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Microstrip bandpass filter using degenerate modes of a novel meander loop resonator
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next generation of satellite and mobile commmunications systems. To meet this demand, there has been a growing interest in the dual-mode microstrip filter [ 11- because of the advantage of space, weight, and cost savings

A compact narrowband HTS microstrip filter for PCS applications
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We have fabricated a compact narrowband microstrip hairpin-comb filter for PCS applications by patterning double-sided YBCO films prepared by pulsed laser deposition on a 50-mm-diameter, 0.5-mm-thick LaAIO, wafer. To achieve the desired performance with the

Design of new DGS hairpin microstrip bandpass filter using coupling matrix method
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16627 Prague 6, Czech Republic Abstract In this paper we present a novel compact Hairpin bandpass (BPF) microstrip filter employing two U-slots etched in the ground plane (DGS) and two 50 feeds on the top. A new type of

Tunable split ring resonator microstrip filter design
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A frequency-tunable microstrip band-pass filter based on split-ring resonators (SRRs) is presented. Frequency-tuning performance is achieved by turning on/off the switches placed between the rings of SRR elements. Simulation results demonstrate tunable single-band

Design of high performance microstrip dual-band bandpass filter
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In another work, X. Guan designed dual-band filters using transmission lines and open-ended stubs . A non-degen- erate dual-band microstrip filter has been developed using non-degenerate resonator loads and open-ended stubs in . A dual-band bandpass microstrip

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In the final step of any filter design process, the desired center frequency, coupling factor and external quality factor (Qext) are used to determine the physical parameters of the filter. Although in the most cases the physical dimensions of a single resonator for a given center

A microstrip bandpass filter using a symmetrical parallel coupled-line structure
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Reducing the microstrip filter size may be achieved by several ways including using high dielectric constant substrates, changing in geometry of filters such as slow wave structure filters, using multilayer substrates and using lumped-elements

Compact narrow band non-degenerate dual-mode microstrip filter with etched square lattices
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ABSTRACT A compact narrowband non-degenerate dual-mode microstrip filter with square shape cuts is presented. The structure is developed by loading the conventional non- degenerate dual-mode resonator by open circuit stubs at two opposite corners. The filter

A new microwave bandstop filter using defected microstrip structure (DMS)
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The mentioned structure is a bandstop filter whose frequency specification is shown in Fig. 3. For this microstrip filter the substrate is Rogers RT/duroid 5870 with the dielectric constant of εr = 2.33 and thickness of 0.787mm

Designing microstrip bandpass filter at 3.2 GHz
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huge amounts. As alternative, microstrip filter based on printed circuit board (PCB) offers the advantages easy and cheap in mass production with the disadvantages higher insertion losses and wider transition region. In this

Peculiarities of intelligence optimization of a microstrip filter on folded dual-mode resonators
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This paper presents a generalization of the intelligence optimization method of a microwave filter in case of dual-mode resonators. A priori knowledge about the resonators couplings and resonant frequencies effects on filter frequency response in the passband is used. The

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KEYWORDS Low pass Filter, Dielectric Constant, Microstrip filter , Millimeter wave filter I. INTRODUCTION Microwave communication systems are expanding rapidly to higher frequency such as L-band since they can provide many advantages over conventional wireless links

A new design of compact planar microstrip filter
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A compact planar microstrip filter and its design method is proposed in this letter. This filter presents low radiation with a size reduction, which is implemented by cascading stages of quasi-lumped resonators, realized with capacitive patches connected to ground plane by

A compact microstrip two-layers bandpass filter using improved interdigital-loop resonators
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INDEX TERMS microstrip filter , size reduction, Bandpass filter I. Introduction In modern communication systems, a printed microstrip filter is one of most important components in the RF front-end. It has very small size and high performances

Design of Microstrip Hairpin-Line Bandpass Filter with Square Shape Defected Ground Structure
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Output characteristics of microstrip filter is judged by using simulation tool IE3D 14.1 EM which is based on method of moments (MOM) Equation (vi)-(viii) are used for deriving the different resonant parameters (LCR) of the microstrip filter . ( )

Design of a microstrip dual-band bandpass filter with compact size and tunable resonance frequencies for WLAN applications
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Abstract Based on a new open-stub loaded open-loop resonator and step impedance cells, a low insertion losses dual band microstrip filter is designed to create two passbands at almost 2.4 GHz (exactly at 2.35GHz) and almost 5.7 GHz (exactly at 5.68GHz) for Multimode

Compact microstrip quasi-elliptic bandpass filter using open-loop dumbbell shaped defected ground structure
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Page 1. 527 Compact Microstrip Quasi-Elliptic Bandpass Filter Using Open-Loop Dumbbell Shaped Defected Ground Structure Sio-Weng Ting Kam-Weng Tam1, and RP Martins1 2 IWireless Communication Laboratory, 20n leave from Instituto Superior Tecnico

Design of a wide stopband harmonic suppressed microstrip low pass planar filter using defected ground structure
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using defected ground structure for this low pass planar filter. Keywords: Low-pass planar filter, defected ground structure (DGS), square defect, microstrip filter . 1. Introduction Wave propagation in periodic structures has been

Dual-Mode Dual-Band Microstrip Bandpass Filter Based on Fourth Iteration T-Square Fractal and Shorting Pin.
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The basic principle for designing a microstrip filter by using a patch resonator is the selection and application of all sorts of resonant modes Fig. 3. The return loss and transmission responses of the dual- mode 4th iteration fractal microstrip filter . Fig

Design and Analysis of Stepped Impedance Microstrip Fractal Low Pass Filter
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Figure 1 shows a low pass stepped impedance Microstrip filter , designed using the conventional technique [3-4]. Specification for conventional microstrip Chebyshev low pass filter of order n = 3 are given bellow Cut-off frequency, fc = 0.4 GHz Fig 1: Layout of Microstrip Filter

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