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New simple CMOS realization of voltage differencing transconductance amplifier and its RF filter application
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The voltage differencing transconductance amplifier (VDTA) is a recently introduced active element for analog signal processing. However, the realization of VDTA is not given by any author yet. In this work, a new and simple CMOS realization of VDTA is presented. The

Wide tuning range active RF bandpass filter with MOS varactors
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silicon inductors. Many RF filter configurations using silicon (CMOS) inductors have been proposed in the literature too [1 4] but they are not yet in- cluded in practical circuit implementations of wireless standards. CMOS inductors

System identification of a GNSS receivers RF filter impulse response function
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Techniques are developed to identify the net complex envelop impulse response function of a GNSS receivers RF filters by comparing received and theoretical PRN code auto- correlation functions. This impulse response function can be used to accurately characterize

Tuning of a MEMS RF Filter
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We present an analytical model and closed-form expressions describing the response of a tunable MEMS RF filter . It extends our earlier model to general operating conditions by allowing for a combined DC and AC input signal and an independent DC voltage VDC2

RF filter design using insertion loss method and genetic optimization algorithm
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ABSTRACT A filter design using insertion loss method (ILM) and Genetic Algorithm (GA) is presented in this paper. Many techniques have been proposed for the design and analysis of filter circuit, but the insertion loss method is generally preferred for the flexibility and

On a RF bandpass filter tuning method
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A Widely Tunable Active RF Filter Topology,

Rapidly tunable dual-comb RF photonic filter for ultrabroadband RF spread spectrum applications
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Hyoung-Jun Kim, Daniel E. Leaird, and Andrew M. Weiner Abstract We demonstrate a rapidly frequency-tunable radio frequency ( RF ) filter using microwave photonics technology for ultrawideband RF spread spectrum applications

Programmable, Low-noise, High-linearity Baseband Filter for a Fully-Integrated, Multi-Standard, CMOS RF Receiver
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as galium arsenide for the RF blocks, silicon bipolar for the IF blocks and CMOS for the baseband circuits. The RF spectrum first passes through a discrete RF filter that removes out- of-band energy and performs rejection of image-band signals. The LNA amplifies the signal

RF filter design for radar receiver using ADS Software
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Abstract In this paper band pass filter with pass band 130- 180 MHz is designed for Atmospheric Radar receiver using Agilent ADS software. Simulation results consist of comparing for schematic, EM Momentum simulation EM simulation with RF grounding . ADS Optimization

Design of an RF low-noise bandpass filter using active device reduction technique
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When we shrink the volume of an integrated RF filter , we usually obtain poorer performances. It is well known that the smaller the resonator size is, the smaller its value becomes. Therefore, increasing values with a smaller resonator size is the key for the integrated BPF design

Modeling and Design of An RF-MEMS Reconfigurable LC-based Bandpass Filter
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One involves switching between a number of fixed filters each set to pass a different frequency band. The second involves hardware sharing a single reconfigurable RF filter . Mixer IF filter Figure 1-1 The basic single down conversion stage receiver architecture LNA

Modeling, fabrication and experiment of a novel lateral MEMS IF/ RF filter
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ABSTRACT MEMS based mechanical resonators and filters have shown promising characteristics in achieving high Q values and good stability. This paper introduces a novel V-shape coupling element that is used to mechanically couple two clamped-clamped MEMS In order to design filters effectively, it is necessary to be able to predict frequency characteristics of a certain kind of filter structure suitably fast. Considering ceramic filters, instead of 3-D field analysis program, a circuit simulator program is often a good choice for a

Comparative Study of RF Dual-band-pass Filter
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These simulators are making possible the design of several complex architectures operating in high frequency bands. The performances of the dual band RF filter have been studied using two full wave simulators, ADS and HFSS

Hybrid RF-Digital Feed-Forward Filter for High-Order Frequency Agile Filtering
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agile RF filters are limited to low filter order. This thesis introduces a frequency agile RF filter that is fundamentally different from the current state of the art The hybrid RF-DSP feed-forward filter represents a fundamental change to frequency agile RF filter design

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Furthermore, in SDR architectures, the problem of implementing a reconfigurable RF filter still remains. In contrast to passive implementation, active ones gain more interest today due to their performances regarding size, quality factor and tuning possibilities

A Novel RF-MEMS Tunable Narrow Band LC Filter for Mobile and Radio Navigation Applications in UHF Band
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A high-performance continuously tunable MEMS bandpass filter at 1 GHz.,

Design of RF Filter Based on RF Components
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Inductors, L, and capacitors, C, are among the most important circuit elements, especially for the radio frequency, RF, applications. Such applications of these components include frequency-tuning circuits, filters, mixers, and matching networks. This thesis presents the

Silicon-on-Insulator RF Filter Based on Photonic Crystal Functions for Channel Equalization
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A compact silicon-on-insulator 2-tap interferometer is demonstrated as a channel equalizer. The radiofrequency filter is reconfigurable thanks to thermally-controlled photonic crystal couplers and delay lines. The channel fading of a dispersive fiber link supporting a directly

Analysis of thermally tunable brillouin scattering based RF filter
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Brillouin net gain has been demonstrated in SOI free standing waveguides offering interesting perspectives in RFfiltering. We investigated the possible use of speed of sound temperature dependency in order to tune the mechanical frequency of such waveguides. We

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