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A finite impulse response (FIR) filter is described by the mathematical equation where h_k are the filter coefficients, and x(n-k) refers to past samples of the input data. Here x(n) is a set of values corresponding usually to samples of some physical quantity. For example, this could be samples of an audio waveform

On the use of multiple constant multiplication in polyphase FIR filters and filter banks
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ABSTRACT Multiple constant multiplication (MCM) has been shown to be an efficient way to reduce the number of additions and subtractions in FIRfilter implementationsUsing transposition, a direct form FIRfilter is obtained, as shown in Fig

Design and implementation of digital FIR equiripple notch filter on ECG signal for removal of power line interference
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They suggested the performances of the linear FIRfilter Wave digital filter (WDF) and adaptive filter for the power-line frequency variations from 48.5 to 51.5 Hz in steps of 0.5 Hz. The performances of Rule- based FIRfilter and

Performance analysis of fir filter design by using rectangular, hanning and hamming windows methods
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ABSTRACT: Digital filter are widely used in the world of communication and computation. On the other hand to design a digital finite impulse response ( FIR ) filter that satisfying all the required conditions is a challenging one. In this paper, design techniques of low pass FIR A. Filter Coefficient Design A 43-tap half-band filter was first designed with floating- point coefficients using a least-squares FIRfilter design program based on. A least-squares stopband rather than an equiripple stopband is more desirable in multirate filters because it is the

Practical FIR filter design in MATLAB
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Abstract This tutorial white-paper illustrates practical aspects of FIR filter design and fixed- point implementation along with the algorithms available in the Filter Design Toolbox and the Signal Processing Toolbox for this purpose. The emphasis is mostly on lowpass filters,

Implementation of fir filter using efficient window function and its application in filtering a speech signal
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AbstractDigital filtering is one of the main fundamental aspect of Digital signal processing, So Digital filters are widely used in many digital signal processing applications. In this paper low-pass FIR filter is implemented using an efficient adjustable window function based on

Area efficient pipelined architecture for realization of fir filter using distributed arithmetic
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Abstract. This paper presents the realization of area efficient architectures using Distributed Arithmetic (DA) for implementation of Finite Impulse Response ( FIR ) filter . The performance of the bit-serial and bitparallel DA along with pipelining architecture with different quantized

Implementation of high speed FIR filter using serial and parallel distributed arithmetic algorithm
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ABSTRACT This paper describes the implementation of highly efficient multiplierless serial and parallel distributed arithmetic algorithm for FIR filters. Distributed Arithmetic (DA) had been used to implement a bit-serial scheme of a general symmetric version of an FIR filter

Efficient vectorization of the FIR filter
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AbstractThe Finite Impulse Response ( FIR ) filter is one of the most important digital signal processing (DSP) kernels. It performs filtering of speech signals in modern voice coders such as the ETSI GSM EFR/AMR or ITU G. 729, as well as in many other signal processing

An Implementation of a FIR Filter on a GPU
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AbstractIn this paper we describe an implementation of the Finite Impulse Response ( FIR ) filter on a modern graphics processing unit (GPU). The FIR filter has a number of applications in audio processing. Modern GPUs are known to have higher GFLOPs rates

Two-channel FIR filter banks A tutorial review and new results
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ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is twofold. First, a comprehensive review is performed on the existing two-channel FIR filter banks as well as on the design techniques proposed in the literature for designing these banks. We concentrate on alias-free banks. These banks

Novel particle swarm optimization for low pass FIR filter design
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Abstract:-This paper presents an optimal design of linear phase digital low pass finite impulse response ( FIR ) filter using Novel Particle Swarm Optimization (NPSO). NPSO is an improved particle swarm optimization (PSO) that proposes a new definition for the velocity

Perfect reconstruction FIR filter banks: lapped transforms, pseudo-QMFs and paraunitary matrices
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If the further condition that the filters themselves form an orthonormai basis set is met, one obtains a paraunitary (in z-transform domain) or unitary solution (in time-domain). For the restricted length case of L= 2N, solutions are shown to exist (hike the lapped orthogonal

Area Efficient Design of FIR filter using symmetric structure
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ABSTRACT: In this paper an area efficient method is presented to design and implement FIR filter . The proposed FIR filter has been implemented equiripple window using Transposed Symmetric structure. The performance of two designs has been compared in terms of

New energy-to-peak FIR filter design for systems with disturbance: a convex optimization approach
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Abstract. This paper proposes a new energy-to-peak filter (EPF) with a finite impulse response (FIR) structure for linear systems with disturbance. The filter is referred to as an energy-to-peak FIR filter (EPFF). The energy-to-peak performance criterion is minimized in

Design of FIR Filter Using Differential Evolution Optimizationto Study its Effect as a Pulse-Shaping Filter in a QPSK Modulated System
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Summary In order to reduce the effect of Inter Symbol Interference (ISI) in a digital communication system, different types of transmitting pulse shaping filter has been extensively used in practice. We need to design these filters with some constraints imposed

FIR Equiripple digital filter for reduction of power line interference in the ECG Signal
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Removal of base-line wander and power-line interference from the ECG by an efficient FIRfilter with a reduced number of taps ,

Design of sharp 2D multiplier-less circularly symmetric FIR filter using harmony search algorithm and frequency transformation
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we present a novel and efficient method for the design of a sharp, two dimensional (2D) wideband, circularly symmetric, FIR filter . First of all, a sharp one dimensional (1D) infinite precision FIR filter is designed using the Frequency Response

Linear phase high pass FIR filter design using improved particle swarm optimization
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AbstractThis paper presents an optimal design of linear phase digital high pass finite impulse response ( FIR ) filter using Improved Particle Swarm Optimization (IPSO). In the design process, the filter length, pass band and stop band frequencies, feasible pass band

Practical considerations in fixed-point fir filter implementations
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Add rightindent to theorem definition 2. PutExamplein small caps 3. The derivation leading up to theorem 3 is unclear-even I had a hard time following it! Also, the use of alternate symbols in theorem 3 is unclear. 4. Expand the

Computationally efficient multiplier-free FIR filter design
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Abstract This paper presents a very simple multiplier-free finite impulse response (FIR) lowpass filter design procedure. It involves approximation of an equiripple FIR by rounding operation and application of the sharpening technique. In that way the overall filter is based

Area Optimization of FIR Filter and its Implementation on FPGA
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AbstractDigital Signal Processing is omnipresent in the modern world. Filtering is most important operation of Digital Signal Processing. FIR digital filters are widely used in DSP by the virtue of its stability, linear phase, fewer finite precision error and efficient

Role of Mutation Strategies of Differential Evolution Algorithm in Designing Hardware Efficient Multiplier-less Low-pass FIR Filter .
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AbstractIn recent times, system designers are becoming very much apprehensive in reducing the structural complexity of digital systems with which they deal in practice. However, the uncontrolled minimization of any digital hardware always leads to significant

Advantages of Blackman window over Hamming window method for designing FIR filter
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AbstractIn signal processing, there are mainly two types of filters exist and the are Finite Impulse Response ( FIR ) filter and Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filter. Finite Impulse Response ( FIR ) filter can be designed form Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filter by various

Design and implementation of ternary FIR filter using Sigma Delta Modulation
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Abstract. This paper describes the design and implementation of a single-bit FIR Filter with balanced ternary coefficients (ie-1/0/+ 1) aimed at general DSP applications. The fixed filter coefficients were computed using a sigma delta modulation technique. The filter is based on

Optimal combination of number of taps and coefficient bit-width for low power FIR filter realization
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AbstractThis paper addresses the optimization of FIR filters for low power. We propose a search algorithm to find the combination of the number of taps and coefficient bit-width that leads to the minimum number of total partial sums, and hence to the least power

Design technique of band pass FIR filter using various window function
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Abstract: Filter is one of the most important part of communication system. Without digital filter we cannot think about proper communication because noise occurs in channel. For removing noise or cancellation of noise we use various type of digital filter. In this paper we

High-speed, low-complexity FIR filter using multiplier block reduction and polyphase decomposition
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ABSTRACT In this paper we discuss the design and implementation of a highspeed FIR filter for both interpolation and decimation of the sample frequency. Several FIR filter structures are compared and various schemes for simplifying the implementation of the multiplications

Design of digital FIR filter based on dynamic distributed arithmetic algorithm
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Abstract: This research presents a method for implementing high speed Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters using just adders, Look Up Tables (LUTs) and shifters. The extensive use of a Dynamic Distributed Arithmetic (DDA) algorithm eliminates the multiplier unit which

A digital filter structure composed of allpass filters and an FIR filter for wideband filtering
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Abstract: A digital filter structure for wideband filtering is proposed. It consists of two allpass filters and a linearphase FIR filter . One major advantage of this structure is that the allpass filters are functions of zM which implies that the maximal sample frequency is M times higher

A new approach to digital FIR filter design using the tabu search
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ABSTRACT The Tabu Search method has proved to be efficient in many cases applied to digital filter design. However, the starting point chosen can affect the output quality, the computing time and the performance. In this paper, we present a new strategy to improve the

Reduction of power line noise in ECG signal using FIR digital filter implemented with hamming window
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Designing digital filters to suppress these noises is very important in ECG signal processing. In this work a digital FIRfilter for reducing 50Hz powerline noise in ECG signal is designed and implemented with Hamming window(1) where M is the number of taps of the FIRfilter

Field programmable gate array realization of microprogrammed controller based parallel digital FIR filter architecture
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Array (FPGA) realization of parallel architecture of microprogrammed controller based digital finite impulse response ( FIR ) filter . Digital FIR filter consists of a datapath and control unit. The datapath unit for the parallel FIR filter is a combination of bunch of registers, multipliers,

Finite impulse response ( fir ) filter design using canonical signed digits (csd)
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Abstract: In the presented work, it is proposed to design and analyze a high order FIR filter based on canonical signed digits representation of coefficients in order to minimize the power consumption and fast implementation of the filter. The designed FIR filter is proposed ABSTRACT This paper designs an optimal cosine modulated nonuniform linear phase finite impulse response ( FIR ) filter bank. The frequency responses of all the analysis filters and the synthesis filters of the filter bank are derived based on both stretching and shifting the

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