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FIPSOC: A field programmable system on a chip
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In this paper we present a novel RAM-based field programmable mixedsignal integrated device consisting of a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), a set of programmable and inter connect able analog cells, and a microprocessor core. This processor can run general

Field programmable gate array-based system – on – chip for real-time power process control
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Problem Statement: Nowadays Real-Time (RT) embedded control applications require not just higher performance but more flexibility as well without increasing cost and resources. Approach: In this study we presented a promising co-design and implementation of control

On – Chip BIST-Based Diagnosis of Embedded Programmable Logic Cores in System – on – Chip Devices.
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ABSTRACT On – chip Built-In Self-Test (BIST) based diagnosis of the embedded Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) core in a generic System – on – Chip (SoC) is presented. In this approach, the embedded processor core in the SoC is used for reconfiguration of the

Programmable system on chip distributed communication and control approach for human adaptive mechanical system
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Problem statement: Communication and control are two main components in any Mechatronics system . They can be designed either by centralized or decentralized approach. Both approaches can be chosen based on application designed and specific

Reconfigurable System on a Programmable Chip Platform
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Field- programmable gate arrays are configurable VLSI devices that can implement various logic functions. Classical SRAM-based FPGA chips introduced in 1984 were designed to be configured only once at the beginning of their operation and to enable a designer to improve

Optimization of logic area for System on Programmable Chip based on hardware-software partitioning
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T In this paper, we propose an approach based on hardware-software partitioning to minimize logic area of a SOPC circuit System on a Programmable Chip . This approach minimizes the SOPC area while satisfying a time constraint. To minimize this area, we

Reconfigurable Ultrasonic Testing System Development Using Programmable Analog Front-End and Reconfigurable System – on – Chip Hardware
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Ultrasonic testing systems have been extensively used in medical imaging and non- destructive testing applications. Generally, these systems aim at a particular application or target material. To make these systems portable and more adaptable to the test

Performance evaluation and limitations of a vision system on a reconfigurable/ programmable chip
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This paper presents a survey of the characteristics of a vision system implemented in a reconfigurable/ programmable chip (FPGA). System limitations and performance have been evaluated in order to derive specifications and constraints for further vision system synthesis

Dynamic partial reconfiguration contribution on system on programmable chip architecture for motor drive implementation
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Problem statement: Nowadays, Reconfigurable System on Chip (RSoC) shows great potential in many high performance applications that benefit from Hardware customization. Approach: In this study, we present a design approach of FPGA based Controller for Programmable System Level Integration Brings System – on – Chip Design to the Desktop Guy Lecurieux Lafayette 1. Introduction By 1985 the first Advances in FPGA technology and in design automation tools have changed the way digital electronics are created. Schematic entry of gates is becoming deprecated by hardware description languages (HDLs) and sophisticated synthesis tools. This requires that the

The design of an electric bicycle controller based on programmable system on chip
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Article Preview Article Preview This paper presents an Electric bicycle controller, which is designed on the basis of Programmable System – On – Chip used in BLDCM. The system structure is described. The software and drive circuit are designed. Several modules

Design of a Pulse Generator Based on a Programmable System – on – Chip (PSoC) for Ultrasonic Applications
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This paper describes the design of a pulse generator based on the Programmable System – on – Chip (PSoC) module. In this module, using programmable logic is possible to implement different pulses which are required for ultrasonic applications, either in a single channel or

Programmable Memory Controller for Vector System – on – Chip
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Page 1. Programmable Memory Controller for Vector System – on – Chip Tassadaq Hussain Problem-Formulation Evaluation Preliminary Results Quratus ll Synthesis Summary Conclusions future work In future, we are planning to embed a selective static/dynamic set

Integration and Implimentation System – On -A- Programmable – Chip (Sopc) In FPGA
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The real-time hardware application is developed around a FPGA hardware architecture that includes embedded processor MicroBlaze on the field programmable gate array (FPGA). This paper introduces a design of a Micro Blaze soft-core processor system that can be

SDCC-RTP and RTPGen: A C-to-FPGA system – on – programmable – chip system generator for multiprocessor embedded systems
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Current FPGA technology has advanced to the point that useful embedded SoPCs can now be designed. The Real Time Processor (RTP) project at Brigham Young University leverages the advances in FPGA technology with a system architecture that is customizable

PSoC Programmable System – on – Chip
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Purchase of I2C components from Cypress or one of its sublicensed Associated Companies conveys a license under to use these components in an I2C system , provided that the system conforms to the I2C Standard Specification as defined by

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Systems on chip , by definition, unite a number of functions and occasionally, sensors or actuators, into a unified, compact, lower-power solution to a signal processing problem. Recent efforts have seen the research, development, and commercialization of systems on

Software-Compiled System Design: A Methodology for Field- Programmable System – on – Chip Design
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With the proliferation of Field- Programmable System – on – Chip (FPSoC) devices such as Altera Excalibur and Xilinx Virtex II Pro, more system integrators are now facing the challenge of merging hardware and software design. This paper describes software Digital Video Broadcast has developed rapidly across china in recent years. Many areas have hegun to broadcast prograins via DVB-C and DVB-S. DVB standards take MlEG-2 as its source-coding scheme. MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS) can caq audio, video, IP packets;

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