraints (PAPC) in multiuser multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. It was shown that the optimal power allocation subject to PAPC, aimed at maximizing the sum rate of

Power Allocation in MIMO Wireless Systems Subject to Long-Term, Short-Term, and Per- Antenna Power Constraints
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We consider several fading channel models for which we aim to maximize ergodic capacity subject to different power constraints assuming that channel state information (CSI) is available at both the transmitter and the receiver. We characterize the optimal power

Parallel distributed computational microcontroller system for adaptive antenna downlink transmitter power optimization
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Implementation results have shown that PDGA multi-microcontroller system returned optimal transmitted power compared to conventional GA. Keywords Microcontroller, Genetic Algorithm, Adaptive antenna Power optimization

Modeling radar power and phase antenna patterns and the evaluation of dual-polarization antenna performance [presentation]
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small spherical scatterers. Typically only antenna power patterns are available and not the phase patterns are unknown, especially for crosspolar antenna patterns. Thus only the upper bound of ICPR can be evaluated. It is

Transmit Power Optimization in Cooperative Distributed Antenna System Using Convex Optimization Technique
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The problem is investigated under both sum-power constraint and per- antenna power constraint. An optimized value of the weight vector for the frequency flat quasi-static channel is found using convex optimization technique

MIMO capacity under power amplifiers consumed power and per-antenna radiated power constraints.
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An efficient suboptimal algorithm is also presented. Numerical results show that the suboptimal algorithm performs close to the capacity. Keywords MIMO capacity, power amplifier, consumed power constraint, per- antenna power constraint I. INTRODUCTION

Mathematical Model for Improper Modulation Based MIMO Transceiver Under Per Antenna Power Constraint and Imperfect CSI
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This article focus on the issue of designing one dimensional improper modulation based Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) transceivers. Normally the mathematical models developed for the improper modulation based MIMO transceivers are subject to total power

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