Operation of RF Detector Products at Low Frequency
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Analog Devices has many RF detector products in its portfolio designed to operate over various frequency ranges up to 8.0 GHz. Most of these parts can also perform very well at frequencies down into the audio band, although the data sheets for these parts list

Resonant expulsion of a magnetic vortex by spin transfer: towards a new type of RF detector
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Many studies on spin transfer effects have led to considerable progress in the field of spintronics, including opportunities for new features to radiofrequency devices ( rf ), such as generating an RF signal associated to the magnetization dynamics excited by spin transfer

Zero bias detector diodes for the RF /ID market
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Two widely used tracking methods are bar code readers and magnetic stripe. Although commonplace, they are both lim ited in their range and their operating environment. For ex ample, bar codes require a direct line of sight within a few inches and a relatively clean and

Development of a multichannel RF field detector for the Low-Level RF control of the Free-Electron Laser at Hamburg
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Modern free electron lasers produce synchrotron radiation with constantly shortening wavelengths of up to 6 nm and pulse widths of up to 100 fs. That requires a constantly increasing stability of the beam energy and arrival time of the electron beam at the undulator

RF -Based Detector for Measuring Fiber Length Changes with Sub-5 Femtosecond Long-Term Stability.
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J. Zemella1, V. Arsov1, MK Bock1, M. Felber1, P. Gessler1, K. Gürel3, K. Hacker1, F. L hl1, F. Ludwig1, H. Schlarb1, S. Schulz2, A. Winter1, L. Wissmann2 1Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg, Germany 2Institute for Experimental Physics, Hamburg University, Germany

Thin-film Catheter-Based RF Detector System
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Results Interconnects were fabricated in 2 metre lengths using 35 µm thick Cu layers on 25 µm thick Kapton® as shown in Fig. 2a. Conductor widths of w= 1 mm, defect widths of y= 2 mm, periods of a= 16 mm and different ratios b/a were used. The optimum ratio b/a= 1/8

RF -based detector for measuring fiber length changes with sub-5 femtosecond longterm stability over 50 h
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Abstract At the Free-Electron Laser in Hamburg (FLASH), an optical synchronization system is being installed with a projected point-to-point stability of 10 fs. The system is based on the distribution of laser pulses over fiber links whose optical path length is actively stabilized

RF power detector for location sensing
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Recently, RFID has become popular in the field of remote sensing applications. Location awareness is one of the most important keys to deploying RFID for advanced object tracking. Generally, multiple reference RF stations or additional sensors are used for the location

A Simple Formula to Calculate the Diode Junction Resistance Variations with RF Power of a Series Schottky Diode Detector
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I. INTRODUCTION t has been shown that the Ritz-Galerkin (RG) averaging method can be used to calculate the transfer function of a series diode detector with a good accuracy. The analysis has been extended to the frequency domain and used to calculate the differential

The high accuracy RF phase detector research for 200 MeV linac
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The basic configuration of one experimental RF Phase detector and its application in Hefei 200MeV RF Linear accelerator are introduced. The 200MeV linac, which is the injector of Hefei Light Source (HLS), is cascaded by 5 accelerator tubes. The beam energy could be

An RF (R) MS Power Detector in Standard CMOS.
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This Master thesis describes the research towards the integration of RF power detectors for 3G cellular phones and base stations in CMOS technology 1. It is a feasibility study with the emphasis on the identification of fundamental limitations of CMOS (particularly CMOS9) and

Design and Characterization of a Gradient-Transparent RF Copper Shield for PET Detector Modules in Hybrid MR-PET Imaging
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This paper focuses on the design and the characterization of a frequency-selective shield for PET detector modules of hybrid MR-PET scanners where the shielding of the PET cassettes is located close to the observed object. The proposed shielding configuration is designed

second can be shifted by+/-40 degrees with respect to the reference. The phase detector is classic, with the monolithic MC12040 ECL phase-frequency detector
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Additional remarks: a voltage of a few tenths Volts on electrode I or II (Fig. ) decreases the ion beam current from few percent up to 40%. The better the vacuum and the higher charge state, the weaker effect is observed. The influence of the electrode III on the ion beam current

Chapter IX Using Calibration and Temperature Compensation to improve RF Power Detector Accuracy
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Accurate RF power management is a critical issue in modern wireless transmitters, offering a variety of benefits ranging from power amplifier protection in base-stations to battery conservation in mobile applications. RF power detectors, such as logarithmic amplifiers

CTH- RF -50 Jan 1985 Calculacion of the normalized gain for a neutron detector in various void conditions in a BWR subchannel.
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Calculations were done using the S code AMISN in order to estimate the response of a fission detector in a BWR subchannel assembly under various void and temperature conditions. Spatial effects, like oscillations of the fuel and detector assemblies, were also

0.5 MHz logarithmic detector PS/ RF -HC 3198
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The logarithmic detector presented here makes use of the precise gain vs. control voltage function exhibited by the variable gain amplifier AD603 i of Analog Devices. The integrated circuit is composed of a 0 to 40 dB variable attenuator followed by a fixed gain, 90 MHz

A Simple Impedance Mismatch Detector for Mobile RF Power Amplifier
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As the rapid growth in mobile data traffic, the front-end parts are required to enhance its performances. Especially, the most important problem that needs to be solved is the antenna impedance mismatch of the RF power amplifier. Although employing an isolator is a well

RF -Phase Detector Modules
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1.ECl TYPE (DEE PHASE REGULATION) We need for the phase loop, a phase detector with a linear response of ± 7T radians. Analog detectors as multiplier or RF mixer giYre a sinusoIdal response wi th a range of ±z radians. Digital detectors give a linear response, but one must

low-power RF partial discharge detector . In: Electrical Insulation Conference, June 2009, Montreal, Canada.
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This paper presents the results from integrating a low-power partial discharge detector with a wireless sensor node designed for operating as part of an IEEE 802.15. 4 sensor network, and applying an on-line classifier capable of classifying partial discharges in real-time. Such

Estimate Beam RF Effects in ILC Detector
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Page 1. Steve Smith May 05 Estimate Beam RF Effects in ILC Detector May 4, 2005 Steve Smith SLAC Page 2. Author Name Date Slide # Steve Smith May 05 2 Concerns Concern about beam RF field in detector Do Beam-induced fields interfere with detector Can we explain SLD Vertex

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