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A 2e-noise 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor
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Noise in the CMOS sensor with buried photodiode and column-parallel single-slope ADCs having a preamp is analyzed. A 1.3 Megapixel sensor built using such an architecture in 0.18 um Micron CMOS sensor process sets up a new benchmark for CMOS sensors in

A wide-VGA CMOS image sensor with global shutter and extended dynamic range
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An integrated digital thermometer records the sensor temperature every frame and can be read out through the control interface. 4. Characterization Results The sensor was fabricated in 0.18um 2P3M CMOS sensor process

Low dark current pinned photo-diode for CMOS image sensor
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1(b), with a sensor-specified process has drastically reduced the leakage current. Low dark current for the pixel structure and the processes CMOS sensor adopts LOCOS for an isolation in pixel which is compatible to standard CMOS process

A 50×30-pixel CMOS Sensor for TOF-based Real Time 3D Imaging
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A 50×30-pixel CMOS sensor aimed at real time threedimensional vision applications is presented along with characterization results. The sensor is realized on a single mixed- signal chip fabricated in a 0.35-um, 3.3-V, 4-metal/2-poly CMOS technology. The distance

Ultra-high speed imaging at megaframes per second with a megapixel CMOS image sensor
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Thanks to the continuous improvement in CMOS sensor design, pixel rates around or in excess of 10 Gpixel/sec are currently achieved by a few sensors (Figure 1). Recently a new approach , based on a bank of capacitive memories located on-chip on the side of the pixel

FAPS, a CMOS sensor with multiple storage for fast imaging scientific applications
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In many applications the required frame rate is in excess of the available readout bandwidth, ie images must be acquired much faster than the maximum achievable readout speed. Examples can befound in high-speed video imaging for scientific and engineering

Enhanced X-ray CMOS sensor panel for radio and fluoro application using a low noise charge amplifier wixel with a Partially Pinned PD
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Si flat panel X-ray sensors are taking an ever growing part of the X-ray sensors due to their superior performance by means of signal to noise ratio, speed and other special features. These sensors are commonly using a scintillator to convert the X-ray photons into visible

Design and implementation of a CMOS sensor based video camera incorporating a combined AWB/AEC module.
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This paper presents a design and hardware implementation of a CMOS sensor based video camera incorporating a module, which combines the functions of automatic white balancing (A WB) and automatic exposure control (AEC). The finctionaliQ is achieved using dynamic

Design and modeling of a CNT-CMOS low-power sensor chip
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CMOS SENSOR To remedy the expensive and bulky equipment problem, we proposed a novel methodology that integrates MWCNTs sensors and all necessary measurement circuits within a single CMOS chip

Progress in 1.25-inch digital-output CMOS image sensor developments for UDTV applications
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A smaller camera system with much less power consumption has been built with the 1.25 format CMOS sensor , compared to a previous camera system with a 2.5 prototype CCD sensor . The UDTV1 sensor, having 8.3M-pixels and operating at 60 fps, was reported in 2003 [3

A 9 megapixel aps-size cmos image sensor for digital still photography
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The input capacitance of CCD input phases scales with the device area. Camera power dissipation is considerably lower with a CMOS sensor El. Dev. Vol. 50, No. 1, Jan 2003 3. A. Krymski, A 2 e- Noise 1.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor , Proc

Solid-state imaging: a critique of the CMOS sensor
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Over the last decade, there has been considerable research interest in CMOS image sensors. The developed technology continues to occupy a marginal but growing portion of the solid-state imaging market, which is dominated by the CCD sensor. It is often claimed

A high speed 4 Megapixel digital CMOS sensor
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We developed, fabricated and characterized a shuttered 4 Mpixel digital CMOS sensor running at the rate over 400 Frames/s. This paper discusses the pixel, the column ADC and the data readout architecture. The sensor delivers over 1.8 GPix/s of data at the maximum

A 1.2 V micropower CMOS active pixel image sensor for portable applications
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A siinplilictl signal path from pixel to AlK is shnwn in Figiirc 6.7.2. The design of n low vohngc CMOS sensor involve.u sevcrnl chnl- leriges sdi as n) rcrluccd circuit dpainic rmgc, b) the low voltaEc MO3 switch problciii, c) luw-vnltagc opainp rind AUC design, and d) low-powar

Fusion hand gesture segmentation and extraction based on CMOS sensor and 3D sensor
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Gesture recognition is one of the most promising subjects in the field of computer vision and artificial intelligence; the development of it will have a profound influence on the research of robot control and Human Machine Interface (HMI) and image segmentation is a key step in

A swift and slim flavour tagger exploiting the CMOS sensor technology
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CMOS sensors are being developed in Strasbourg and Saclay to equip a vertex detector offering the performances required for the ILC physics programme. An overview of the demonstrated sensor performances and on-going activities is provided. Basic parameters of circuits. Hence, to allow the achievement of this sensor within such circuits, the same measurement approach has been adapted to a new 3.3V CMOS sensor . This circuit and the simulation results are presented in this Letter

Smart optical CMOS sensor for endoluminal applications
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A custom CMOS image sensor for capsular endoscopy is presented. The complete functionality of the chip is guaranteed through seven signal pins, used for the I2C like input and the LVDS output interfaces. Prototypes have been produced in the UMC 0.18 µm-CIS

High performance CMOS image sensor for low light imaging
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IEEE Workshop on Charge-Coupled Devices and Advanced Image Sensors much less computational complexity. The proposed pixel design and prototyped chip exploit the parallelism inherent in the image capture and focal plane processing capacity of a CMOS sensor . This prototyped sensor chip

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