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A 0.3 GHz to 1.2 GHz tunable 4th order switched gm-C band – pass filter with> 55dB ultimate rejection and out-of-band IIP3=+ 29dBm
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The trend towards reconfigurable receivers requires on-chip flexible filters that can replace dedicated, bulky and non-tunable filters (eg SAW and BAW ). Although BAW filters are compatible with silicon processes, their center frequency is sensitive to thickness variation of

A wide-band monopole antenna in combination with a UWB microwave band – pass filter for application in UWB communication system
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UWB communication system is presented. Firstly, a microstrip transmission line fed monopole antenna for the wide-band (2.65 GHz-8.52 GHz) communication system is designed and Its performance is verified. Secondly, in the place of microstrip transmission

The Fourier transform band pass filter and its application for polar motion analysis
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In the paper the Fourier Transform (FT) Band Pass Filter (BPF) with appropriate transfer functions is presented and applied for polar motion analysis. The trapezial, parabolic and cosine bell transfer functions are introduced in the FT lter and tested on the model data

A compact substrate integrated waveguide band – pass filter
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A substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) filter with compact size compared to traditional SIW filters are presented in this work. A band – pass filter for general purpose is designed at 5.8 GHz with relative bandwidths of 5%. The fabricated filter is on F4B-2 substrate and about 0

Studies of some non conventional split ring and complementary split ring resonators for waveguide band stop band pass filter application
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In this paper we have investigated different non-conventional Split Ring Resonator (SRRs) and Complementary Split Ring Resonator (CSRRs) based metamaterial structure for band pass and band stop filter applications. These resonators are located in the cross section of This paper presents a simple third-order inductor-free memristive chaotic circuit, which is derived from a secondorder active band pass filter (BPF) by replacing a resistor with an improved memristor and has only three op-amps, two multipliers, three capacitors, and six

Design and Optimization of Band Pass Filter for SoftwareDefined Radio Telescope
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Design and optimization of a parallel-coupled microstrip bandpass filter for Software Defined Telescope is presented in this paper. The simulation and optimization is done using ADS and Momentum. The filter is designed and optimized at a center frequency of 1.42 GHz. The

Current-mode sixth-order elliptic band – pass filter using MCDTAs
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In this paper, a modified CDTA (MCDTA) is presented and the current-mode second-order band-pass, high-pass notch, and low-pass notch circuits using MCDTAs are given. Moreover, a current-mode sixth-order elliptic band – pass filter is realized by means of

The extremum seeking control based on band pass filter for the dither signal processed in the control loop
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In this paper an analysis of the classical highorder Extremum Seeking Control (ESC) scheme is presented in comparison with an improved ESC variant proposed here. The proposed ESC scheme is based on a band – pass filter instead of the series combination of

Miniaturized Microstrip Band pass Filter Using Coupled Metamaterial Resonators
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A compact microstrip band pass filter using metamaterial resonators is proposed and implemented, aiming at high level of miniaturization, low cost and ease of fabrication. Some considerations in order to improve and control the coupling coefficients between resonators

Design of Microstrip Band Pass Fractal Filter for Suppression of Spurious Band.
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Abstract In this paper, the design and subsequent fabrication of a hairpin-line band pass filter has been proposed. This filter exhibits periodic frequency response Keywords Hairpin-line, Koch fractal, band pass filter , spurious band. 1. Introduction

Applying band – pass filter techniques to the design of small-aperture evanescent-mode waveguide antennas
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A design methodology is presented which applies band – pass filter principles to form wideband small-aperture evanescent-mode waveguide antenna designs. This approach permits matching of the complex antenna aperture admittance of an evanescent-mode open

VHF band – pass filter based on a single CMOS-MEMS doubleended tuning fork resonator
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This paper presents a single Double-Ended Tuning Fork (DETF) MEMS resonator-based band – pass filter fabricated on a commercial standard CMOS technology. The accurate design of this resonator demonstrates the ability to perform filtering without the need of

Design and simulation of edge-coupled stripline band pass filter for Ka band application
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In this paper, band pass filter (BPF) development with the assistance of the Richards-Kuroda Transformation method, on the basis of the known Chebyshev-Lowpass Filter, is presented. This suggested filter consists of four edge-coupled striplines. The filter is operated at Ka

Content-based music information retrieval using pitch histogram of band pass filter signal
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Recently, content-based techniques using a signal itself as a query have been required to efficiently identify an unknown music signal. This paper addresses a solution for query by example such as the content-based music information retrieval. In this work, only a few We present the design and development of a compact, dual-band, wide stop-band band – pass filter on a multilayer organic substrate. The filter is designed based on quasi-lumped hybrid LC resonators that are coupled by shunt-inductor impedance inverters. The

Electromagnetic optimization using Taguchis method: A case study of band pass filter design
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This study presents a global electromagnetic optimization technique using Taguchis method and its applications in microstrip filter designs. Microwave filters are widely used in telecommunication equipments. Although filters built with lumped elements can realize the

Wideband dual posts waveguide band pass filter
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In This paper the sensitivity analysis and design of the wideband dual post waveguide band pass filter has been described. The design method is based on insertion loss technique and the calculated results are used to design the certain filter. The simulation results have been

Wideband waveguide band – pass filter based on broad side complementary split ring resonator
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Complementary Split Ring Resonator (BS-CSRR) loaded waveguide wide band band – pass filter . Three identical BS-CSRRs were inserted in the transverse plane of a standard waveguide at a distance of 9.023 mm. The proposed waveguide filter has been simulated

Implementation of band pass filter for homomorphic filtering technique
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In order to improve the performance of homomorphic filtering technique for face images, band pass filter is selected to replace the conventional high pass filter in homomorphic filtering technique. Apart from the noise reduction capability, the band pass filter is

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