An inductor, also called a coil, choke or reactor, is a passive two-terminal electrical component that stores energy in a magnetic field when electric current flows through it. An inductor typically consists of an insulated wire wound into a coil around a core.

The design, modeling and optimization of on-chip inductor and transformer circuits
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Abstract On-chip inductors and transformers play a crucial role in radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs). For gigahertz circuitry, these components are usually realized using bond- wires or planar on-chip spirals. Although bond wires exhibit higher quality factors (Q) than

The Inductor Theory of Sex Differentiation (With 2 Text-figures)
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About the end of the last century the search for the causes of embryonic differentiation led to the discovery of the phenomenon of morphogenic induction. Obviously the fundamental causes of differentiation rest always with the constitution of the embryonic cells and

A method to stabilize a power hardware-in-the-loop simulation of inductor coupled systems
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Abstract–This paper proposes a method to stabilize a power hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) simulation of inductor coupled systems, in which real time simulator causes instability due to the introduced time delay of the system. The configuration of the PHIL simulation is

Ferromagnetic RF integrated inductor with closed magnetic circuit structure
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AbstractClosed magnetic circuit type ferromagnetic RF integrated inductors have been fabricated based on MEMS-like micro fabrication techniques. The taper etching process greatly helped to endure sufficient magnetic flux flow at the edge of the top and bottom The on-going explosive development in We-less communication has renewed the interests in spiral inductor study, primarily due to the fact that spiral inductors are the fundamental building blocks for various microwave/RJ circuits [l-21. Common methods for designing

Optimization of the main inductor in a LCL filter for three phase active rectifier
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Abstractthis paper evaluates the optimal design of the main inductor for LCL filter in a three phase active front end (AFE) rectifier. The objective is to evaluate the optimal inductance of the main inductance and its cost under various switching frequency, air flow

Analytical study of inductor simulation circuits
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The recent trend in electronics has been toward reducing the size of circuits; a trend which culminated in the development of integrated circuits. Although it is relatively simple to reduce the dimensions of resistors and capacitors it has proven impractical to achieve a comparable

Fuzzy-controlled individual-cell equaliser using discontinuous inductor current-mode Cuk converter for lithium-ion chemistries
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Abstract: An intelligent battery equalisation-scheme based on fuzzy-logic control (FLC) is presented to adaptively control the equalising process for series-connected lithium ion batteries. The proposed individual-cell equalisation scheme (ICE) is a bidirectional DC DC

Characterizing the effects of inductor coupling on the performance of an interleaved boost converter
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Abstract Interleaved power converter topologies have received increasing attention in recent years for high power and high performance applications. The advantages of interleaved boost converters include increased efficiency, reduced size, reduced electromagnetic

Comparison of inductor models used in analysis of the buck and boost converters
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Abstract: The inductive devices with the ferromagnetic core are widely used in many electronic circuits, for example in the buck and boost converters, to store magnetic energy. They should be treated as nonlinear devices, and the nonlinearity of their characteristics

Free EM simulator analyzes spiral inductor on silicon
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Abstract A spiral inductor on silicon is investigated in detail using the free Sonnet Lite 3-D planar electromagnetic analysis. First, a baseline inductor is evaluated and the Sonnet Lite model is simplified for the fastest possible analysis while maintaining accuracy. Then

Transformer and inductor design for optimum circuit performance
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ABSTRACT The energy absorbed and released by transformer leakage inductances during each switching period usually ends up as loss, thus impairing switching power supply efficiency. Even when much of this energy is recycled and recovered through the use of

Benefits of a coupled- inductor SEPIC converter
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A devicequiescent current, or IQ, is an important yet often misused parameter for low- power, energy-efficient designs. In many battery-powered applications, the current drawn from the battery in a standby condition with light or no load defines the total run time of the

Silence as an Uncertainty Communicational Inductor
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ABSTRACT The study explores the silence as communicational element and as autonomous message; also, highlights its specificity as an inductor of uncertainty. Thesis that silence radiating uncertainties is proved by using the comparative method and

Analysis and Design of a Single-Phase Tapped-Coupled- Inductor Boost DC DC Converter
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Abstract A single-phase tapped- inductor boost converter has been proposed previously. However, detailed characterization and performance analysis were not conducted. This paper presents a detailed characterization, performance analysis, and design expressions

Hysteretic iron-core inductor for transformer inrush current modeling in EMTP
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Abstract-A crucial element of transformer models for transient simulation is the representation of the core. The modelling of non-linear hysteretic inductors required to properly represent a transformer core is a challenge in an electromagnetic transient

Design of a compact inductor matched to a homopolar generator
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Summary A liquid nitrogen pool-cooled, coaxial energy storage inductor is being designed and built to provide a load for a prototype compact homopolar generator (HPG). This is part of a continuing effort to produce a compact field-portable electromagnetic accelerator power

Realization of fractional-order capacitor and inductor emulators using current feedback operational amplifiers
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Abstract Fractional-order capacitor and inductor emulators using Current Feedback Operational Amplifiers as active elements are presented in this paper. Both schemes have been designed by combining fractionalorder differentiator or integrator topologies with a

Realization of Resistorless Lossless Positive and Negative Grounded Inductor Simulators Using Single ZC-CCCITA.
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Abstract. This paper is in continuation with the very recent work of Prasad et al.[14], wherein new realizations of grounded and floating positive inductor simulator using current differencing transconductance amplifier (CDTA) are reported. The focus of the paper is to

A low flicker-noise high conversion gain RF-CMOS mixer with differential active inductor
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Abstract–The design of a low noise figure (NF), high conversion gain (CG) double-balanced, Gilbert-cell mixer is presented. Since the noise figure of the RF CMOS mixer is strongly affected by flicker noise (1/f), a dynamic current injection technique is used to reduce the

Designing variable inductor with MEMS technology
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Switched Inductor Quasi-z-source Inverter for PMSG based Wind Energy Conversion System
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Permanent magnet synchronous generator is best suited because of no need of separate excitation, maintenance free and available in moderate ratings up to 50 Kilowatts. The main objective of this paper is to improve the wind energy conversion system by implementing

A brief review: Stage-convertible power amplifier using differential line inductor
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ABSTRACT In this review article, a stage-convertible RF power amplifier designed with a 0.18-um RF CMOS process is described. A method to implement a low-power matching network is an essential technology for the stage-convertible power amplifier. Various low-

PEEC model of a spiral inductor generated by Fasthenry
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Fasthenry[KTW94] is a software program which computes the frequency- dependent resistances and inductances of complicated three-dimensional pack- ages and interconnect, assuming operating frequencies up to the multi- gigahertz range. Specifically, it computes the complex

Microstrip inductor design and implementation
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Abstract: Design, simulation, and implementation of microstrip spiral inductors for RF applications at the high frequency (HF) range are given. The simplified lumped element equivalent model parameters for spiral inductor are used to obtain the initial physical

How to fully integrate switching DC-DC supplies with inductor multipliers
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The demand for power-and cost-efficient, fully integrated chip solutions is unyielding in todayworld of mobile, batteryoperated electronics, and power-conditioning circuits are slowly and painfully rising to the challenge by integrating both power-intensive and power-

Analyze of Real Switching Angle Limits in TCSC on Capacitor and Inductor Values and their Selection Factors
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Abstract Thyristor-controlled series capacitor (TCSC) as one of the most important FACT devices can be used for various purposes such as reactive power compensation, voltage control, dynamic stability improvement and power oscillation damping in power systems.

A new active inductor and its application to wide tuning range LC oscillator
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AbstractThis paper presents a new structure to reduce noise in an active inductor . Our structure is based on a local common mode feedback. The proposed active inductor is used for implementation a wide tunable low phase noise LC oscillator. By varying control voltage

Application of the LTCC technology for the fabrication of the RF 3D inductor
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Abstract. This paper introduces implementation of the LTCC technology in fabrication of multilayer inductors. Easy fabrication of 3D structures offers a comfortable way for the miniaturization of passive components, since their small dimensions are required in RF

A new averaged switch model including conduction losses for PWM converters operating in discontinuous inductor current mode
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In this paper a new PWM switch model including conduction losses, for Discontinuous Inductor Current Mode (DICM) dc-dc converters is developed. Compared to other models for DICM, the proposed model is more accurate, its derivation considering the correct,

Simulation of Traditional and Proposed Switched Inductor Buck Boost Converter Connected with Photovoltaic Module by Simulink/Matlab for Analysis
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Abstractthe role of power electronics converter is very important in the photovoltaic (PV) systems. The inductor of traditional buck boost converter is replaced by switched inductor circuit consists of two inductor and three diodes. Buck Boost converter is used to boost the

Study of melting dynamics of oxides in inductor crucible
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ABSTRACT. Numerical modelling of high frequency inductive heating of oxides with high processing temperatures in inductorcrucible furnace is considered. As particular examples melting of oxides with high melting temperatures and amorphous materials are discussed.

Flexible parylenebased MEMS inductor with Ni80Fe20 magnetic core for magnetic energy coupling system
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Abstract: Integrated flexible parylene-based inductors were successfully designed, fabricated and analyzed. Using parylene as the substrate, the inductors have good flexibility and biocompatibility. With the Ni80Fe20 core, the inductance was enhanced by 235%

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