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gps receiver

a device that is capable of receiving information from GPS satellites and then to calculate the device’s geographical position. Using suitable software, the device may display the position on a map, and it may offer directions. GPS receivers are the most important hardware in a GPS surveying operation. Their characteristics and capabilities influence the techniques available to the user throughout the work. There are many different GPS receivers on the market. Some of them are appropriate for surveying,

Development of the low-cost RTK- GPS receiver with an open source program package RTKLIB
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Abstract: RTKLIB is an open source program package for RTK-GPS developed by the authors. RTKLIB is a compact and portable program library written in C to provide a standard platform for RTK-GPS applications. The library implements fundamental navigation functions

GPS receiver system noise
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In radio-based communication and navigation ystems, noise originate, from variou sources: the equipment itself; other electrical devices such as radio transmitters, microwave ovens, motor, relays, ignition systems. and light dimmers; and natural terre trial and extraterrestrial

NovAtelGPS Receiver the High Performance OEM Sensor of the Future
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Abstract In this paper, the 10 channel NovAtel GPSCard receiver is presented. This receiver is available as a low cost, high performance GPS sensor, providing features and capabilities to support all OEM applications. NovAtel, a cellular systems and subscriber equipment

A 12-channel real-time GPS L1 software receiver
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A GPSreceiver has been developed that runs 12 tracking channels in real-time using a software correlator

Acquisition schemes for software GPS receiver
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ABSTRACT This paper discloses two new acquisition approaches to improve the efficiency of conventional acquisition methods used in GPS software receivers. The first single side band approach will reduce the process time and search time of the conventional approach

A single GPS receiver as a real-time, accurate velocity and acceleration sensor
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ABSTRACT The determination of velocity and acceleration from GPS measurements is very important for many dynamic applications, but also for airborne gravimetry and geophysics, as long as we can achieve the specific accuracy and resolution for each application. The

Interference benefits of a vector delay lock loop (VDLL) GPS receiver
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ABSTRACT The interference benefits of a vector delay lock loop (VDLL) GPS receiver are compared by simulation over those of a conventional receiver as a first step before hardware implementation. Besides improvement to interference performance, other benefits to the

NMEA 0183: A GPS receiver interface standard
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University of New Brunswick tion. The power supply and antenna may also be in the same package. Such single-unit, autonomous receivers are very convenient especially for applications in which small size and portability are desirable features. However, there are

GPS signal acquisition and tracking-An Approach towards development of Software-based GPS Receiver
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Abstract Software-based GPS (SGR) Receiver helps us processing the GPS signal at the lowest level of GPS raw signal data from the antenna. A software-based GPS receiver consists of a front-end device that converts the radio frequency signal from the antenna to an

Detection and mitigation of spoofing attacks on a vector-based tracking GPS receiver
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ABSTRACT Position solutions provided by GNSS receivers can be completely misled by spoofing attacks. Consequently detection and mitigation of spoofing signals have become one of the important topics within the GNSS community. Some recently published work has

Navigator GPS receiver for fast acquisition and weak signal space applications
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ABSTRACT NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) is developing a new space-borne GPS receiver that can operate effectively in the full range of Earth orbiting missions from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to geostationary and beyond. Navigator is designed to be a fully space

GPS errors statistical analysis for ground receiver measurements
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This work describes a most GPSreceiver error measurementsPage 6. Receiver Errors Dynamics of parameters found (pseudo-noise sequence phase drift and accuracy of signal detection time) at a solution is a quality index of userGPSreceiver

Test results of a digital beamforming gps receiver in a jamming environment
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ABSTRACT NAVSYS High Gain Advanced GPS Receiver (HAGR) uses a digital beam- steering antenna array to provide additional gain in the direction of the GPS satellite signals. This increases the received signal/noise ratio on the satellites tracked and also improves the

High precision kinematic positioning using single dual-frequency GPS receiver
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Currently, high precision kinematic GPS positioning with centimetre level accuracy can only be carried out using differential GPS (DGPS) positioning techniques which require the deployment of base receiver stations. The requirement to deploy base receiver sta- tions, however, spatially A Talking GPS Receiver for the Blind1

Spaceborne GPS receiver performance testing
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This report describes a generic test concept to assess the tracking performance of a spaceborne GPS receiver based on hardware-in-the-loop simulations. The test setup and configuration for a Spirent STR4760 GPS signal simulator are specified and the data

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