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Coupled structure for wide-band EDFA with gain and noise figure improvements from C to L-band ASE injection
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We propose a novel structure for C plus L-band silica based wide-band erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (W-EDFAs), which use backward amplified spontaneous emission from the C- band EDFA as the pump-mediating injection source for the L-band amplifier unit Noise figure measures the amount of noise a receiver or a component adds to a system. Minimizing such noise , because it obscures low-level signals, is an important concern in most of todays microwave systems. Noise figure measurements are necessary at the device

Receiver for a coherent fiber-optic link with high dynamic range and low noise figure
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Phase modulated coherent fiberoptic links can potentially provide exceptionally high spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) and low noise figure (NF). Critical issue is the development of a strictly linear phase demodulator. In this paper we describe a phase

A 1V fully integrated CMOS transformer based mixer with 5.5 dB gain, 14.5 dB SSB noise figure and 0dBm input IP3
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A fully integrated low voltage mixer topology is presented. The problem of stacking input-, cascode-and switching-transistors within IV supply voltage is solved by inserting a transformer, optimized for high coupling and high self-resonance frequency. A fully

ADC noise figure An often misunderstood and misinterpreted specification
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Noise figure (NF) is a popular specification among RF system designers. It is used to characterize the noise of RF amplifiers, mixers, etc., and widely used as a tool in radio receiver design. Many excellent textbooks on communications and receiver design treat

Intrinsic noise figure derivation for fiber Raman amplifiers from equivalent noise figure measurement
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A complete analysis and measurement of the noise figure of Raman amplifiers is reported. The standard noise figure definition derived from the amplified spontaneous emission approach is discussed. A new approach, based on the field fluctuations, is proposed. It takes

Calculating noise figure in op amps
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Noise figure is commonly used in communications systems because it provides a simple method to determine the impact of system noise on sensitivity. Today, the performance of wide-band op amps is making them viable alternatives to more traditional open-loop

Noise figure meter sets records for accuracy repeatability and convenience
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IT HAS BEEN TWENTY-FOUR YEARS since Hewlett-Packard introduced its first noise figure meter, 1, 2 and noise figure is still a widely used figure of merit for the noise performance of devices, subassemblies, and complete systems.* As performance requirements have

Microwave photonic links with gain and low noise figure
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Recently there have been dramatic improvements in the microwave gain and noise figure of photonic links that have made them more attractive to designers of systems that can benefit from the characteristics of optical fiber. In this paper we review the techniques that have been used

Gain-clamped erbium-doped fiber-ring lasing amplifier with low noise figure by using an interleaver
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A novel all-optical gain-clamped erbium-doped fiber-ring lasing amplifier (GC-EDFRLA) has been demonstrated, in which the odd port of a 100/200-G interleaver was used to form a fiber-ring cavity to produce lasing oscillation for locking the gain and its even port was

Theory and measurement techniques for the noise figure of optical amplifiers
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Theory and Measurement Techniques for the Noise Figure of Optical Amplifiers Douglas M. Baney Agilent Laboratories, 3500 Deer Creek Road

Independent control of the gain and noise figure spectra of Raman amplifiers using bi-directional pumping
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It is more than 20 years since fiber-optic communications have been in commercial use and new technological developments are constantly being made. Several years ago wavelength- division multiplex (WDM) transmission using Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers became the

Design of flat gain and low noise figure LNA for 3.1-10.2 GHz Band UWB applications in 0.18 um CMOS Process
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This paper shows the design of a broadband low noise amplifier (LNA) for ultra-wideband (UWB) system on 0.18 um CMOS process. The proposed LNA uses resistive shunt feedback technique and an inter-stage inductor as an inductive peaking to realize the flat gain The transmission-reception loop is split into separate transmission and reception parts. The transmission part is characterized by its transfer function and transmission efficiency. Transmission efficiency is found to be important only if the required acoustic energy level

Noise figure and logarithmic amplifiers
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[Ed. When Dr. Leif was about thirty, well before the turn of the century, he joined Analog Devices as an IC designer. He came with ample prior experience both for this work and for his age. This wealth of experience included abundant knowledge about measurement

Low Noise Figure and High Gain Single Stage Cascoded LNA Amplifier With Optimized Inductive Drain Feedback for WiMAX Application
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This project presents a low noise and high gain cascoded LNA amplifier for direct conversion RF front end receiver architecture, which operates at 5.8 GHz unlicensed band. The LNA used Transistor FHX76LP superHEMT low noise FET. This LNA was designed and

Calculating noise figure and third-order intercept in ADCs
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3) are used in radio receiver link budget analysis as a means to quantify the effects of device noise and nonlinearity on the sensitivity of the radio. Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are used in radio receivers to convert the signal from the analog domain to the digital domain

A new computer aided LNA design approach targeting constant noise – figure and maximum gain
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Low- noise amplifiers (LNAs) are critical to a wide variety of electronic circuits such as those used in aerospace and Bluetooth applications. Because of the way noise propagates through a system, LNAs are desired to have a low noise – figure and a high gain. In this

Accuracy of Noise Figure measurement systems
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This paper describes methods of evaluating the accuracy of noise figure measurement systems for the microwave frequency range. It also discusses a transistor noise figure test, and SSB and DSB testing. Included are actual plots of data taken from typical test systems In this letter, a packaged Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) operating at 670 GHz is presented. The LNA uses a new generation of 25 nm InP HEMT with 1.5 THz fMAX. The eight-stage amplifier shows approximately 16 dB associated gain in package with a noise figure ranging

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