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A comparison of Ansoft HFSS and CST microwave studio simulation software for multi-channel coil design and SAR estimation at 7T MRI
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We present a comparison of RF simulations with Ansoft HFSS and CST Microwave studio software, for a commercially available 7T multi-channel coil. We investigated the conditions influencing precision and simulation time. When simulation parameters (such as mesh size)

Parameter optimization based on GA and HFSS
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A new project based on genetic algorithm (GA) and high frequency simulation software ( HFSS ) is proposed to optimize microwave passive devices effectively. This project is realized with a general program named as optimization program. The program is compiled

Simulation comparison between HFSS , CST and WIPL-D for design of dipole, horn and parabolic reflector antenna
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Antenna designs are becoming increasingly complex with recent advancement in the communication systems. These days it is very important to sort out the software which is best suited to our required antenna design. Complex antenna structures cannot be simulated

Finding the best feeding point location of patch antenna using HFSS
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This paper describes about the finding of an optimal location of feeding location for patch antenna by using Ansoft HFSS software. The dimensions of patch antenna were calculated based on the three essential parameters. The operation frequency of patch antenna was

Design of a frequency tunable patch antenna using HFSS
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Antennas are essential and critical components of wireless communication, but sometimes their inability to adjust with new operating scenarios can limit system performance. Tuning antennas to configure dynamically or manually such that they can adapt to changing system

Complete RF Design of the HINS RFQ with CST MWS and HFSS
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Similar to many other linear accelerators, the High Intensity Neutron Source requires an RFQ for initial acceleration and formation of the bunched beam structure. The RFQ design includes two main tasks: a) the beam dynamics design resulting in a vane tip modulation

Analysis and Design of Left-Handed Metamaterial Lenses Using Ansoft HFSS
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Page 1. Microwave Electronics Lab Analysis and Design of Left-Handed Metamaterial Lenses Using Ansoft HFSS Anthony Lai1, Kevin MKH Leong1, Christophe Caloz2, and Tatsuo Itoh1 1University of California, Los Angeles, 405 Hilgard Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA 2 cole

Step-by-step procedure for design of waveguide filters with HFSS
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Page 1. HFSS WS 2001-01-191- Step-by-step procedure for design of waveguide filters with HFSS Kjetil Folgerø Nera Telecommunications, Norway kfo@nera.no Page 2. HFSS WS 2001-01-192- Outline Filters at Nera Introduction / Motivation Step-by-step design

Design Simulation of Triple Frequency Triangular Patch Antenna by Using HFSS 14.0
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This paper proposes a design of triple frequency triangular microstrip patch antennas. Firstly, we have attempted to design a planar antenna with stacked configuration for multiband applications. The stacked configuration of triangular patch and are employed to

Elliptical split ring resonator: Mathematical analysis, HFSS modeling and genetic algorithm optimization
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In this paper, a novel equivalent circuit model and mathematical analysis is proposed to estimate the resonant frequency of an Elliptical Split Ring Resonator (ESRR) for a range of major to minor axis ratios. Performance enhancement is achieved by employing MATLAB

HPC Options for HFSS
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These separate cores can reside on a local machine or be shared across a network. By using a distributed solution, the memory available for a single simulation is no

An Analysis of Wave Guide Magic Tee at X Band Using HFSS
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Wave guide Tee junctions are used to split the line power into two lines or combine the power from two lines with proper consideration of phase. Waveguide magic tee is an important element in microwave and millimeter wave applications. HFSS is a high

Finding optimal feed location of a microstrip patch antenna using HFSS
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Microstrip patch antennas represent one family of compact antennas that offer a conformal nature and the capability of ready integration with communication systems printed circuitry. In this paper, a microst rip antenna has been designed at 1.9 GHz using ANSOFT- HFSS . By

Strip line monitor design for the ISIS proton synchrotron using the FEA program HFSS
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This paper reports the development of a strip line monitor for the ISIS accelerator main ring. The strip line is still in the design phase and the work reported here is the results of the FEA programme HFSS . The strip line will eventually form part of a beam instability feedback

Design and Simulation by HFSS of a Slim UWB PIFA Antenna
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This paper describes the design and simulation by High Frequency Structure Simulator ( HFSS ) of a probe-fed Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) for the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) personal area networks. The slim antenna presents a height of 2 mm and a bandwidth of

Design and Analysis of X band Pyramidal Horn antenna using HFSS
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In the paper, the design of pyramidal horn antenna is described. The software used for designing purpose is Ansoft HFSS 12. Discussion about the antenna parameters obtained for the design is done. However, to obtain better results many more adjustment in the

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The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Ansoft makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Ansoft shall not be

Evaluation of HOM Coupler Probe Heating by HFSS Simulation
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Three different tip geometries in a HOM coupler on a CEBAF Upgrade Low Loss cavity have been evaluated by HFSS simulation to understand the tip surface heating problem under various situations. The surface heat loss was calculated for modified tip designs and for the

Design and simulation of planar inverted f antenna for ism band applications using hfss
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Antenna for ISM Band Applications using HFSS Ashutosh Joshi1, Bhawana Jain2, Chitranshu Agrawal3, Anup Kotiyal4, Anand Singh5 Abstract This paper describes the design and simulation of a probe fed PLANAR INVERTED F ANTENNA (PIFA), operating at 2.4 GHz ISM

Design Simulation of Rectangular Shaped Patch Antenna Used for ISM band using HFSS
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Microstrip patch antenna is widely used because of its advantages but main drawback is its narrow bandwidth, to overcome this drawback software like HFSS , CAD-FEKO can be used for optimum patch design that includes design patch and ground plane dimensions, an


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A microstrip antenna consists of conducting patch on a ground plane separated by dielectric substrate. This concept was undeveloped until the revolution in electronic circuit miniaturization and large-scale integration in 1970. After that many authors have described

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