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Bluetooth radio module with embedded antenna diversity
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A complete Bluetooth radio module /SiP (System-in-Package) is presented that includes antenna diversity requiring only one external antenna. The module measures only 140 and has an on-board diversity switch and an embedded antenna. The measured Bit-Error

Automatic and low cost saline level monitoring system using Wireless Bluetooth module and CC2500 Transreceiver
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Traditional methods used for health care are becoming obsolete due to increase in population. Current health care system requires manual care takers and their heavy duties which is very time consuming job. Innovative health monitoring systems are required with

Wireless Communication Using HC-05 Bluetooth Module Interfaced With Arduino
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Wireless communication is the transfer of information between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical conductor. The most common wireless technologies use radio. The different types of wireless communication mainly include, IR wireless

Android Bluetooth Module Based Door Automation System
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In this article, we propose a method of security technology based on Bluetooth module . The most popular home controllers are those that are connected to a Linux, Windows based PC and android mobile. In our research we presented a part of secure home technology which

Smart Electronic Wheelchair Using Arduino and Bluetooth Module
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This paper describes the design of a smart, motorized, voice controlled wheelchair using embedded system. Proposed design supports voice activation system for physically differently abled persons incorporating manual operation. This paper represents the Voice

Realization of A Bluetooth Network-Based Multi- Module System
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Multi- module systems are composed by many modules. By combining and controlling these modules in different ways, they are able to achieve different functionalities to suit various applications. This capability (so-called reconfigurability) needs not only appropriate module

Controlling Arduino with Blynk via Bluetooth M. Todica This work presents how to connect Arduino board to a smartphone via Bluetooth and send commands in
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Example 1. Led ON OFF Part one. Uploading Arduino code. For beginning, we will use the simplest blink led code which can turn ON and OFF the led connected on D 13 pin of Arduino,(Fig. 2). Below is the code.# include SoftwareSerial. h SoftwareSerial SwSerial

Speaker Amplitude Mic with Bluetooth Module
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A microphone is used in almost every platform of life whether its an education platform or entertainment platform. The system proposed in this paper is an advanced solution for the traditional microphones which is used in major parts of the world which lacks in connectivity

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Now-a-days we can find huge number of apartments and commercial buildings crowded in nearby area with multi storage building capacity. The apartments consist of several floors. This paper better suits for all, mainly for physically challenged people. To move from one

Design and Implementation of an Automated Unmanned Tanker Robot Using Bluetooth Module and Microcontrollers
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A lot of research work is being done in the field of developing unmanned utility vehicles. These vehicles can be surface based or aerial. The unmanned technology is governed by the use of wireless technology developed by an RC circuit; however this technology has

Rover with rocker-bogie linkage mounted with an ultrasonic sensor and Bluetooth module .
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An economical robot which utilises the Rocker-Bogie linkage, which is also used by NASAs Curiosity; to facilitate all terrain movement. The rover has 6 wheels with independent motors mounted to the linkage. The electronic components are mounted on a main chassis. The

Design Module For Data Transfer Between Bluetooth Device And Flash Drive Using USB Host Controller
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In the modern world no one can refuse the popularity of UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS (USB) storage device. Drawback of USB device is that being a peripheral device, it needs a host usually a PC to initiate and mediate communications between two USB storage devices

Setting Up the BlueSMiRF Bluetooth Module
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By default each BlueSMiRF module is shipped with a baud rate of 9600BPS, however, ABE communicates at a rate of 115200BPS. Some of the steps arent necessary, but changing the baud rate from the factory 9600BPS to 115200BPS must be done. If youre not interested in

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The paper presents a mechatronic system programmed and controlled by a PLC. The mechanical structure consists of a Dc motor and pneumatic actuators. The Control from short distance is necessary in many industrial applications. The paper presents a case study

Development of a Bluetoothbased web camera module
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This report is the result of a thesis work done at Link pings University. It was performed at the Institution of Science and Technology (ITN) at Campus Norrk ping in cooperation with TDK Systems Europe Ltd, Emblaze Semiconductor and Eclipse. The aim was to design a

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