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Automatic power meter reading system using GSM network
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Meter Reading (GAPMR) System is presented in this paper. The GAPMR System is consists of GSM Digital Power Meters installed in every consumer unit and an Electricity eBilling System at the energy provider side. The GSM Digital Power Meter (GPM) is a single phase

Accuracy of the Velotron ergometer and SRM power meter
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The reliability and accuracy of various cycle ergometers such as Lode , Axiom PowerTrain , Kingcycle and mobile cycle power meters such as and PowerTap have previously been reported

A fast and sensitive submillevieter waveguide power meter
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A sensitive, fast and stable power meter has been developed which responds over a frequency range emending from 75 GHz up to the THz range. The method of measurement is essentially calorimetric, but with feedback circuitry added to speed up the response. The

Digital Signal Processing for an Integrated Power Meter
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Nowadays, complete hardware and software multi-processor systems are integrated into a single silicon circuit called System-on-Chip. Architectural design is not only about choosing and assembling components together to create a coherent system. Its also making sure that

A fast, very sensitive calorimetric power meter for millimeter to submillimeter wavelengths
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A calorimetric power meter is now commercially available having sensitivity and stability sufficient to measure a power level well below 1 1.1 W. The Erickson model PM1B sensor has an input in WR10 waveguide, with a very well matched termination. The frequency

A variable impedance power meter and adjustable reflection coefficient standard
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Wireless power meter monitoring with power theft detection and intimation system using GSM and Zigbee networks
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With the electric industry undergoing change, increased attention is being focused on power supply reliability and power quality. Power providers and users alike are concerned about reliable power , whether the focus is on interruptions and disturbances or extended outages

Low power digital design in Integrated Power Meter IC
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This paper considers the low power design aspects of the digital signal processing blocks embedded into three-phase Integrated Power Meter IC. Several optimization techniques were used to implement power efficient design. The techniques mainly rely on clock and

MATERIALS PROCESSING: 100 kW fiber laser, power meter serve industry
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The first commercial 100 kW fiber laser, a surprisingly small system developed by IPG Photonics(Oxford, MA), has been sold to the NADEX Laser RD Center (Nagoya City, Japan), a materials-processing research laboratory that is using the laser to weld 300

An advanced energy/ power meter based on ARM microcontroller for smart grid applications
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The Smart Grids are an electricity delivery system which monitors, protects and optimizes the operation of its interconnected elements from end to end. They include central and distributed renewable energy generators through the electrical network. Thus, it can easily

A home appliance recognition system using the approach of measuring power consumption and power factor on the electrical panel, based on energy meter
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Currently a large effort is being done with the intention to educate people about how much energy each electrical appliance uses in their houses, since this knowledge is the fundamental basis of energy efficiency programs that can be managed by the household

A futureproofed power meter
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One unfortunate vision of our technological future is the innovation imperative, which strongly implies that our things and appliances must always get smarter. I am working together with Serge de Gheldere of the European design firm Futureproof/ed, to create a

GSM Based Power Meter Reading and Control System
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The present system of energy billing is error prone and also time and labor consuming. Errors get introduced at every stage of energy billing like errors with electro-mechanical meters, human errors while noting down the meter reading, and errors while processing the

Coaxial power meter calibration using a waveguide standard
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The techniques associated with the calibration of one terminating type power meter in terms of a second terminating meter are useful both in calibration measurements and in the practical application of such devices. These techniques assume a variety of forms and

Multimedia content identification through smart meter power usage profiles
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Advanced metering devices (smart meters) are being installed throughout electric networks in Germany (as well as in other parts of Europe and in the United States). Unfortunately, smart meters are able to become surveillance devices that monitor the behavior of the

Serial port interface for microcontroller embedded into integrated power meter
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This paper presents some of the peripheral units embedded into microcontroller within Integrated Power Meter which represents mixed signal ASIC dedicated for power -metering. The microcontroller block is compatible with 8052 microprocessors and processes most

Laser power – meter employing neutral density filters
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The design of a laser power – meter based on the photoacoustic effect is described, where a commercial metallic-type neutral density lter is employed as the absorbing material. Filters of different optical densities can be used, thus covering a very broad laser power -range. The

A novel terahertz power meter using metamaterial-inspired thin-film absorber
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A novel power meter operating from 0.1 to 0.2 THz is presented. The power meter has utilized a thin-film metamaterial inspired absorbing layer. This absorber has the desired characteristics such as ultra-wide bandwidth and strong absorption. In a bolometer-like

Arduino based wireless power meter
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One avenue through which todays energy problems can be addressed is through the reduction of energy usage in households. The existing utility system only provides feedback at the end of the month in the form of a bill and consumed kilowatt hours (kWh). A This paper aims to describe the role of advanced sensing systems in the electric grid of the future. In detail, the project, development, and experimental validation of a smart power meter are described in the following. The authors provide an outline of the potentialities of

A power meter reference design based on the ADE7756
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This application note describes a high-accuracy, low-cost power meter based on the ADE7756. The design is for use in the North American 3-wire/single-phase application. This meter may also be used in a single-phase, 2-wire distribution system with a minimal amount

An approach to automate power meter reading billing system
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The research proposes a solution to implement Automated Power Meter Reading Billing System for bringing smart governance in power /energy supply departments. The system suggests use of GPRS/IP enabled Power Meters at consumer sites which shall be Instruments required for calibrating microwave meter mounts and other power sensors power meters have been redesigned to be calculator The theory for calibrating bolometer controllable and to provide calibrations from 0.01 to 18 GHz at eleven power levels from 0.5

Automated wireless meter reading system for monitoring and controlling power consumption
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The use of wireless automation in almost all the fields of power , gas and water generation, distribution and billing has come of age. Here with the inclusion of wireless communication with the automation may lead to paradigm change in the current trend. The design presents

Agreement between LeMond Revolution cycle ergometer and SRM power meter during power profile and ramp protocol assessments
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This study aimed to evaluate the agreement in cycling power output measurements between the LeMond Revolution cycle ergometer and SRM power meter . The LeMond Revolution measures power output via removal of the rear bicycle wheel and attaching it using a quick

A wideband monolithic submillimeter-wave quasi-optical power meter
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A novel monolithic power meter has been developed for submillimeter-wave applications (IOOGHZ to l0THz). The detector is a 4×4 mm Bismuth bolometer integrated on a 1.2 pm thick dielectric membrane. This approach results in a wideband high-responsivity detector

Testing set-up for analog part of the power meter IC
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The set-up and testing procedure for the analog part of the mixed signal ASIC dedicated for power -metering together with the obtained test results are presented in this paper. Apart from DFT techniques implemented in the IC, testing set-up was required. It was essential to

Integrated Power Meter IC Calibration
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Calibration has a big impact on all the other results that Integrated Power Meter IC provides (RMS values of voltage and current, active and reactive power and energy). Calibration hardware within a DSP unit dedicated for an Integrated Power Meter and full calibration

WT110/WT130 digital power meter
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We have developed sampling power meters which can measure DC and AC signals from 10Hz to 50Hz. The WT110 is a single-phase model and the WT130 is a 3-phase model. They are the successors to our earlier models, the 2534/2535, which were put on the market

Electrical power theft detection and wireless meter reading
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Electrical power theft detection system is used to detect an unauthorized tapping on distribution lines. Implementation area of this system is a distribution network of electrical power supply system. Existing system is not able to identify the exact location of tapping

Design of a Prepaid Power Meter with Communication facility based on GSM Network
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Prepaid power meter is a new concept in the measurement of electricity consumption on periodic basis. This method of measurement and data collection discards the conventional method of taking the meter reading manually. Though the prepaid energy meter displays the

Automatic meter reading for electricity using power line communication
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As in every where automation is required to reduce the work so we decided to implement to automatic meter reading using power line communication. AMR is the modern Power measuring device. It is being used in measuring electricity, gas, water consumption in many

Arduino based power meter using instantaneous power calculation method
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This paper describes the design and development of a single phase power meter using instantaneous power calculation method. It is an electrical device that is used in power system to measure the amount of electric power consumed by electrical appliance. It is

Accuracy assessment in HF power meter calibration
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The paper analyses the classical procedures have to be performed for calibrating power meters having coaxial power heads. These procedures are intended for commercial power meters used by all measurement laboratories, nevertheless they include references to the

A reliable and economically feasible automatic meter reading system using power line distribution network
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Abstract Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is the remote collection of consumption data from customers utility meters over telecommunications, radio, power line and other links. AMR provides water, electric and gas utility-service companies the opportunities to streamline

Measurement of optical power in the upstream of PON signal from a single ONU at the side of the central office by optical power meter
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The paper presents a method for the attenuation measurement of the optical path from ONU to OLT in GPON network. Optical power meter is connected to the fiber section via splitter in central office receiving optical signal from all ONUs. Optical power difference is measured in

Evaluation of the Cyclus cycle ergometer and the Stages power meter for measurement of power output in cycling
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The purpose of the present study was to evaluate two commercially available power meters: the Cyclus ergometer (CYC) and the Stages power meter (STA) in comparison to a highly- validated power meter (SRM). Ten trained cyclists (mean±SD; age 24±8 y, body mass

High level simulation of mutiplexed incremental ADC for Integrated Power Meter
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This paper presents an architectural solution for multiplexed ADC designed for a new generation of integrated power meter , IMPEG3. Basic problems related to the use of classic Σ ADCs will be discussed. Proposed solution along with appropriate procedure for

A 3-Phase Power Meter Based on the ADE7752
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This application note describes a high accuracy, low cost 3-phase power meter based on the ADE7752. The meter is designed for use in a Wye-connected 3-phase, 4-wire distribution system. The ADE7752 may be designed into 3-phase meters for both 3-wire and

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