A low-cost PC-based virtual oscilloscope
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The integration of personal computers (PCs) with the present-day measurement and instrumentation world has opened up the door for virtual instrumentation. This paper describes the development of a low-cost, PC-based, virtual digital oscilloscope . A data

Calibration of a 70 GHz oscilloscope
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Page 1. CALIBRATION OF A 70 GHZ OSCILLOSCOPE Matthew R Harper, Andrew JA Smith, Anjan Basu and David A Humphreys National Physical Laboratory, Teddington UK Abstract By using an optical delay line to vary the arrival time of the probing pulses the electric field can be meas

A PC with sound card as an audio waveform generator, a two-channel digital oscilloscope and a spectrum analyzer
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The availability of inexpensive PC sound cards that can simultaneously play and record stereo digital audio files permits a single PC to function as both a signal generator and as a dual-channel recording digital oscilloscope . When the input and output of a linear analog

Acquisition clock dithering in a digital oscilloscope
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When half frequency component of the input signal is greater than half the sample time aliasing can occur. When the oscilloscope is equivalent time sampling, signals that are subharmonics of the sample clock will be poorly displayed. In the HP 54645A/D

Compensation of sampling oscilloscope trigger jitter by an in-phase and quadrature referencing technique
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An improved time-referencing technique, realised using commercial microwave components, has been used to improve the measurement jitter performance of a sampling oscilloscope . The limiting residual rms jitter is approximately 185 fs. The measured peak-to

Design and implementation of multifunctional virtual oscilloscope using USB data-acquisition card
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Based on virtual instrument technology, a multifunctional virtual oscilloscope was designed by using NI USB data acquisition card and LabVIEW software. Its functions included channel selection, signal adjustment, waveform display, time domain analysis, frequency domain

Correcting sampling oscilloscope timebase errors with a passively mode-locked laser phase locked to a microwave oscillator
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In this paper, we describe an apparatus for cor-recting the timebase errors when calibrating the response of an equivalent-time sampling oscilloscope using a passively modelocked erbium-doped fiber laser that is phase locked to a microwave signal generator. This enables

Systematic error of the nose-to-nose sampling- oscilloscope calibration
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We use traceable swept-sine and electrooptic-sam-pling-system-based sampling- oscilloscope calibrations to measure the systematic error of the nose-to-nose calibration, and compare the results to simulations. Our results show that the errors in the nose-to-nose

EPICS IOC of WindowsXP-based Oscilloscope for Fast BPM Data Acquisition System
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The KEK Linac is a 600-m-long injector that delivers electron/positron beam to the four independent rings. The non-destructive beam position monitor (BPM) is an indispensable diagnostic tool for a long-term stable beam operation. In the KEK Linac, around one hundred

Oscilloscope testing by means of stochastic signal
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The key device of digitizing oscilloscope is its Analogue-to-Digital Converter (ADC) while it provides an interface between analogue and digital areas. It must be considered as a non- ideal device that errors are to be measured by manufacturers as well as by application

Virtual oscilloscope of the dasp-lab system
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Y Artyukh, I Medniks, V Vedin- Proceedings of the 1997 Workshop on, 1997 edi.lv The paper describes principles of operation and characteristics of the virtual oscilloscope , implemented as a part of the DASP-Lab system, based on the Digital Aliasfree (DASP) technology . This instrument operates with samples of the periodic signal, taken from the

Effectiveness of a digital oscilloscope for the teaching of some radio, television and electronics work concept at technical colleges level
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The study was conducted to find out the effectiveness of the Digital oscilloscope (DO) for the teaching of some Radio, Television and Electronics work concepts at the technical college level. There are two research questions and three null hypotheses formulated to guide the 100K 100K +15V~-15V IO.1,L1f 1Ro~~ 0.1lJIT ~ 7 (Manuscript received August 30, 1983; revision accepted for publication October 31, 1983.) Figure 1. Circuit for linearizing the z-axis of an oscilloscope display. The three FET switches are all in one chip (D-MOS PET multiplexor

Fast BPM DAQ System Using Windows Oscilloscope -based EPICS IOC
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The KEK linac is a 600-m-long injector that delivers electron/positron beam to the four independent rings (KEKB e-/e+, PF, PF-AR). The non-destructive beam position monitor (BPM) is an indispensable diagnostic tool for a long-term stable beam operation. In the KEK

MUSE: A software oscilloscope for clusters and grids
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ABSTRACT p> Oscilloscopes and their cousins, logic analyzers, are the tools of choice for difficult electronic hardware problems. In the hands of a skilled engineer or technician, these tools can be used to solve stubborn problems. The key to the utility of oscilloscopes is the

Bluetooth Embedded Portable Oscilloscope
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Portable oscilloscopes currently in the market are very expensive, less power efficient and have small low resolution displays. This paper presents the design and implementation of a low cost, portable, lightweight; low power, dual-channel oscilloscope , consisting of a

Improved Accuracy and Convenience in Oscilloscope Timing and Voltage Mea surements
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ANY ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS would agree that the oscilloscope is the most useful of test instruments. They do not customarily expect a high degree of precision in an oscilloscope , however, and accept the 3 to 5% accuracy that most oscilloscopes provide. The exception

Design of a mixed-signal oscilloscope
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This combination of a digital oscilloscope and a logic timing analyzer provides powerful cross-domain triggering capabilities for capturing signals in mixed-signal environments. MegaZoom technology, consisting of advanced acquisition techniques and dedicated signal

Random sampling oscilloscope time base
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With the advent of new miniaturized mercury (Hg) switches with reputed transition times of theorder of 10 picoseconds, interest has been rekindled in their use in high speed pulse measurements. Since there is no pre-trigger signal available from a Hg switch, normal

Time-resolved photon counting with digital oscilloscope
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