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Real-time phase noise meter based on a digital signal processor
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A digital signal-processing meter for phase noise measurement on sinusoidal signal s is dealt with. It enlists a special hardware architecture, made up of a core digital signal processor connected to a data acquisition board, and takes advantage of a quadrature

Noise figure meter sets records for accuracy repeatability and convenience
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since Hewlett-Packard introduced its first noise figure meter 1, 2 and noise figure is still a widely used figure of merit for the noise performance of devices, subassemblies, and complete systems.* As performance requirements have

Lunar noisetemperature increase measurements at S-band, X-band, and Ka-band using a 34- meterdiameter beam-waveguide antenna
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The Moon radiates energy at infrared and microwave wavelengths, in addition to reflecting sunlight at optical wavelengths. As a result, an antenna pointed at or near the Moon will cause an increase in receiver noise temperature that needs to be accounted for in telemetry

Comparative study of the performance of smartphone-based sound level meter apps, with and without the application IEC-61094-4 working standard
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An increasing prevalence of sound level meter apps may appear to be a concern to manufacturers of metering equipment but such systems are readily disregarded by professionals due to unacceptable inaccuracy, incorrect measurement methods or

to IEC-61672 standard metering equipment in the detection of various problematic workplace noise environments. inter. noise Cirrus Research PLC
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An increasing prevalence of sound level meter apps may appear to be a concern to manufacturers of metering equipment but such systems are readily disregarded by professionals due to unacceptable inaccuracy, incorrect measurement methods or

X-band noise temperature near the Sun at a 34- meter high efficiency antenna
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X-band system nOIse temperature near the sun was measured at DSS 15, a 34- meter Hzgh Efficiency (HEF) antenna, m November 1987 Data was taken at angles off the center of the sun from 0 to 4 degrees At angles greater than 05 degree, the measured results agree with

Evaluation of Occupational Noise Exposure Advantages and Disadvantages of Noise Dosimetry versus Sampling Using a Sound Level Meter
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There are two methods for evaluating noise exposure in the workplace: dosimetry using a Personal Sound Exposure Meter (PSEM) and sampling using a sound level meter (SLM). This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of both methods in the context of

X-band antenna gain and system noise temperature of 64- meter deep space stations
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This report presents a new set of measured data on the X-band performance of the three 64- meter Deep Space Stations. These data will be useful for future mission telecommunication design and. predictions. The test configuration and measurement procedure is described. A

Outdoor measurement of wind noise reduction with experimentally-built sound-level- meter enclosing types of windscreens
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Two sound-level- meter enclosing types of windscreens have been experimentally built and tested for their wind noise reduction, especially in lower frequencies down to 1 Hz. One consists of 30-mm thick urethane foam covering and steel frame inside in cylindrical shape

Qualification of a light weight ninety-four cubic meter reverberation chamber for determination of sound power levels of small noise sources
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INTRODUCTION The sound power output of a noise source is an essential piece of information for the acoustical engineer when designing areas for noise control. Sound power, for most noise sources, is relatively independent of the – environiment surrounding the source, and § thus

DSP application in the vehicle noise meter
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The new dual channel, handheld, battery charged, digital signal processor (DSP) based instrument dedicated for the vehicles noise measurement is described. One of its two channels is used for the noise measurement and the second− for the engines rotation (rpm)

Noise and Noise Meter
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In order to make use of analysis and low noise design techniques one requires a knowledge of the noise performance of circuit elements, circuits and complete systems in order to determine whether they meet the specifications or not. Also to judge the effort of noise

Noise exposure meter
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The second pertains to the potential market for the meter . It is essentially a listing of the many occupations measured acoustically in an Armour Research Foundation study reported in 1953. The measurements have been transcribed into the dBA scale employed in the

Smart sound meter for shooting noise monitoring
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Shooting is a very wide-spread recreational activity but also a source of noise pollution when practiced in outdoor facilities. The annoyance due to such shooting ranges can be reduced by limiting the number of shots. However, the maximum number of shots accepted Among the most promising weak-signal amplifiers for radio astronomy in the meter and decimeter ranges are nonregenerative parametric converter amplifiers, which yield high receiver sensitivity and do not call for broad-band ferrite circulators with a large amount of

Smartphone as noise level meter
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APPS Noise Meter (Android) Noise

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