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A fully integrated single-ended 1.5 15-Hz low – pass filter with linear tuning law
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A second-order, single-ended, fully integrated low – pass filter with cut-off frequency tunable in the range 1.5 15 Hz is presented. The filter is based on a recently proposed CMOS transconductor topology, combining values of the order of a few nS with large input ranges

A 1 GHz equiripple low – pass filter with a high-speed automatic tuning scheme
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A continuous-time fourth-order equiripple linear phase filter with an automatic tuning circuit is presented. A high speed OTA based on the inverter structure is realized. The combined common-mode feedforward and common-mode feedback circuit ensures the input and

Second order low-pass and high-pass filter designs using method of synthetic immitance elements
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Keywords Low – pass filter , high-pass filter, frequency fil- ter, synthetic immittance element, current con- veyor. 1. Introduction 4 in its circuit structure. Low – pass filter was created by substitution of synthetic element into the general structure of the voltage divider

Compact microstrip low – pass filter design with ultra-wide reject band using a novel quarter-circle DGS shape
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Abstract- A novel quarter-circle defected ground structure shape is introduced in this paper to design and implement an ultra-wide reject band low – pass filter (LPF). Moreover, an equivalent circuit model (ECM) is presented. The proposed LPF has small size and, a low

A low-pass notch filter for bioelectric signals
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The Type II Chebyshev low – pass filter can simultaneously per- form the required low-pass filtering and removal of the narrow band interference. This filter has transfer function zeros which result in zero gain ( oo dB) at specific null frequencies

A metamaterial-based terahertz low – pass filter with low insertion loss and sharp rejection
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In this paper, we present an efficient low-pass tera-hertz (THz) filter design based on MEMS technology. With a cascaded arrangement of two functional meta-layers, we demonstrate a nearly loss-free response at the lower frequency passband and sharp rejection

Low pass filter design
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Many of the important problems in statistical analysis of time series are related with some kind of use of low pass filters. The purpose of this paper is to develop a practical and unified approach for the design and evaluation of these low pass filters. We introduce an index

Novel particle swarm optimization for low pass FIR filter design
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non-linear, and constrained FIR filter design problems. Key-Words: FIR Filter, RGA, PSO, NPSO, Parks and McClellan (PM) Algorithm, Evolutionary Optimization, Low Pass Filter 1 Introduction Digital Filter is an important part

Low power CMOS fully differential programmable low pass filter
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This paper presents the design, analyses and measurement results of a fast speed fully differential programmable low pass filter (LPF) intended for usage in a multi standard radio transceiver. The filter can be used in low bandwidth applications such as GSM as well as in

Simple RC low pass filter circuit fabricated by unmodified desktop inkjet printer
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In this work, we present resistor-capacitor circuit (RC circuit) or simple RC low pass filter circuit was fabricated by using simple inkjet printing technique. A conductive polymer,

Extraction modelling and simulation of the scattering matrix of a chebychev low – pass filter with cut-off frequency 100 mhz from its causal and decomposed bond
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During our studies of the techniques of conception (design) and modelling of linear and nonlinear microwave circuits, we noticed the big need to a method able to improve the analysis and the understanding of circuits, which often function in high frequency. Therefore

5.5 A forward-body-bias tuned 450MHz Gm-C 3rd-order low – pass filter in 28nm UTBB FD-SOI with> 1dBVp IIP3 over a 0.7-to-1V supply.
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Due to the absence of internal nodes, inverter-based Gm-C filters [1, 2] allow achieving bandwidths beyond what is possible with opamp-RC techniques. The inverters class-AB behavior, together with the high transconductance per quiescent current, results in a high

Compact low pass filter design for l-band application
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An effective technique to design compact low pass filter has been proposed in this paper. The proposed method is highly effective for L-band applications. Low impedance microstrip lines are arranged such that they work as open stubs to increase the selectivity of the filter A compact continuously varactor-tuned low – pass filter using microstrip stepped-impedance hairpin resonators is proposed in this paper. A detailed theoretical analysis for the performance tuning mechanism is illustrated by using equivalent circuit models. The

Novel design of compact low pass filter using defected ground structure
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This paper presents a novel design method of low pass filter using defected ground structure (DGS) as quasi-lumped element. The design chart is presented for design of quasi-lumped DGS inductors and a systematic design process is presented for design of higher pole DGS

Compact metamaterial microstrip low – pass filter
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Complimentary hexagonal-omega structures are used to design compact, low insertion loss (IL), low pass filter with sharp cut-off. It has been designed for improvement of roll-off performance based on both μ and ε negative property of the complimentary hex-omega

Absorptive near-Gaussian low pass filter design with applications in the time and frequency domain
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The work presented here is for the design of an absorptive low pass filter for use in the time and frequency domain. The filter presented is absorptive in the stop band, flat in group delay to twice the half power frequency and near-gaussian in shape. The design of the low pass

Design of linear phase low pass FIR filter using particle swarm optimization algorithm
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The designed low pass FIR filter better optimizes the ideal filter characteristics while being computationally fast. The paper outline is as follows: Section 2 defines the basic mathematics involved for the FIR low pass filter design

Performance Analysis of Analog Butterworth Low Pass Filter as Compared to Chebyshev Type-I Filter, Chebyshev Type-II Filter and Elliptical Filter
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A signal is the entity that carries information. In the field of communication signal is the time varying quantity or functions of time and they are interrelated by a set of different equations, but some times processing of signal is corrupted due to adding some noise in the

Design and Implementation of 31-order FIR Low – pass Filter using Modified Distributed Arithmetic based on FPGA
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This paper provide the principles of Modified Distributed Arithmetic, and introduce it into the FIR filters design, and then presents a 31-order FIR low – pass filter using Modified Distributed Arithmetic, which save considerable MAC blocks to decrease the circuit scale, meanwhile

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