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gas detector is a device that detects the presence of gases in an area, often as part of a safety system. This type of equipment is used to detect a gas leak Gas Sensor module is useful for gas leakage detection (home and industry). It is suitable for detecting H2, LPG, CH4, CO, Alcohol, Smoke

Nanostructured tin dioxide materials for gas sensor applications
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Detection of pollutant, toxic, refining, combustible and process gases is important for system and process control, safety monitoring and environmental protection. Various methods can be used to accomplish gas sensing including gas chromatography, Fourier-transform

Nanostructured zinc oxide synthesized via hydroxide route as liquid petroleum gas sensor
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In this paper, we report the liquid petroleum gas (LPG) sensing of nanostructured zinc oxide synthesized via the hydroxide route. Variations in resistance with exposure of gas to the sensing element have been observed. The average sensitivities for different exposure times

Gas sensor materials based on metal loden drimers
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The design of efficient gas sensor materials, which are characterized by a high selectivity and sensitivity and a good response, is an intriguing challenge in materials science, as no common approach is available that is applicable to the detection of all gases. Nevertheless,

Compact mid-infrared trace gas sensor based on difference-frequency generation of two diode lasers in periodically poled LiNbO3
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3 (PPLN) crystal pumped by two single-frequency diode lasers. A maximum DFG power of 1.6 uW at 3.6 um was generated with a pump power of 61.4 mW at 832 nm and a signal power of 41.5 mW at 1083 nm incident on a 19-mm-long PPLN crystal, which corresponds to Potentiometric gas sensors using solid electrolytes can be used to determine gas partial pressures directly by measuring emf, when temperature and reference-gas partial pressure are known. Partial pressures of 02, SO x and NOx have been measured by this technique [1, 21. The detection

Nanotechnology advantages applied to gas sensor development
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ABSTRACT Gas detection instruments are increasingly needed for industrial health and safety, environmental monitoring, and process control. To meet this demand, considerable research into new sensors is underway, including efforts to enhance the performance of

Niobium-doped titania nanopowders for gas sensor applications
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Due to many advantages as low cost, small size and low power consumption, semiconductor sensors appear as a good solution for gas detection. Titanium dioxide is the semiconductor material most widely used for oxygen detection. Titania (usually rutile

Nanocrystalline ZnO thin film for gas sensor application
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There exists a worldwide strong interest in realizing inexpensive oxide thin films to be used, for example, in solar cells, as gas sensor devices or as coating to heat glass windows. It has some advantages over other possible materials such as ZnO, In2O3, Cd2SnO4 or SnO2 due

Analysis of the change in the carrier concentration of SnO2 thin film gas sensor
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Electrical properties and the number of unpaired electrons localized in oxygen vacancies of SnO2 thin films were quantitatively analyzed using the van der Pauw method and ESR spectra, respectively, in order to clarify the source of carrier electrons induced on gas

On the possibility of the use of a nickel ferrite as semiconducting gas sensor
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It is known that the electrical resistivity of a semiconducting oxide can be modified by adsorbtion of gases from the ambient. This property has been used in semiconductor sensors for the detection of inflammable and toxic gases [2-4]. The semiconductor gas

Low temperature sensing of NO2 gas using SnO2-ZnO nanocomposite sensor
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Presently she is a Junior Research Fellow pursuing her Ph.D. program from University of Delhi, Delhi. Her research interests are in gassensor systems that include sensor characterization and development of metal oxide films for sensor coatings

Low temperature ethanol gas sensor based on SnO2/MWNTs nanocomposite
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AbstractA composite made of plasma functionalized multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) coated with SnO 2 was synthesized by sonochemical precipitation method. Thick layer of this nanocomposite material was used as ethanol sensor at low temperatures. The

Pattern recognition techniques for odor discrimination in gas sensor array
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Abstract. Transition towards spatio-temporal chaos in one-dimensional interfacial patterns often involves two degrees of freedom: drift and out-of-phase oscillations of cells, respectively associated to parity breaking and vacillating-breathing secondary bifurcations.

Semiconductor laser based trace gas sensor technology: recent advances and applications
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Recent advances in the development of sensors based on infrared diode and quantum cascade lasers for the detection of trace gas species is reported. Several examples of applications in environmental and industrial process monitoring as well as in medical

Surface acoustic wave hydrogen gas sensor based on layered structure of palladium/metal-free phthalocyanine
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Abstract. A layered sensor structure of metal-free phthalocyanine H2Pc (~ 160 nm) with a very thin film of palladium (Pd~ 20 nm) on the top, has been studied for hydrogen gas- sensing application at relatively low temperatures of about 30 C and about 40 C. The

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Abstract-ZnO nanorods with different sizes and shapes have been successfully synthesized via a simple hydrothermal route, using zinc acetate and Cetyltriammonium bromide (CTAB) as the reactants. The thick films of as prepared ZnO were prepared by screen-printing Materials in the form of ultrafine powders have been widely used to produce new semiconductor gas sensors [1-4]. Such ultrafine materials have much greater surface activity due to their enormous surface area. In this paper, we describe a technique to fabricate a

Hydroxyapatite nanoceramic thick film: An efficient CO2 gas sensor
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Abstract: Hydroxyapatite (HAp) is widely used in biomedical applications due to its superb bioactive behavior. Moreover, it possesses potential applications in varied fields like chromatography, catalyst, fuel cellchemical gas sensor . The hydroxyapatite thick films

MEMS chemical gas sensor using a polymer-based array
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ABSTRACT We have developed a miniature polymer-based chemical gas sensor array on silicon using micromachining technology. The sensors are conductive polymer carbon black composite films, which swell reversibly and induce a resistance change upon

Nanoassembled thin-film gas sensor II. An intrinsic highly sensitive fibre-optic sensor for ammonia detection
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A layer-by-layer approach was used for the deposition of coatings with a nanometre thickness onto a multimode optical fibre, from which the cladding had been removed, with the aim of realizing a fibre optic ammonia sensor. The film was self-assembled with alternate

Heater on a Buckled Cantilever Plate for Gas Sensor Applications
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Abstract: Electro-thermal simulation and analysis of a micro-heater ( Heater) on a buckled cantilever structure for gas sensor applications is reported. The buckled cantilever allows the sensor plate to be suspended for thermal insulation. Both Structural Mechanical Simulation

Normalization techniques for gas sensor array as applied to classification for black tea
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AbstractAssessment of black tea quality is a difficult task due to the presence of a large number of chemical compounds. The present day practice in the tea industry for this purpose is to employ the tea-tasters, who evaluate the quality based on their experience and

Designelectro-thermal analysis of microheater for low temperature MEMS based gas sensor
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ABSTRACT The advent of nanocrystalline metal oxide semiconductor permits microheater to be incorporated into integrated gas sensors to heat the sensing layer to a low temperature. The low temperature sensing allows the use of a relatively thin silicon membrane instead of

Development of movable gas tanker leakage detection using wireless sensor network based on embedded system
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In this system MQ-6 gassensor used to sense poisonous gas and has high sensitivity to LPG and also response to natural gasLeak detection module consists of MQ-6 gassensor to detect amount of combustible gas present in the surrounding

High temperature LTCC package for SiC-based gas sensor
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A rapid progress in the development of semiconductor microelectronics is still observed. Miniaturization process of electronic devices is closely connected to packaging issues. In many cases package is as important as the device itself. Low temperature co-fired ceramics

The magnetic oxide semiconducting ceramics as gas sensor
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Metal oxide sensors have been utilized for several decades for low-cost detection of combustible and toxic gases. However, issues with sensitivity, selectivity and stability have limited their use, often in favor of more expensive approaches. Recent advences in

A vanadium oxide nanotube-based nitric oxide gas sensor
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Accurately measuring exhaled nitric oxide (eNO) is still an unsolved problem. We report the fabrication of a novel nanotube-based gas sensor . The gas sensor consists of a gas- responsive multiwall vanadium oxide nanotube (VOX-NT) layer deposited on a ceramic chip

Gas sensor application of carbon nanotubes
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ABSTRACT Gas sensors have a wide application in everyday life, whether in industry, medical, agriculture and environmental monitoring. A good sensor should be selective, sensitive, responsive, reliable and cost effective. Currently available gas sensors are lacking The various metal-substituted phthalocyanines are currently of interest as molecular organic semiconductors for thin-film toxic gas sensors. Of the metalsubstituted phthalocyanines, lead phthalocyanine is superior in sensitivity (conductance changes),~ specially for nitrogen

Laser spectroscopic trace- gas sensor networks for atmospheric monitoring applications
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ABSTRACT Laser-based atmospheric trace-gas sensors have great potential for long-term, real-time, maintenance free environmental monitoring in distributed Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). We are developing a laser based chemical sensing technology with wide-

Identification of toxic gases using steady-state and transient responses of gas sensor array
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In this paper, we report the performance of a gas identification system based on a metaloxide gas sensor array. Analyses of single gases, such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide and acetylene diluted in air, are performed

Bilayer structures of NiOx and Pd in Surface Acoustic Wave and electrical gas sensor systems
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Monitoring the composition of atmospheric gases is the most important requirement for both personal protection and environmental monitoring. The results showing dangerous gas concentrations are usually needed immediately, with a low false-alarm tolerance, high

Gas phase synthesis of size selected SnO2 nanoparticles for gas sensor applications
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A novel silicon micro amperometric gas sensor
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Abstract We report on a silicon-based amperometric microelectrochemical gas sensor based on an innovative design. This sensor shows a faster response (0.5 sec) to NO gas than other types of gas sensors, with good repeatability. A detection limit of 5 ppm is

Enhancing the selectivity of amperometric nitric oxide sensor over ammonia and nitrite by modifying gas-permeable membrane with Teflon AF
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Nitric oxide; Amperometric gassensor ; Selectivity; Gas permeable membraneRESULTS AND DISCUSSION Enhanced NO selectivity of platinized-Pt-electrode based planar gassensor with Teflon AFtreatment on PTFE GPM

Fabrication and testing of SnO2 thin films as a gas sensor
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ABSTRACT Tin dioxide (SnO2) thin films were prepared using the thermal spray pyrolysis method from SnCl2. 2H2O isopropyl mixing with water solution on the glass substrate heated at 450 C. The films were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), The crystallite size

Implementation of CMOS compatible conductance-based micro- gas sensor system
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Abstract A CMOS compatible micro- gas sensor system was designed and fabricated in a standard CMOS process through MOSIS. The chip was postprocessed to create microhotplates using bulk micromachining techniques. Tin-oxide-sensing films were grown

Investigations of thin film of titanium dioxide (TiO2) in a surface acoustic wave gas sensor system
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A single thin film sensor structure of TiO2 (~ 60nm), has been studied for gassensing application at~ 300C and~ 400C. The sensor structures were obtained by RF sputtering technology from titanium target in a controlled atmosphere Ar: O2 (3: 1) in a vacuum 2×10-3

Synthesis of nanostructured iron-antimonate and its application as liquefied petroleum gas sensor
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ABSTRACT In this paper we report the synthesis of iron-antimonate (FeSbO4) via co- precipitation method for the LPG sensing application. X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDAX) were used to

A variable potential porous silicon carbide hydrocarbon gas sensor
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A sensor which is capable of detecting hydrocarbons and distinguishing among thcm at tcmpcraturcs in the range 100- 500°C has been cons(ructcd from (ill-silicon carbide and tested in methane and propcnc. Experimental data show that it is possible to detect the prcscncc of the two hydrocarbon

A critical review of Taguchi gas sensor for the detection of voc
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ABSTRACT: The Aspects of air pollution and health protection are now prioritary problems for researchers and establishing the hazardous gas awareness in the air allows the initiation of actions destined to avoid both types of problems. Due to the mentioned reasons, the

Analytical model of semiconductor sensor layers in SAW gas sensors
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In the paper a new theoretical model for analyzing a surface acoustic wave gassensor is presentedIn the paper a new theory for an- alyzing SAW gassensor is proposed. Main setup of a bilayer sensor for hydrogen detection is shown in Fig. 1. Fig

Measure of carbon dioxide using a gas sensor of a semiconductor type based on tin dioxide (SnO2)
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Abstract To analyse and predict recent and future climate change on a global scale exchange processes of greenhouse gases-primarily carbon dioxide (CO2)-over various ecosystems are of rising interest. Monitoring the chemical composition of the atmosphere,

Thin films of organic semiconductor for gas sensor development
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Problems associated with development of semiconductor sensors of chemically aggressive toxic gases are considered. Advantages attainable due to application of semiconducting organic macrocyclic compounds to that end are discussed. Differential thermal analysis

Doping effects on the response of thin film ZnO gas sensor to ethanol vapour
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A spray pyrolytic system was used to obtain ZnO: X films doped with different elements, X= Al, In, Cu, Fe and Sn. X-ray diffraction, Transmission Electron Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy were used to study the microstructure and surface morphology of the

Design and Analysis of Micro-Heaters using COMSOL Multiphysics For MEMS Based Gas Sensor
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Abstract: Micro-Heaters have been the subject of great interest owing to their extensive applications in gas sensors, humidity sensors and other micro-systems. A micro-heater should have low power consumption, low thermal mass and better temperature uniformity. In

Multicomponent gas mixture analysis using a single tin oxide sensor and dynamic pattern recognition
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Gardner, Member, IEEE AbstractA new method, which is based on the discrete wavelet transform, is presented for extracting important features from the response transients of a micromachined, tin oxide-based gassensor . It is

Gas sensitivity of TiO2 based thick film sensor to NH3 gas at room temperature
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The resistance of thick films decreases by increasing concentration of NH3 gas in ppm at room temperatures due to surface oxygen vacancies of SnO2/TiO2 act as electron donors. KEYWORDS: Metal oxide thick films, TiO2-In2O3-Al2O3, Sensitivity, NH3 gasSensor

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Abstract-Thick film technique is popular because of low cost, simple for construction and better sensing surface area, hence for resistive gas sensor thick films of pure ZrO2 powder were prepared by Standard screen printing technique. The material was characterized by X-

Microstructure characteristics of some polycrystalline oxide compounds prepared by sol gel-selfcombustion way for gas sensor applications
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According to sol-gel-selfcombustion method, the reacting substances are metal nitrates and ammonium hydroxide, the coprecipitation takes place into a colloidal medium and the reaction for ferrite synthesis is a quick combustion. By such a method and using an

CO Gas sensor based on Pt-functionalized Mg-doped ZnO nanowires
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Mg-doped ZnO one-dimensional (1D) nanostrutures were synthesized by using a thermal evaporation technique. The morphology, crystal structure, and sensing properties of the Mg- doped ZnO nanostructures functionalized with Pt to CO gas at 100 o C were examined. The

Study of in-situ gas sensor based on millimeter/submillimeter wave spectroscopy
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The millimeter and submillimeter wave bands are abundant in absorption and radiation spectrum of gases. Whereas these bands have been extensively utilized in the radio astronomy, space borne radiometry and high altitude atmospheric analysis, the

Design and simulation of MEMS based microhotplate as gas sensor
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Abstract-MEMS based Microhotplates plays an important in gas sensing applications. In this paper, we present the simulation results of a MEMS micro-hotplate. The electro-thermo- mechanical behaviors of micro-hotplates (MHP) have been simulated using COMSOL Zinc phthalocyanines without substituent (ZnPc) and with hydroxymethyl (ZnOc-CH2OH), and phthalimidomethyl substituents (ZnPc-CH2N [C (O)] 2Ph) were plasma-polymerized and the application of the deposited plasma polymer films for NO 2 gas sensor device has been

Volatile organic compound gas sensor using a gated lateral bipolar junction transistor
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Gases emitted from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are used in industrial and domestic applications (such as carpets, garbage cans, and wall coatings) can affect the environment and human health. In an effort to provide a healthy environment for humans,

COBALT Catalyzed-multi-walled carbon nanotubes film sensor for carbon mono-oxide gas
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The typical responses of MWCNTs gassensor for different concentration (40, 100, 140200 ppm) of sensing gas ie carbon mono-oxide (CO) have been studied. It is observed that this MWNTs gas sensor shows a quick response to CO gas with the fast recovery time

Conductive polymer-composite sensor for gas detection
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ac.nz Abstract Conductive polymers with carbon black filler were prepared for gassensor application utilising ultrasonic mixing. The compositewere examined. Keywords: gas sensor carbon black, PMMA, ultrasonic, mixing 1 Introduction

Microcontroller based power efficient signal conditioning unit for detection of a single gas using mems based sensor
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paper. The power consumption of the MEMS gassensor is ~ 70mW to 100mW depending upon and subsequent alarming if the threshold limit is crossed. Index terms: MEMS, Gassensor

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