Modulation, coding and RF components for ultra-wideband impulse radio
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The communication system to be considered in this work comprises a transmitter shown in Fig. II. 1 containing a channel encoder and pulse-position modulator, and a receiver containing a demodulator, detector and channel decoder. Multilevel pulse-position

Multimoded RF components and their application to high power RF pulse compression systems
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A new approach to overmoded waveguide taper design allows fast convergence on multifunction component geometries in which several scattering matrix requirements are simultaneously satisfied. Preservation of or conversion between members of a family of

High-power RF Test on the Mass-produced C-band RF Components for XFEL/SPring-8
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We report on high-power rf test results of the C-band accelerator system for the X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) at the SPring-8 site. In the XFEL main accelerator, 64 C-band systems will be used in total, whose components are under mass production at several industries in

Integrated RF Components on Low Cost MCM-D Substrates
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Two dedicated RF test vehicles ( RF -TV) have been designed to characterise the high frequency performance of a new low-cost thin film (MCM-D) technology, fabricated on large area panels (LAP). Previous investigations revealed the capabilities of the new LAP

RF models of passive LTCC components in the lower Gigahertz-range
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Background One of the key pace-setters of the microelectronics industry is the demand for smaller and denser circuitry to increase the systems performance and to save costs. With telecommunications sector applications requiring increasing frequency bandwidths

Coatings on Mg alloys for reduction of Multipactor effects in RF components
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Within ESA Program, AO 4025 Surface Treatment and Coating for the Reduction of Multipactor and Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Effects in RF Components , headed as prime contractor by Tesat-Spacecom and in consortium also with Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik

High voltage performance of rf transmission line components on the DIII D fast wave current drive system
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The performance of the high voltage RF components of the General Atomics DIII D Fast Wave Current Drive System have been evaluated under various conditions of insulator configuration, insulator material, insulating gas and gas pressure. The insulator materials

Design of 2 2 DLDS RF components for JLC
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We have studied a multi-mode Delay Line Distribution System (DLDS) as the RF power distribution system from klystrons to RF structures for linear colliders. In particular, a 2 2 DLDS has been proposed and studied at KEK for Japan Linear Collider (JLC). It has been

Over moded rectangular waveguide components for a multimoded RF power distribution system
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We describe the design of several novel, passive waveguide devices being developed for the high-power rf distribution system of the Next Linear Collider . This system allows the combined power of several klystrons to be directed, by means of drive phase manipulation

Anti-multipactor TiN coating of RF power coupler components for Tesla at DESY
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A development project was carried out at DESY, aimed at reducing secondary electron emission and multipactor effects in TESLA couplers by TiN layers generation on surfaces which were not protected in this way previously Thin TiN films on ceramic or metallic

Realtime Communication Based on Optical Fibers for the Control of Digital RF Components
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The increasing use of digital components in closed-loop RF control systems requires a uniform interface for fast exchange of information between subsystems. The main requirements for such a communication system arise from large distances between the

Automated circuit modeling tool for arbitrary passive microwave and RF components
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An automated circuit-modeling tool is developed for arbitrary passive components . The tool builds compact, parameterized, analytical models based on full-wave EM simulations. The scattering parameters (or the transmission line parameters) of the components are stored as

Developments of high power rf components
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A summary is given for recent development of high power RF components to be uscd at high- energy or highintensity accelerators planned for near future. Stress is put on such passive waveguide components as RF -power boosters, dummy loads and ceramic windows.() f most

Miniaturized RF components employing π-type multiple coupled microstrip line structure
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In this work, using a π-type multiple coupled microstrip line structure (MCMLS), we fabricated highly miniaturized Wilkinson power divider and branch-line coupler. The line length of the Wilkinson power divider and branch-line coupler were reduced to about λ/44

Low distortion tunable RF components , a compound semiconductor opportunity
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1Delft Institute of Microsystems and Nanoelectronics (DIMES), Delft University of Technology, Mekelweg 4, 2628 CD, Delft, the Netherlands, c. huang@ tudelft. nl, 0031 (0) 152787964 2Skyworks Solutions, Inc., 2427 W. Hillcrest Drive 889-A1, Newbury Park, CA

High Power Testing RF System Components for the Cornell ERL Injector
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There are two high power 1300 MHz RF systems under development for the Cornell University ERL Injector. The first system, based on a 16 kWCW IOT transmitter, will provide RF power to a buncher cavity. The second system employs five 120 kWCW klystrons to feed

Suspended on-chip RF MEMS components fabricated using PolyMUMPs technology
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La technologie de micro-usinage de surface impl ment e par le processus PolyMUMPs est utilis e pour fabriquer des composantesa systemes micro- lectro-m caniques (MEMS) RF on chip. Les effets parasites provoqu s par le couplage au substrat de silicium qui possede

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The performance of the high voltage rf components of the DIII-D Fast Wave Current Drive System (FWCD) have been evaluated under various conditions of insulator configuration, insulator material, insulating gas and gas pressure. The insulator materials that have been

Design of rf components for the Advanced Ring at KEK
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We developed a three-way rf power divider in order to drive three rf cavities by one klystron. It consists of a new type magic-tee, which can divide the rf power into two ports by a power ratio of 1: 2. It is possiblc to prove theoretically that such a magic-tee can be realized. The

Choke flange for high power rf components excited by TE01 mode
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We have designed a flange with a choke which is almost field free in the vacuum gasket region, whose technical specifications and RF properties are presented below. Design simulations were conducted using HFSS, a 3D finite element code that solves

Porous Silicon For Sensors And On-Chip Integration Of Rf Components
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In this paper, porous silicon technology for use in bulk silicon micromachining and sensors will be described and examples of micro-hotplates, thermal sensors and microfluidic devices based on porous silicon technology will be presented. Another interesting emerging

Multipactor effect within RF dielectric components
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The trend in the space telecommunication market is to increase the number of space segment users, these being spread over wide areas and asking for higher and higher data rate. At the payload level, more and more powerful microwave amplifiers are inserted in the

Brazing techniques and alloys for accelerator Rf components
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Techniques have been developed for brazing thin flat sheets and for using electron beam heating to provide braze melt temperatures in situations where furnace brazing is not possible. These techniques are discussed and the results of a survey of braze alloy

Vertical integration of RF passive components in stacked wafer-level packages
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Electrical performance of via-connected rectangular spiral inductors integrated on a low-loss spacer substrate and thus vertically-spaced above a lossy silicon substrate is analyzed using 3D electromagnetic simulation tool Ansoft HFSS with a goal to identify the optimum via

Advanced modeling of RF cavities and components for e+ e-colliders
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The increasingly demanding design requirements of the next-generation particle accelerators have placed heavy emphasis on the accuracy and reliability of RF computer programs in order that accelerator components can be modeled and analyzed with greater

RF and MEMS Components in LTCC Technology
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This paper gives the overview of the basic LTCC (lowtemperature cofired ceramics) elements: resistors, capacitors and inductors, and their typical integration configurations and applications: RF front-end modules, receivers, transmitters, amplifiers,(PA, LNA) couplers

RF and Microwave Components in LTCC
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Abstract Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) technology is a multi-layer ceramic process that can be used to fabricate low cost, high performance RF and microwave components . It is an extremely versatile technology that can be used to realise a wide range

Fabrication of RF MEMS components on CMOS circuits
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Recently deep submicron and SiGe (silicongermanium) bipolar CMOS technologies have enhanced the performance of Si-based radio frequency ( RF ) integrated circuits up to microwave frequencies. The integration of RF MEMS components , such as inductors and

Modeling of RF CMOS Passive Components : from electromagnetic interpretation
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The physical and analytical approaches is based on enhanced simple-π network to model spiral inductors. This network is introduced to model the frequency dependent behavior of CMOS spiral such as substrate coupling skin and proximity By considering layout and technology

A universal MEMS fabrication process for high-performance on chip RF passive components and circuits
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We have developed a fabrication approach that allows us to integrate monolithically on silicon high-performance on-chip radio-frequency ( RF ) passive components , such as inductors, transformers and fixed and tunable capacitors. We applied twolayer polysilicon

Standard/Handbook for Radio Frequency ( RF ) Breakdown Prevention in Spacecraft Components
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Executive Summary This document (Aerospace TOR-2014-02198) is intended to provide a standardized process for mitigation of radio frequency ( RF ) breakdown within spacecraft components . It is directed toward component designers, satellite system engineers, as well

Perforated ground plane structures for RF and wireless components
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Perforated ground plane (PGP) structures have many interesting properties, such as low- wave effect, suppression of surface waves, high-impedance characteristics, and arbitrary stopbands (passbands). In recent years, PGP structures have attracted great interests in RF

RF and SRF components for BERLinPro
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Abstract The Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) project BERLinPro is funded as of January 2011 and is now in the design phase. BERLinPro should demonstrate the feasibility to use ERL technology for next generation light sources and other ERL applications. The planned SRF

Integrated RF Microsystems with CMOS-MEMS components
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Future on-chip low-IF-conversion receiver architectures will benefit from advances in CMOS- MEMS capacitors and mixer-filter components . Single-chip reconfigurable LC filters and VCOs employ multiple MEMS capacitors working in concert. Resonant mixer-filters with 0 dB

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An efficient method for calculating scattering and dispersion parameters, resonant frequencies, and fields in a 2-D, arbitrarily shaped geometry is presented. This work is done to analyze and design high power waveguide components and cross-field RF devices. An

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Abstract Communications Power Industries, Inc.(CPI) has active programs to refine key components for the European XFEL. These components , the fundamental power coupler and the multibeam klystron (MBK) are also suited for the International Linear Collider (ILC)

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The Ion Bernstein Wave (IBW) experiment on the FTU tokamak is aimed at heating the plasma bulk ions by utilising the mode-conversion of lower hybrid (LH) waves in the scrape off plasma coupled by two antennas, each one consisting of two phased waveguides. The

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The design of sensors and RF components has increasingly made use of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology or micromachining. The quality-factor of inductors on silicon and the reduction of substrate losses requires approaches as the use

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ABSTRACT RF Passive components are used in the design of RF blocks as well as in system level integration. The efficient and accurate analysis of these components is required in order to meet the RF block or system level performances. I had studied the modeling of RF

TiN Coating of RF Power Components for the European XFEL
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Thin TiN layers on surfaces of RF components have the ability to reduce secondary electron emission and multipactor effects. A new equipment was designed and built for mass production at DESY to generate TiN films by deposition of Ti vapour in low pressure

Development and Characterization of Single-Band and Dual-Band High Performance Compact Planar Passive RF /Microwave Components for Wireless Applications
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Microwave/ RF passive devices are critical components for a variety of electronics systems that have a great impact on our society. With the rapid explosion of mobile and other wireless consumer products there is increasing demand for e cient spectrum utilization

Development of components for an S-band electron linac rf feedback control
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A feedback control of the RF phase and amplitude for an S-band electron linac is an effective method to cure phase and amplitude instabilities that directly affect the beam energy and its emittance. Low-power RF components for this feedback should respond

WMA (IMS) Monday 08: 00 17: 00 BCEC Room 151AB Tunable RF – Components and Modules for Wireless Communication Systems Full-day workshop
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This workshop highlights the current research and development efforts in the design and the implementation of reconfigurable RF -frontends for wireless systems, in particular for terrestrial and satellite-based mobile communication. In the first part, it addresses the

Passive RF components design for an academic radar using Sonnet
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This paper describes the efforts in designing a few passive RF components for a basic radar system that was conceptualized, designed and implemented in a single summer semester at Syracuse University. An overview of the process is provided, including determining

RF Power amplifier Using LDMOS Transistors Technology Components for Digital TV Broadcasting Application
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The paper reviews the technology cursory MOSFET, DMOS and LDMOS RF power amplifier for the application of digital TV transmitters. Comparison of DMOS and LDMOS structures reveals the fundamentals of RF MOSFET technology as a tool to improve the performance

Definitive Layout Of Main RF Components In LEP Cavity Tunnel
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The lengths of half-height straight waveguides and bends Feeding the RF cavities have been fixed, and an invitation to tender has been sent outl). This concerns only the cavity tunnel the layout of the full height waveguide in the klystron tunnel is still to be fixed

Optimizing High Performance RF components for LTE and LTE Advanced Base Stations
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Increasing mobile phone minutes and mobile data usage continues to transform wireless base transceiver stations (BTS). As the number of users and higher data usage requirements increase, higher capacity networks require the deployment of more BTS

Silicon Micromachined RF Components
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In this paper, a possibility of building various types of RF passive components using the silicon micromachining technique has been examined with special emphasis on the wireless and mobile communication applications. Silicon micromachining technique is

Antennas and RF Components Using Dispersion Engineered Coupled Microstrip Transmission Lines
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We present a small printed antenna design based on the emulation of degenerate band edge dispersion using a simple printed partially coupled transmission line pair unit cell geometry. The same topology, when printed on ferromagnetic substrates, is shown to

Temperature and Humidity Drift Characterization of Passive RF Components for a Two-Tone Calibration Method
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Femtosecond-level synchronization is required for various systems in modern accelerators especially in fourth generation light sources. In those high precision synchronization systems the phase detection accuracy is crucial. However, synchronization to a low noise

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The RF -system of the superconducting electron linac ELBE (40 MeV, 1 mA CW) is in permanent operation since 2001, but it is not completely free of RF -trips. Experience gained within eight years of operation shows that the better the RF – components were conditioned

MEMS RF Components for Low-Power Wireless Communications
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This paper presents a low-power wireless communications system utilizing RF MEMS (radio frequency microelectromechanical system) components . RF MEMS components enable wireless communications systems that consume orders of magnitude less power than

Ferrite based RF components using LTCC technology
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This thesis primarily focuses on the application of LTCC (Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) based ferrite tapes in the development of RF and microwave components . A commercially available ferrite LTCC tape, ESL 40011, manufactured by Electro Science

Network Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer Measurements of Antennas and RF Components
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– Page 36. Summary of Test Equipments Dr. Mohamed K. Nezami, . – Page 37. Dr. Mohamed K. Nezami, . – Summary of Test Equipments Page 38. RF /Microwave Connector Types BNC, TNC, N, UNF, Mini UHF, SMA, SMB

High-Performance Nonreciprocal RF Components with Distributedly Modulated Capacitors for Full-Duplex Radios
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Nonreciprocal RF front-ends are essential for full-duplex wireless communications. Our research on nonreciprocal components designed with distributedly modulated capacitors (DMC) has found much potential in broadband, low-loss, lownoise but high-isolation

10.4 Anti-multipactor TiN Coating of RF Power Components at DESY-Continuation
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(TTF) couplers. Good results were obtained by using waveguide section whereas TTF3 uses a cylindrical titanium vapour deposition in a eactive ammonia warm window in the half heiaht waveaulde to coax atmosphere. More detailed descriptions of the coating transition

Dual Band Passive RF Components Using Partially Coupled Stepped-impedance Coupled Lines
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The dual band passive RF components have drawn a great deal of attention in recent years as the increased popularity of the multi-band and multi-functional wireless systems such as WLAN, Mobile TV and multi-band mobile phones. Among various basic circuit configurations

D3. 1.2 Final Multi-Level Models for Analog and RF Components and Subsystems
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Design of automatic measurements systems for characterizing RF – components
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In this bachelor thesis three automatic measurement systems, for characterizing RF components , have been designed and verified. The measurement systems are designed to measure RF -parameters such as IIP3, P1dB, Gain and NF. These parameters are commonly

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