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frequency synthesizer

frequency synthesizer allows the designer to generate a variety of output frequencies as multiples of a single reference frequency. The main application is in generating local oscillator (LO) signals for the up- and down-conversion of RF signals.

A Σ- Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer using a wideband integrated VCO and a fast AFC technique for GSM/GPRS/WCDMA Applications
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Abstract A fractional-N frequency synthesizer (FNFS) in 0.5-um SiGe BiCMOS technology is implemented. In order to operate wideband frequency range, a switched capacitor bank LC tank VCO and an Adaptive Frequency Calibration (AFC) technique are used. A 3-bit 4th

Vocaloid-commercial singing synthesizer based on sample concatenation
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Abstract In this paper we describe the different investigations that are part of the development of a new singing digital musical instrument, adapted to real time performance. It concerns improvement of low level synthesis modules, mapping strategies underlying the

An audio-driven perceptually meaningful timbre synthesizer
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Abstract A real-time synthesis engine that models and predicts the timbre of acoustic instruments based on perceptual features is presented. The timbre characteristics and the mapping between control and timbre parameters are inferred from recorded musical data. In

Sample-based singing voice synthesizer by spectral concatenation
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ABSTRACT The singing synthesis system we present generates a performance of an artificial singer out of the musical score and the phonetic transcription of a song using a frame-based frequency domain technique. This performance mimics the real singing of a

Integrating complementary spectral models in the design of a musical synthesizer .
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Abstract Spectral based analysis/synthesis techniques offer powerful tools for the processing of sounds. They include many different approaches, each one with its own advantages and set of compromises. In the design of a general purpose synthesizer more than one

CASY: The Haskins configurable articulatory synthesizer
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we outline some recent developments in the Haskins configurable articulatory synthesizer CASY. The main advances are the adoption of a conic section model of the tongue body, extension of the configurability of the synthesizer parameters to

A punched tape controlled peptide synthesizer
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A technical description of a full-automatic system for solid-phase peptide synthesis is presented. The information to the synthesizer is given via punched tape. The use of liquid valves is almost avoided by using gas pressure for transferring reagents and solvents. The

Building a microwave frequency synthesizer Part 1: Getting started
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The frequency synthesizer is a key building block of virtually any microwave test and measurement, communication or monitoring system [1-5]. Synthesizers come in a variety of forms ranging from a tiny PLL chip to a bench-top signal generator. Traditionally we imagine

Implementation of CMOS Low-power Integer-N Frequency Synthesizer for SOC Design.
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AbstractThe paper reports the implementation of a fre-quency synthesizer for system-on- chip (SOC) design. The epi-digital CMOS process is used to provide SOC solution. This work focuses on low-power consumption to achieve longer life-time of batteries. A 2.4 GHz

A novel three-point modulation technique for fractional-N frequency synthesizer applications
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Abstract. This paper presents a novel three-point modulation technique for fractional-N frequency synthesizer applications. Convention modulated fractional-N frequency synthesizers suffer from quantization noise, which degrades not only the phase noise

SA8025 fractional-N synthesizer for 2GHz band applications
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The SA8025 is a 3V, 1.8 GHz, SSOP 20-pin packaged fractional-N phase locked-loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer . It is targeted for systems like the Japan Personal Handy Phone System (PHS, formerly PHP) which demands fast switching time and good noise

MARS-Multiple Automated Robotic Synthesizer for Continuous Flow of Peptides
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ABSTRACT We have designed and constructed a multiple automated robotic synthesizer ; the MARS. Its novel timing procedure for handling multiple synthetic tasks eliminates unnecessary respite time by keeping the robotic arm ill continuous operation. Polypropylene Ab str act In this paper, we present a datapath synthesis method for high-performance ASICs. The register-transfer behavior of an ASIC is specified using the VHDL or Verilog hardware description language. The method partitions the behavior into two distinct parts:

Recent Advances in Google Real-Time HMM-Driven Unit Selection Synthesizer .
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Abstract This paper presents advances in Googlehidden Markov model (HMM)-driven unit selection speech synthesis system. We describe several improvements to the run-time system; these include minimal latency, high-quality and fast refresh cycle for new voices. Page 1. Molecular Diversity, 4: 23 24, 1999. KLUWER/ESCOM 1999 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in the Netherlands. 23 Solid phase synthesis of azapeptides using an automatic synthesizer In-Ae Ahn, Sang Woong KimSeonggu Ro * Biotech Research Institute,

An articulatory synthesizer for the simulation of consonants
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We present a model of the lungs, glottis, and vocal tract, that computes numerically the acoustic output that results from the positions, motions, and tensions of the muscles involved. The model is designed to be able to produce almost any possible speech

DEDALUS: The DEDuctive Algorithm Ur- synthesizer
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Program synthesis is the automatic construction of programs to meet given specifications. These specifications constitute a high-level description of the desired program which expresses the purpose of the program, without indicating the method by which that purpose

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