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A high speed and low power phase-frequency detector and charge-pump
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In this paper, we introduce a high-speed and low power Phase-Frequency Detector (PFD) that is designed using modified TSPC (True Single-Phase Clock) positive edge triggered D flip-flop. This PFD has a simpler structure with using only 19 transistors. The operation range

An E-band 40dB dynamic range multi-tanh power detector in 0.13 μm SiGe technology
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This paper describes circuit design and measurement results of a multi-tanh bipolar rms power detector (PD) for applications in E band (65-86 GHz) frequency range. The PD is designed and fabricated in IBM 0.13 um SiGe technology. In the matched frequency range

Impact of Transceiver Power Consumption on the Energy Efficiency of Zero-Forcing Detector in Massive MIMO Systems.
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We consider the impact of transceiver power con-sumption on the energy efficiency (EE) of the Zero Forcing (ZF) detector in the uplink of massive MIMO systems, where a base station (BS) with M antennas communicates coherently with K single antenna user terminals (UTs)

Accuracy of a low- power Ka-band non-contact heartbeat detector measured from four sides of a human body
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A Ka-band heartbeat detector using double-sideband transmission to detect human heartbeat and respiration signals is demonstrated. The short wavelength at Ka-band increases the sensitivity to detect small body motion. The double sideband transmission

A suppressed harmonic power detector for dual band phones
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The problem The increase in demand for dual band mobile phones for use on GSM900 and GSM1800 or GSM1900 systems has given designers a considerable challenge how to fit the additional circuitry required into the same or smaller space as the existing single band

A novel frequency and positive sequence detector for utility applications and power quality analysis
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Based on multi-dimensional representation and vector calculus definitions, this paper proposes two novel and quite simple algorithms for utility applications and power quality analysis. The first one is a synchronizing procedure, based on a digital PLL (Phase Locked

Feedforward active substrate noise cancelling technique using power supply di/dt detector
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This paper demonstrates a feedforward active substrate noise cancelling technique using a power supply di/dt detector . Since the substrate is tied to the ground line, the substrate noise is closely related to the ground bounce which is caused by di/dt when inductance is

A low- power analog VLSI visual collision detector
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RR Harrison- Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 2004 papers.nips.cc We have designed and tested a single-chip analog VLSI sensor that detects imminent collisions by measuring radially expansive optic flow. The design of the chip is based on a model proposed to explain leg-extension behavior in flies during landing approaches. A

The analysis and design of high power millimeter wave pulse detector for 2 mm frequency band
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The research progress of a high power millimeter wave pulse detector for 2mm frequency band is presented here. This power detector , so-called resistive sensor, is composed of a 2 mm standard waveguide and a semiconductor sensing sample within it. At first, the principle

A compact, nano- power CMOS action potential detector
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Real time action potential (AP) detection is an important requirement for development of fully implantable neuroprosthetic devices. We present an ultra low- power CMOS analog circuit for detection of APs embedded in a noisy signal. The proposed strategy isolates APs by

RF power detector for location sensing
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Recently, RFID has become popular in the field of remote sensing applications. Location awareness is one of the most important keys to deploying RFID for advanced object tracking. Generally, multiple reference RF stations or additional sensors are used for the location

A 65 nm CMOS broadband self-calibrated power detector for the square kilometre array radio telescope
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In this study, a 65 nm complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) broadband self- calibrated high-sensitivity power detector for use in the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), the next-generation high-sensitivity radio telescope, is presented. The power detector

A limited-streamer tube electron detector with high rejection power against pions
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The problem of detecting electrons in the (0.5 4.0) GeV energy range, in the presence of a high pion background, has been studied using a new type of electromagnetic shower detector . Its structural properties and the main parameters are given, together with the basic EEG remains the mainstay test for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with epilepsy. Unfortunately, ambulatory EEG systems are far from ideal for patients who have infrequent seizures. These systems only last up to 3 days and if a seizure is not captured during the

Low power and low jitter phase frequency detector for phase lock loop
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This paper presents three types of phase frequency detectors traditional PFD, modified PFD and high speed PFD. With the comparison of Low power and low jitter phase frequency detector the high speed phase frequency detector is the best candidate for this. High speed

Low Power 0.18 um CMOS phase frequency detector
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In this paper, the performance of two low power phase frequency detectors is compared. A modified D-FF based PFD reduces the power consumption of traditional PFD to 4.732 uW at 40MHz clock frequency and dead zone to 40ps. It is suitable for low power applications. A Measurements of the absolute power of high- power millimeter/THz wave generators have been considered to be highly variable and to occasionally produce faulty results owing to experimental difficulty. In this study, we propose a calibration-free method for real-time

A high-speed, low power consumption positive edge triggered D flip-flop for high speed phase frequency detector in 180 nm CMOS technology
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A high speed low power consumption positive edge triggered Delayed (D) flip-flop was designed for increasing the speed of counter in Phase locked loop, using 180 nm CMOS technology. The designed counter has been used in the divider chip of the phase locked

LabSOCS vs. source-based gamma-ray detector efficiency comparisons for nuclear power plant geometries
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The sample geometry modeling and efficiency calibration file generation were performed using the Geometry Composer feature of the Genie 2000 Version 2.0 and Gamma Acquisition and Analysis (GAA) software packages. The resulting sample geometry files and

Power recycling for an interferometric gravitational wave detector
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Gravitational waves are ripples of space-time curvature which propagate across the universe at the speed of light. The existence of gravitational waves has been predicted as one of the consequences of the General Theory of Relativity and confirmed as a

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