an electronic device whose input is a baseband signal which is used to modulate a radio frequency source

Broad-band HBT BPSK and IQ modulator MMICs and millimeter-wave vector signal characterization
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Abstract Reflection-type binary phase-shift keying and in-phase and quadrature modulator monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) are reported in this paper. These MMICs are fabricated by 1-m HBT process and evaluated successfully under vector signal

400-G single carrier 500-km transmission with an InP dual polarization IQ modulator
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we demonstrate experimentally 400G transmission over 500 km using an InP-based dual-polarization IQ modulator on a single wavelength. The results show that a 56 Gbaud PDM-16-QAM modulated signal can be transmitted over 500 km at a

770-Gb/s PDM-32QAM coherent transmission using InP dual polarization IQ modulator
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PDM-32QAM) transmission on a single wavelength using an Indium Phosphide (InP) dual polarization IQ modulator over 320 km of standard single mode fiber (SSMF), which is suitable for low cost metro networks and datacenter interconnects (DCI). Moreover with the

IQ Modulatorbased Phase Shifters Combined with Butler Matrix for Smart 2.4 GHz Antennas
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Abstract This paper is addressed to report our study of low cost smart 2.4 GHz antenna using IQ Modulatorbased phase shifters combined with Butler matrix for eliminating the RF switches. This 2.4 GHz smart antenna systems will be equipped at self deployment WLAN

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IQmodulator calibration procedure was developed to find proper compensation functions in the conversion algorithm to minimize phase-amplitude coupling and setting-reading errors: rms(Aset Aread )= 0.03dB, rms(set read) = 0.3 deg AbstractAn optical transmitter incorporating a monolithically integrated laser and a traveling wave electrode (TWE) in-phase and quadrature ( IQ ) modulator is presented. A co- designed SiGe differential driver was co-packaged for highest quality push-pull modulation. AbstractWe demonstrate high-speed modulations in dualpolarization (DP) quadrature phase shift keying and DP 16-and 32-quadrature amplitude modulation formats with radio frequency driving voltage as low as 2 Vppd using a packaged monolithic silicon DP in-

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ABSTRACT Commercially available broadband microwave IQ Modulator /Demodulator modules typically cover an instantaneous bandwidth of up to 2-octaves, for example 1GHz to 4GHz. Such modules are usually based on passive printed structures with diodes for the

Low Power IQ Modulator for Digital Communications
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IQ modulators are versatile building blocks for RF systems. The most common application is generating RF signals for digital communication systems. This article illustrates the modulation accuracy of the LTC5599 low power IQ modulator and shows by simple

Digital Compensation Techniques for In-phase Quadrature ( IQ ) Modulator
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Abstract In In-phase/Quadrature ( IQ ) modulator generating Continuous-Phase-Frequency- Shift-Keying (CPFSK) signals, shortcomings in the implementation of the analogue reconstruction filters result in the loss of the constant envelope property of the output signal.

High Dynamic Range RF Transmitter Signal Chain Using Single External Frequency Reference for DAC Sample Clock and IQ Modulator LO Generation
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Circuits from the Lab circuits from Analog Devices have been designed and built by Analog Devices engineers. Standard engineering practices have been employed in the design and construction of each circuit, and their function and performance have been

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The fractional-N synthesizer takes advantage of an advanced sigma-delta architecture that delivers ultra-fine step sizes and low spurious products. The synthesizer/VCO combined with an external loop filter allows the user to generate an oscillator signal covering 90MHz to

Analysis of Common-Mode Parasitic Oscillation in a Wideband IQ Modulator with Multi-Stage Differential Amplifiers
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ABSTRACT The author reports that strong parasitic oscillation was observed in multi-stage differential amplifiers of IQ modulator IC fabricated with GaAs pHEMT technology at Agilent Technologies. This effect was detected through the internal power detectors and started

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Abstract In DSP based IQ modulators generating CPFSK signals, departures from a flat- magnitude, linear phase frequency response in the pass bands of analogue reconstruction filters in the I and Q channels cause ripples in the modulator output signal envelope. These

A simple digital VHDL QPSK modulator designed using CPLD/FPGAs for biomedical devices applications
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Phase shift Keying ( QPSK ) modulator applied for implantable telemetry applications as demonstrated. VHDL programming code is used to generate QPSK digital signal. The input test signals data and carrier are interfaced to the CPLD and FPGAs board from Agilent

LiNbO3 integrated optical QPSK modulator and coherent receiver
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Abstract: These devices, reported for the first time, are X-Cut highly integrated LiNbO3 Optical Modulator and Hybrid Receiver developed for coherent QPSK (Quadrature Phase Shift Keying) fiber optical communications, as well as other applications. Preliminary tests of

FPGA implementation of low power digital QPSK modulator using verilog HDL
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Abstract: Quadratute Phase Shift Keying (QPSK) is a modulation scheme commonly used in wireless communication system due to its ability to transmit twice the data rate for a given bandwidth. Even though the QPSK modulator consumes less power in a present devices but

FPGA Implementation of QPSK modulator by using Hardware Co-simulation
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Abstract:-The modulators are the basic requirement of communication systems they are designed to reduce the channel distortionto use in RF communication hence many type of carrier modulation techniques has been already proposed according to channel properties

FPGA Implementation of π/4- QPSK Modulator and Demodulator
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Abstract Here, we are presenting the FPGA based simulation of π/4- QPSK modulator and demodulator. π/4-QPSK is widely used modulation scheme in satellite radio applications. Complete modulator and demodulator units will be modeled using VHDL and their

QPSK modulator on FPGA using 64 values ROM
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AbstractIn many applications such as TDMA cellular telephone, OFDM, Bluetooth, Satellite communication etc. QPSK digital modulation technique is used due to its higher bandwidth efficiency, higher noise immunity and simpler circuit. Simpler circuit is having lower cost,

QPSK modulator and demodulator using FPGA for SDR
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ABSTRACT A software-defined radio (SDR) allows for digital communication systems to simply accept more complicated coding and modulation technologies, which is enormously vital in meeting the ever-increasing demands of the wireless communication industry. An

Simple QPSK modulator implemented in virtex 6 FPGA board for satellite ground station
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Abstract-Modulation is a key feature commonly used in wireless communication for data transmission and to minimize antenna design. QPSK (Quadrature Phase Shift Keying) is one type of digital modulation technique used to transfer the baseband data wirelessly in much

Software defined radio implementation of a QPSK modulator /demodulator in an extensive hardware platform based on FPGAs Xilinx ZYNQ
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Abstract: Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology enables wireless devices deployment with support to multiple interfaces in modulation formats and it has gained importance due to the current wireless standards proliferation. In order to activate these functionalities it is

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