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A 60-GHz CPW-fed high-gain and broadband integrated horn antenna
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WPAN applications. Compared with other types of antenna for 60-GHz WPAN applications, an integrated horn antenna features wide bandwidth and high gain. This integrated H-plane horn is elevated on the top of the substrate using CMOS-compatible microfabrication steps AbstrracT A wide-band dual-mode horn , which has a rotationally symmetric beam and extremely low sidelobe levels, can be obtained by loading a dielectric band inside the horn antenna . Measured radiation characteristics of such antennas, including the so-called In this paper, we present an original and optimal multimode horn design to excite free space beam modes efficiently from waveguides structures. In particular, in this paper, we focus the study in overmoded circular corrugated waveguide, but the principle presented here is

Self-filtering low-noise horn antenna for satellite applications
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In this letter, we present the design and the experimental realization of an innovative self- filtering low-noise horn antenna . The proposed radiator consists of the following: a regular WR-62 waveguide connected to a horn antenna , a metallic screen with a vertical slit placed

Compact wideband SIW horn antenna fed by elevated-CPW structure
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This communication presents a compact substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) H-plane horn antenna fed by a novel elevated coplanar waveguide (ECPW) structure. Firstly, the wideband characteristic of the SIW horn antenna is achieved through loading a dielectric We propose a millimeter-wave antenna to serve as an element antenna for a multi-sector switched-beam antenna , which can be fed by a post-wall waveguide. Several tapered slot antennas are connected to an aperture of an H-plane sectoral post-wall horn antenna

A woodpile EBG sectoral horn antenna
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A H-plane sectoral horn antenna made from a woodpile electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) material is described. The electromagnetic confinement mechanism within the horn antenna relies wholly on the 3D EBG of the woodpile material, which is flared in the H-plane. The

A modified TEM horn antenna customized for oil well monitoring applications
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A TEM horn antenna with modified radiation pattern customized for oil well monitoring application is presented in this paper. The antenna is designed to operate in an oil saturated medium in the frequency range between 1.4 to 11 GHz. A complete design procedure for the A novel substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) horn antenna with partially detached broad walls is designed and analyzed. The conventional SIW horn antenna suffers from narrow operating bandwidth, which mainly results from the mismatch at the horn aperture between

Design and measurement of a 600 GHz micromachined horn antenna manufactured by combined DRIE and KOH-etching of silicon
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We present a detailed discussion of a manufacturing process used for silicon- micromachining of horn antennas for submillimeter wave applications. The developed process was applied to the machining of an octagonal horn antenna for 600 GHz and can be

Simulation comparison between HFSS, CST and WIPL-D for design of dipole, horn and parabolic reflector antenna
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Antenna designs are becoming increasingly complex with recent advancement in the communication systems. These days it is very important to sort out the software which is best suited to our required antenna design. Complex antenna structures cannot be simulated A new substrate integrated horn antenna with hard side walls combined with a couple of soft surfaces is introduced. The horn takes advantage of the air medium for propagation inside while having a thickness of dielectric on the walls to realize hard conditions. The covering

Efficiency improvement for conventional rectangular horn antenna by using EBG technique
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The conventional rectangular horn has been used for microwave antenna a long time. Its gain can be increased by enlarging the construction of horn to flare exponentially. This paper presents a study of the shaped woodpile Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) to improve

Design of a compact gaussian profiled corrugated horn antenna for low sidelobe-level applications
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In this paper, the design of a circular corrugated horn antenna is presented for low sidelobe- level. The basic requirement of this design is compactness. Therefore, we use corrugated Gaussian profiled horn antennas to improve the size and sidelobe level simultaneously

W-Band Wireless Data Transmission by the Integration of a Near-Ballistic Unitraveling-Carrier Photodiode With a Horn Antenna Fed by a Quasi-Yagi Radiator
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We demonstrate a novel W-band photonic transmitter mixer, which is composed of a planar quasi-Yagi radiator for feeding a WR-10 waveguide-based horn antenna and a nearballistic unitraveling-carrier photodiode. The module demonstrates reasonable coupling loss in

Millimeter and submillimeter-wave integrated horn antenna Schottky receivers
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Creating a gain enhancement technique for a conical horn antenna by adding a wire medium structure at the aperture
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This paper proposes a technique for improving the conventional conical horn antenna for the X-band frequency using metamaterial on a wire medium structure. The main idea of this research is the application of the wire medium metamaterial to the conical horns aperture for

Directivity enhancement of an X-band horn antenna loaded by a wire medium
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On the basis of full-wave electromagnetic simulation, the present work reports on a comparative study of the enhanced radiation properties of a standard X-band horn antenna loaded by a wire medium. Acting as an artificial dielectric the wire medium consists of an

Low profile H-plane horn antenna based on half mode substrate integrated waveguide technique
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In this paper a half mode substrate integrated waveguide (HMSIW) H-plane horn antenna is proposed. A probe is used as the feed line of the antenna in order to avoid parasitic radiation and to reduce conductor loss. The proposed antenna is numerically investigated

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