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image sensor

an electronic device that converts an optical image into an electronic signal

Development of a mote for wireless image sensor networks
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AbstractThis paper presents the design of a new mote for distributed image sensing applications in wireless sensor networks. The processing and memory limitations in current mote designs are analyzed and a simple but powerful new platform is developed. The mote

Probabilistic image sensor fusion
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Abstract We present a probabilistic method for fusion of images produced by multiple sensors. The approach is based on an image formation model in which the sensor images are noisy, locally linear functions of an underlying, true scene. A Bayesian framework then

Active pixel CMOS image sensor with on-chip non-uniformity correction
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This addressable CMOS imager counts 512 by 512 active pixels on a 6.6 (im pitch. A pixel consists of a photodiode and 3 MOSFETs using a 0.5 micrometer CMOS technology. This architecture allows pixel-by-pixel fixed pattern noise correction, with the analog non-volatile

A 3.25 M-pixel APS-C size CMOS Image Sensor
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A 3.25M-pixel APS-C size CMOS Image Sensor Device Development

Pixel-to-pixel isolation by deep trench technology: Application to CMOS image sensor
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Abstract Deep Trench technology for CMOS image sensor was successfully developed and industrialized for bestin-class 1.4m pixel Front-Side Illumination (FSI) technology. The performance achievements on QE both on and off-axis without any degradation of other

High performance CMOS image sensor for low light imaging
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Abstract We present a prototype CMOS image sensor (CIS) intended for low light imaging applications. The prototype sensor contains 320 x 240 pixels with 36 different pixel architectures. Pixel size is 10.8m x 10.8m. The measured QE is 55% at 555nm, dark

A wide-VGA CMOS image sensor with global shutter and extended dynamic range
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Abstract This paper describes a wide-VGA format (752 x 480) CMOS image sensor that targets various automotive scene processing applications, such as occupant classification systems, lane departure warning, and blind-spot detection. The sensor runs at 60 fps. The

Time-domain correlation image sensor : First CMOS realization of demodulator pixels array
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In CCD/AIS Workshop97, Bruges, we have proposed the basic concept of time-domain correlation image sensor which enables us to detect high frequency modulated light without increasing the scanning rate of image sensor . We also emphasized the importance

Collaborative self-localization techniques for wireless image sensor networks
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AbstractWe introduce a novel localization technique that can jointly estimate the locations of a moving target and the sensor nodes in a wireless image sensor network. The proposed method is based on in-node image processing and can be implemented in a decentralized

R27 Self-calibrating logarithmic CMOS image sensor with single chip camera functionality
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Abstract CMOS photoreceptors with logarithmic response offer a high dynamic range but suffer from large device-todevice variations. We describe a CMOS image sensor that has an automatic analog calibration on chip to correct the resulting fixed pattern noise. In principle

Low dark current pinned photo-diode for CMOS image sensor
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Abstract We have developed CMOS image sensor which has high sensitivity comparable to CCD imagers by realizing a very low leakage photo-diode. A low dark current of O. lnA/cm2 in 5.6 umD pixel has been achieved by a pinned photo-diode structure and a sensor-

Wide dynamic range low light level CMOS image sensor
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AbstractThis paper describes a CMOS image sensor technology suitable for the next generation of scientific cameras. We describe a prototype sensor with 320×240 pixels based on this technology. The sensor features 8 different types of 5T pixels with pinned

QoS-based geographic routing for event-driven image sensor networks
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AbstractWe investigate the use of distributed image sensing for network localization, dynamic routing, and load balancing in wireless sensor networks. In particular, the image sensors are first used to obtain angular bearing information between each network node

52 Mega-pixel APS-H-size CMOS image sensor for super high resolution image capturing
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Abstract We have developed a new CMOS image sensor having pixels of more than 52M in APS-H size. The CMOS image sensor has the most number of pixels known to date without stitching. The sensitivity of the monochromatic image sensor is 39000e-/lx s. The sensitivity

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