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IR sensor circuit is used to detect the presence of IR signals from electronic device. An infrared sensor is an electronic instrument which is used to sense certain characteristics of its surroundings

Identification of subresolution high temperature sources using a thermal IR sensor
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ABSTRACT: Simultaneous use of the 3.8-pm and 11-pm thermal infrared channels on board the 3rd-generation NOAA-6 environmental satellite provides the capability to detect subresolution scale high-temperature sources, and to estimate both the temperature and

Arduino based wireless intrusion detection using IR sensor and GSM
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AbstractIntrusion detection systems (IDS) strive to catch computer system intrusion utilize by any garnering and analyzing data. Wireless IDSs garner all local wireless transmissions and generate alerts based either on predefined signatures or on anomalies in

Long-range passive IR sensor
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Abstract The paper presents application and essential characteristics of IR passive sensors as well as principle of their operation. An analysis method of radiation signals for detected targets (man) has been described. Propriety of selection of longwavelength detection band

Enhancing security by Automatic Railway Gate Control using Microcontroller and IR Sensor
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This paper is concerned with the automatic railway gate control operation which is implemented in unmanned level crossings at remote areas by detecting a train approaching. To do that the gate is sensed by means of infrared ray ( IR ) sensor placed on either side of

Evaluation in a controlled environment of a low-cost IR sensor for indoor thermal comfort measurement
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Abstract The present work illustrates the calibration and evaluation in a controlled environment of an innovative infrared measurement system developed for the real-time monitoring of indoor thermal comfort. The device is composed of an array of thermopiles and

Extended risk-sensitive filters and its applications to tracking with radar/sonar/ IR sensor
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ABSTRACT This paper reviews different forms of Risk-Sensitive Filters (RSF) and generalizes the above RSF to nonlinear systems by approximating nonlinear process and measurement functions using Taylorseries, called Extended Risk Sensitive Filters (ERSF).

IR Sensor systems for hazard detection in aerospace applications using fire signature analysis
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Emerging fires on airports, aircrafts or in space stations could lead to hazardous situations for the passengers and the crew on board. Furthermore complex and valuable equipment needs to be protected for safety reasons. Todayfire detection systems are providing

Smart distance measurement system using IR sensor
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ABSTRACT This paper discuss about the Smart Distance Measurement System Using IR Sensor . Infrared sensors find numerous applications in electronic systems. Commonly used as obstacle detector, their output is used in digital form (Highlow logic) by employing a

A Guide to IR/PIR Sensor Set-Up and Testing
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Technical Information and Testing Instructions _____ 3 Infrared (IR) Sensor_____ 4 Sharp GP2D12 IRSensor Specifications _____ 4 IR

RC-Servo and IR Sensor Control on Mobile Platforms
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ABSTRACT System integration is an unavoidable and important part of a project. Considerable amounts of time and resources are always devoted to make sure that all the components in a project work not only properly, but also work together properly. This work

Recent Advances in EO/IR Imaging Detector and Sensor Applications
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Page 1. 18-1 18.1 Introduction This chapter covers recent advances in ultraviolet (UV), visible, and infrared (IR) detector technology, that is, materials and device for a variety of imaging, detection, and sensor applications. The

Android Application Control Arduino with IR Sensor for Detection Human Motion using GPRS Technology
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Abstract: This paper designed to develop an android mobile application which would enable the user to control an infrared or IR sensor device remotely along with detecting and notifying any movement that happens around that sensor via GPRS. It consists of three parts:

Identification of Brake Failure by Using IR Sensor
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Abstract: The aim of the project is to plan and improve a control system based an electronically controlled automatic break failure indicator by using IR Sensor . Due to the failure of brake the effectiveness of the brake system reduces resulting in accidents, when

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AbstractThis paper addresses the problem of recognition and identification of objects with an IR diode array, working on a reflection light scanner principle. Essentially two arrays comprising of 3 emitter-receiver pairs are mounted on two sides of the area of inspection,

Thr Growth Characteristics of β-FeSi2 as IR sensor Device for Detecting Pollution Material: The Usage of the Ferrocene-Plasma
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Abstract As IR ~ sensor for detecting pollution material, the iron silicide has a t band gap, high physicochemical stability at high temperature and good acid resistance. The growing film was formed with the FeSi bond and the organic compound because plasma resolved

IR Sensor based Wearable Tongue Controlled Assistive Device
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ABSTRACT The study of WHO shows that globally, around 1 in 50 people are living with paralysis. Paralysis may also lead to mental depression. In this paper we proposed an Optical sensor based wearable tongue controlled assistive device that can aid a disabled

An optical fiber IR sensor based on a pair of fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs)
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Page 1. An optical fiber IRsensor based on a pair of fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs)

Operating Smart Ping Pong Robot from a Remote Distance Using IR Sensor
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AbstractThe paper deals with the operating a smart ping pong robot from a robot distance using IR sensor . Usually, the player may feel tired to on/off the robot manually where the player has to come from remote distance to operate it. In order to overcome this problem we

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