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a semiconductor integrated circuit which provides an interface function between a microprocessor, microcontroller, and display device,LCD, LED, OLED, CRT LED display driver is an IC that provides the circuitry necessary in order to interface most common microprocessors or digital systems to an LED display.

A simple ZVZCS sustain driver for a plasma display panel
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Nokia 6100 LCD Display Driver
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There have been countless millions of Nokia cell phones sold world-wide and this economy of scale has made it possible for the hobbyist and experimenter to procure the LCD graphic display from these phones at a reasonable price. Sparkfun Electronics (www. sparkfun. com)

A flexible electronic paper with integrated display driver using single grain TFT technology
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Abstract DIMES and the department Computer Engineering from the University of Technology Delft are developing an Electronic Paper Display. This display will have a paper- like appearance (paper-white, wide view angle), and it can retain its display contents even

Monolithic CMOS power supply for OLED display driver /controller IC
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Abstract This paper presents design considerations of a power supply IC to meet requirements for new generations of display panel technologies, especially for OLED display panels. Major factors include current consumption, efficiency and size. An integrated

Design for Testability of Output Buffer Amplifiers of the Flat-Panel Display Signal Driver
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As flat-panel-displays are recently installed in notebook type personal computers and compact desktop personal computers and monitors are becoming larger and higher definition, there is a big demand of developing low cost testing scheme for flat panel displaydriver circuit

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2KCG College of technology, Chennai, TN, India AbstractThe model of the new zero-voltage and zero current switching energy recovery displaydriver forzero current switching energy recovery displaydriver for a Plasma Display Panel is proposed. The Programmable LED Drive Current+ On-Chip Oscillator, Reference Input + Peak and Low-Battery Detection + Hold Function Buffer, LED DriverSPI and OS are lrademarks Of MOIOloIa, Inc. MICROWIRE

A 70 MHz Temperature-Compensated On-Chip CMOS Relaxation Oscillator for Mobile Display Driver ICs
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AbstractA 70 MHz temperature-compensated on-chip CMOS relaxation oscillator for mobile display driver ICs is proposed to reduce frequency variations. The proposed oscillator compensates for frequency variation with respect to temperature by adjusting the

A Low Offset Buffer Amplifier for Liquid-Crystal Display Signal Driver Application
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The output buffers determine the speed, resolution, voltage swing and power dissipation of signal drivers. The offset voltage is one of the most important specifications in the displaydriver system. A low offset buffer is needed to achieve a high quality and resolution display

I/TN/8/74 05CILL05C0PE DISPLAY DRIVER EL 377 GA Harvey JD Tresling
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The Nova Interface Rack MKII (NIR)-Oscilloscope Display Driver Kit (XYZ display driver ), is made up of an interface card with a 40mm front panel, which is the single module standard of the NIR, a+ _15V power supply, and an output socket mounted on a 40mm back panel.

High voltage low-power 6 and 8-bit DACs for liquid crystal display driver applications
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ABSTRACT High performance 6 and 8-bit DACs implemented in a high voltage complementary bipolar process were designed and simulated. These DACs may be useful in applications such as LCD drivers where high voltage power supplies are common. In

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