A resistor is a passive two-terminal electrical component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. In electronic circuits, resistors are used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, to divide voltages, bias active elements, and terminate transmission lines,

Frequency response of thin film chip resistor
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Abstract. High frequency measurements from 0.1 to 40 GHz were performed on industry standard flip chip thin film resistors from Vishay Thin Film. The results of these measurements are reported in this paper. A lumped circuit model is presented that

SOI gated resistor : CMOS without junctions
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II. OPERATION PRINCIPLE N+ and P+ SOI nanowires/nanoribbons can be pinched off by a MOS gate provided the ribbon thickness and width are small enough. Simulations indicate that junctionless trigate SOI FETs with a 5nm 5nm cross section and a uniform N+ doping of Figure 2 A possible constructions for a sensing element (schematically). A ceramic substrate with thick film resistors is glued on a metal beam with two radial holes. The metal beam is clamped on one side and a force is applied on the other. The pair of resistors on the damped

A resistorless current-mode quadrature sinusoidal oscillator employing single CCCDTA and grounded capacitors
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Abstract. In this study, a current-mode quadrature sinusoidal oscillator using single current controlled current differencing transconductance amplifier (CCCDTA) and 2 grounded capacitors is proposed. The proposed oscillator can provide 2 sinusoidal output currents

New gain controllable resistorless current-mode first order allpass filter and its application
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Abstract. New first order allpass filter (APF) in current mode, constructed from 2 CCCCTAs and grounded capacitor, is presented. The current gain and phase shift can be electronically/orthogonally controlled. Low input and high output impedances are achieved

The conical resistor conundrum: a potential solution
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A truncated cone, made of material of uniform resistivity, is given in many introductory physics texts as a nontrivial problem in the computation of resistance. The intended method and answer are incorrect and the problem cannot be solved by elementary means. In this

DVCCs based high input impedance voltage-mode first-order allpass, highpass and lowpass filters employing grounded capacitor and resistor
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Abstract. A voltage-mode high input impedance first-order allpass, highpass and lowpass filters using two differential voltage current conveyors (DVCCs), one grounded capacitor and one grounded resistor is presented. The allpass, highpass and lowpass allpass signals can

FGMOS based voltage-controlled grounded resistor
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Abstract. This paper proposes a new floating gate MOSFET (FGMOS) based voltage- controlled grounded resistor . In the proposed circuit FGMOS operating in the ohmic region is linearized by another conventional MOSFET operating in the saturation region. The major

Evaluation of chip resistor CAD models used in microwave circuit design programs
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ABSTRACT Limited validity of chip resistor CAD models taken from libraries of two widely used microwave circuit design programs has been assessed by comparison with experimentally obtained data. Analysis leading to proper equivalent circuit of chip resistor

Smart location tracking system using FSR (Force Sensing Resistor )
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Abstract This paper presents a smart location tracking system using FSR (Force Sensing Resistor ). It is important to note that our system doesnt need to attach a sensor to human body, because we install a FSR in a floor in order to establish a smart space. Our system can

Resistor current noise measurements
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Excess low-frequency fluctuations are observed in many devices and materials [8, 22, 23] that carry a current. Because most materials and devices usually show a very low noise- level, the noise is hard to measure. Several different methods of measuring the excess noise

Maximum bandwidth enhancement of current mirror using series- resistor and dynamic body bias technique
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Abstract. This paper introduces a new approach for enhancing the bandwidth of a low voltage CMOS current mirror. The proposed approach is based on utilizing body effect in a MOS transistor by connecting its gate and bulk terminals together for signal input. This

Accurate modeling of thin-film resistor up to 40GHz
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Abstract We present an accurate scalable model for Thin-Film Resistors from DC up to 40GHz. The model is based on the basic microstrip theory, and an empirical self- capacitance parameter is introduced. The simulated S-parameter of the model show very

Thin film resistor integration into Flex-Boards
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High tec MC ISO 9001 certified 1 7rd International Workshop ‚Flexible Electronic Systems November 29, 2006, Munich by Dr. Hans Burkard Hightec MC AG, Lenzburg, Switzerland Thin Film Resistor Integration into Flex-Boards Page 2. SHIFT IST 507745 Smart High-Integration

A Resistor Furnace, with some Preliminary Results up to 2,000 C
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ABSTRACT A laboratory furnace, electrically heated with special oxide resistors, is described. The atmosphere within the furnace is oxidizing, and definite heating and cooling schedules can be maintained. Results are given of preliminary tests in which Th02, Zr02,

Novel low voltage CMOS current controlled floating resistor using differential pair
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Abstract. In this paper, a low voltage CMOS current controlled floating resistor which is convenient for integrated circuit implementation is designed by using differential pair. The proposed resistor has a simple circuit structure and low power dissipation. This circuit is

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Abstract-Thick film technique is popular because of low cost, simple for construction and better sensing surface area, hence for resistive gas sensor thick films of pure ZrO2 powder were prepared by Standard screen printing technique. The material was characterized by X-

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