A dual-band coupled-line balun filter
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In this paper, a new type of device called dual-band coupled-line bandpass balun filter is presented. Based on the traditional coupled-line filter theory and Marchand balun configuration, a new device with both filter-type, as well as balun -type characteristics is

A 2 40 GHz active balun using 0.13 m CMOS process
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CMOS technology is presented in this letter. Using two-stage differential amplified pairs, the active balun can achieve a wideband performance with the gain compensation technique. This active balun exhibits a measured small signal gain of 0 1 dB, with the amplitude

Balun Designs for Wireless
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Hughes Aircraft Company El Segundo, California aluns find wide use in mixer, antenna and balanced amplifiercircuits. Yet balun design is still regarded as if it were black magic by many engineers, partly due to the fact that practical design information on baluns can be A new method of designing a dual-band balun band-pass filter (BPF) with high selectivity is proposed and implemented by taking advantage of the existence of multiple substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) cavity modes. The major design concept applied in this letter is

A 60-GHz CMOS sub-harmonic RF receiver with integrated on-chip artificial-magnetic-conductor Yagi antenna and balun bandpass filter for very-short-range gigabit
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This paper presents a first reported 60-GHz CMOS sub-harmonic RF receiver with an integrated on-chip artificialmagnetic-conductor (AMC) Yagi antenna and a balun bandpass filter (BPF) fabricated in 90-nm technology. The on-chip antenna with an AMC structure can A new configuration is proposed for an active balun , which uses a cascode and cascade pair with the shared input transistor. It is designed in the IBM 8HP 130-nm BiCMOS process, which operates over a broad bandwidth up to 17 GHz where the imbalance of the differential This paper presents a V-band low-noise active balun with broadband phase-correction technique (PCT). The proposed technique effectively mitigates the phase deviation of active balun caused by parasitic imbalance and circuit mismatch. This technique is insensitive to In this letter, a novel modified Marchand balun con-figuration with tunable phase balance is analyzed and verified experimentally. It is proposed to add a shunt susceptance in between the two couplers of the Marchand balun . This allows for a change in the phase balance A digitally-controlled polar transmitter with a watt-class CMOS power amplifier is demonstrated, implemented in a 0.15 m RF CMOS process. Stacked FETs in a current-mode class-D configuration are used to obtain high breakdown voltage and high efficiency in the

Fast design of a printed dipole antenna with an integrated balun
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A new model speeds up the design of a printed dipole and its feeding balun . The optimised parameters influence only the model elements that are characterised in closed-form, whereby the field simulation workload is minimised. The predicted performance of two A miniaturized distributed Marchand balun , com-posed of two unequal sections of coupled slow-wave synthesized coplanar waveguides, is developed in this letter. With the even odd mode analysis, the propagation characteristics of the coupled synthesized lines are

A dual-band balun using partially coupled stepped-impedance coupled-line resonators
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In this paper, a recently proposed dual-band resonator structure consisting of a pair of partially coupled stepped-impedance lines is theoretically investigated. The new resonator configuration contains a number of attractive features for dual-band applications. A new type A wideband dual-polarization patch antenna array is proposed in this paper. The array is fed by a parallel strip line balun , which is adopted to generate 180º phase shift in a wide frequency range. In addition, this balun has simple structure, very small phase shift error and

Evaluation of the NRL LWA active balun prototype
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This report describes the laboratory evaluation of an active balun designed and built by Brian Hicks of the Naval Research Laboratory. Measurements include S-parameters and noise temperature versus frequency over the 10-200 MHz band. In addition, the sensitivities A novel non-destructive method for effective permittivity measurement and detection of samples permittivity change in microwave frequency range has been proposed, utilizing a Marchand balun and a coupled-line sensor. The outof-phase excited coupled-line section is

Printed dipole antenna designed with microstrip balun on v-shaped ground plane
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Based on improving the feeding structure of microstrip balun , a printed dipole antenna is designed with microstrip balun on V-shaped ground plane. Compared with the original microstrip balun feeding structure, such printed dipole antenna features a broader

Design of planar marchand balun for MMIC applications
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In this work we discuss the design of planar Marchand Baluns with a limited even to odd mode impedance ratio, which is a major limitation for coupled lines on silicon. A complete theoretical survey is presented and combined with the use of simulation tools to trace the

Implementation of Microstrip Balun for CC2420 and CC243x
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To reduce the number of components and the cost, Texas Instruments offers a microstrip balun applicable for CC2420 and CC243x. This design transforms the impedance of the differential signal at the RF pins to a single ended 50 ohm signal that can be connected to A new approach to design a microstrip dual-mode balun bandpass filter (BPF) is proposed in this letter. Its working principle is extensively explained by analysis of standing wave pattern on a half-wavelength (λ/2) open-circuited transmission line. By selecting proper

Design and characterization of an integrated passive balun for quad band GSM applications
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In todays mobile phone application, more functionality and integration are expected in the front end RF sections, which include Transceiver Module, PA Module, Power management, Digital processors, and others. In addition, package and module size, and form factor

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