The basic configuration of a single mixer is that it has two inputs and one output. It multiplies or mixes the carrier signal, either RF or intermediate frequency (IF) depending on an up conversion or down conversion mixer, with another input from the local oscillator (LO). The LO signal input terminal is used to assist in the heterodyning process, produces the difference and sum frequencies of the two input terminals of interest.

Millimeter and submillimeter range mixer based on electronic heating of superconducting lms in the resistive state
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The conversion efficiency of a mixer obtained experimentally reaches 0.3 dB, the band amounts to 40 MHz, and the noise

Planar laminar mixer
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ABSTRACT Standard approaches to fluid mixing typically rely on turbulence, three- dimensional flows, or mechanical actuators, none of which can be easily implemented in the planar lithographic MEMS design environment. The authors present an approach to mixing In polymer-based nanocomposites, because of the large fraction of the nanoparticle atoms that reside at the interface, there would be a strong interface interaction between filler and polymer. The mechanical properties of nanocomposites would improve significantly at a low

Design of a sideband-separating balanced SIS mixer based on waveguide hybrids
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Abstract We describe a design for a sideband-separating balanced mixer using four planar single-ended mixer chips connected to the feed horn and LO source by a network of quadrature waveguide hybrids and an in-phase waveguide power divider. The mixer has

Lattice-Boltzmann and finite element simulations of fluid flow in a SMRX Static Mixer Reactor
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SUMMARY A detailed comparison between the finite element method (FEM) and the lattice- Boltzmann method (LBM) is presented. As a realistic test case, three-dimensional fluid flow simulations in an SMRX static mixer were performed. The SMRX static mixer is a piece of

Augmentation of tubeside laminar flow heat transfer by means of twisted-tape inserts, static- mixer inserts, and internally finned tubes
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ABSTRACT An experimental study of augmented heat transfer in horizontal tubes under laminar flow conditions has been carried out. Small-scale constant heat flux tests were conducted with two twisted-tape inserts, one internally finned tube, and two static- mixer

Resources for new research directions in speaker recognition: The Mixer 3, 4 and 5 corpora
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Abstract This paper describes new language resources designed to support research in speaker recognition. It begins with a brief overview of collections protocols, motivates the shift from the Switchboard protocol to the Mixer protocol, summarizes yields from the earliest

3D-camera of high 3D-frame rate, depth-resolution and background light elimination based on improved PMD (photonic mixer device)-technologies
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This contribution describes novel 3D camera modules used in Time-of-Flight measurement systems for 3D imaging applications. The key components are array and line sensors which can measure the distance to the target pixelwise in parallel, ie without scanning. Therefore

Design, optimization and comparison of permanent magnet motors for a low-speed direct-driven mixer
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Abstract Induction motors are commonly coupled to a gearbox when an application requires a low speed and a high torque. The gearbox is costly, needs maintenance and decreases the efficiency of the drive. Therefore, taking away the gearbox is very advantageous. This

Research on the rectangular lobed exhaust ejector/ mixer systems
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Abstract Experimental research of seven rectangular exhaust ejector/ mixer systems, which were the combinations of four rectangular lobed nozzles with three rectangular mixing tubes, has been conducted to investigate the effect of the geometry of rectangular lobed nozzles on

A practical Schottky mixer for 5 THz (Part II)
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Abstract A mixer using a GaAs Schottky diode in a corner reector mount has been built and used for astronomical observations near 5 THZ. A receiver noise temperature of 70,000 (DSB) was measured at 4.75 THZ with an ambient temperature mixer aboard NASAKuiper

The ALMA band 7 mixer
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IF band and covering the RF frequency range of 275 to 373 GHz has been developed and characterized for integration into the ALMA band 7 cartridge. The obtained results regarding noise as well as image rejection are well within the ALMA specifications. SSB noise

A fixed-tuned 400 GHz subharmonic mixer using planar schottky diodes
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Abstract The design and testing of a 400 GHZ xed-tuned subharrnonic mixer using antiparallel planar Schottky barrier diodes is presented. Fixed-tuned, two-sided waveguideto- microstrip transitions are used to couple power into a microstrip channel, in which the diode

Color Light mixer for every student
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Some light is transmitted through the ball wall because it is thin and not perfectly opaque. Therefore, the external appearance of the ball is the same color as the light illuminating the interior. If we put the glowing point LED source inside the Ping-Pong ball, the ball will

First results for a 2.5 THz Schottky diode waveguide mixer
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Abstract A Schottky diode mixer has been realised at 2.5 THz in a waveguide configuration. Measured RF performance is comparable to that obtained using the conventional corner reflector mount and the waveguide mixer has the added benefits of excellent beam

A novel magnetic chaotic mixer for in-flow mixing of magnetic beads
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a novel magnetic active mixer using magnetic microtips for active mixing of magnetic beads or biocells. Mixing is achieved by a combined rotational/vibrational force exerted on the magnetic beads as the magnetic microtips are AbstractA novel CMOS subharmonic mixing technique based on threshold voltage modulation with higher LO-to-RF isolation is presented in this paper. A 2.1 GHz subharmonic mixer is designed using this technique in a 0.18um standard digital CMOS MATERIALS AND METHODS In 1987, chlorpyrifos (Lorsban| 4E), carbaryl (Sevin| 80S) and permethrin (Pounce| 3.2 EC) were applied to corn at rates of 1.12, 1.68 and 0.22 kg active ingredient (AI) per ha, respectively. In 1988, chlorpyrifos (Lorsban| 4E) with and without crop

Analysis of the noise performance of a hot-electron superconducting bolometer mixer
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Abstract A theoretical analysis for the noise temperature of hotelectron superconducting mixer has been presented. The contributions of both Johnson noise and electron temperature fluctuations have been evaluated. A set of criteria ensuring low noise

Effects of mixer speed, dough temperature, and water absorption on flour-water mixograms
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ABSTRACT Effects of mixer rpm, dough temperature, and water absorption on mixing time and curve height of flour-water mixogram were studied by a response surface technique. Three flours with medium mixing requirements, but various protein contents, and a fourth

A fixed-tuned SIS mixer with ultra-wide-band IF and quantum-limited sensitivity for ALMA band 3 (84 116 GHz) receivers
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Abstract-This paper describes an 84-116 GHz Nb/Al-oxide/NbSIS mixer with multi-octave IF bandwidth and quantum-limited sensitivity. The mixer can be integrated with a three-stage 4- 12 GHz HFET preamplifier or fitted with a coaxial connector for operation with an external

Rigorous analysis of a superconducting hot-electron bolometer mixer : Theory and comparison with experiment
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Abstract We present theoretical analysis of the performance of a superconducting hot- electron bolometer mixer with electron cooling due to electron phonon interaction. The analysis is based on a complete set of thermal balance equations for phonons and

The ALMA band 6 (211 275 GHz) sideband-separating SIS mixerpreamplifier
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ABSTRACT The ALMA Band 6 (211-275 GHz) receivers use sideband-separating SIS mixer preamplifiers with dual 4-12 GHz IF outputs. The sideband-separating mixers are of the phasing type, with the LO driving two component mixers in-phase and the RF signal

Dont overlook static- mixer reactors
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Abstract Static mixers effectively handle a variety of difficult process situations in a compact configuration that is environmentally attractive and safe. A static mixing unit consists of a series of stationary, motionless guiding elements placed lengthwise in a pipe, duct or

On the use of an internal mixer for the rheological characterization of maize starch
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Abstract: The rheological behaviour of hydrated maize starch is investigated by means of a Haake internal mixer equipped with a sealed chamber. Results were obtained at temperatures between 89 and 115 C with water content between 25 and 30%. Through a

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