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Principles of Mobile Communication , stresses mathematical modeling of physical layer wireless communication systems. The basic pedagogic methodology is to include fully detailed derivations from the first principles. The

Intercarrier interference self-cancellation scheme for OFDM mobile communication systems
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(OFDM) communication systems, the frequency offsets in mobile radio channels distort the orthogonality between subcarriers resulting in intercarrier interference (ICI). This paper studies an efficient ICI cancellation method termed ICI self-cancellation scheme. The ABSTRACT p> Information management in a hospital setting requires significant collaboration, mobility, and data integration. Patient care, a task often complicated by time- critical urgency, can involve many devices and a variety of staff. So far, no system has

A ubiquitous mobile communication architecture for next-generation heterogeneous wireless systems
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Mobile users are demanding anywhere and anytime access to high-speed data real-and non-real time multimedia services from next-generation wireless systems (NGWS). These services have different requirements in terms of latency, bandwidth, and error rate. Currently

Mobile identity: Youth, identity, and mobile communication media
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The girl who is quoted above expresses an immediate understanding of the mobile phones dual, but interdependent qualities for young people. One quality is the communicative function, which is facilitated by the technological device: it is about the mobile as a tool and a

Mobile Communication and the Transformation of the Democratic Process
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Lewis Mumfords imaginative and challenging work (1934) on technology and cultural history opened a new scholarly agenda. As Mumford made clear, cultural history is not simply shaped by humans in relationships. Rather, any responsible account of cultural

An overview of energy-efficiency techniques for mobile communication systems
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This document provides a concise overview of energy consumption of wireless mobile communication devices and systems on a number of abstraction layers: the hardware, the communication protocol layer, and the system architecture as a whole are considered. In The design of a tunable high-frequency fully inte-grable current-mode bandpass filter is presented using a complementary high-performance BiCMOS process. The new architecture of this filter is based on impedance simulation and employs current controlled

Mobile communication for people with disabilities and older people: New opportunities for autonomous life
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The fast diffusion of mobile telephony is opening a vast diversity of new opportunities for people with different levels of physical restrictions, these due to disability or ageing. For this people mobile technology not only allows ubiquity for communications but also anytime Joachim H6flichs article develops an understanding of the dynamic between these private personal and public social spaces. Hrflich sees the phone as anindiscreettechnology, one which leaks the personal into the public in a way that mirrors a growing cultural trend across

Hardware software tri-design of encryption for mobile communication units
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We explore the design space of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), Processors and ASICs Hardware-Software Tri-design in the framework of encryption for hand-held communication units. IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm) is used to show the tradeoffs for the suggested

Event detection in time series of mobile communication graphs
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Anomaly and event detection has been studied widely for having many applications in fraud detection, network intrusion detection, detection of epidemic outbreaks, and so on. In this paper we propose an algorithm that operates on a time-varying network of agents with Mobile communication offers many new opportunities. However, because of the mobility of the subscribers trustworthiness of data, reliability and security are major issues. Our objective is to increase the networks trustworthiness by providing means to prevent

Power prediction in mobile communication systems using an optimal neural-network structure
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This paper presents a novel neural-network-based predictor for received power level prediction in direct sequence code division multiple access (DS/CDMA) systems. The predictor consists of an adaptive linear element (Adaline) followed by a multilayer

Physicians acceptance of mobile communication technology: an exploratory study
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The study aims to contribute to the research on technology acceptance behaviour of professional physicians by extending its theoretical validity and empirical applicability in a new mobile communication technology context. We propose and empirically examine a

Call-based fraud detection in mobile communication networks using a hierarchical regime-switching model
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Fraud causes substantial losses to telecommunication carriers. Detection systems which automatically detect illegal use of the network can be used to alleviate the problem. Previous approaches worked on features derived from the call patterns of individual users. In this

A real-time remote control architecture using mobile communication
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This paper presents a new development of mobile communication for application to remote data transmission and control. The concept of G3, including global positioning system, global system for mobile (GSM), and geographic information system, is proposed. In this It has been shown that mobile -to- mobile (M2M) communications, where scatters are both around the transmitter and the receiver, may experience more severe channel fading than the fixed-to- mobile (F2M) communications. Double Nakagami-m fading is adopted to

Mobile communication with virtual network address translation
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Abstract Virtual Network Address Translation (VNAT) is a novel architecture that allows transparent migration of end-to-end live network connections associated with various computation units. Such computation units can be either a single process, or a group of

Security in public mobile communication networks
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Starting with the strongest data protection and security requirements for public radio networks known to us, the lack of data security in existing and planned public mobile telecommunication systems is shown. Possible solutions are demonstrated to show how

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