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Development of a superconducting RF module for acceleration of protons and deuterons at very low energy
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A prototype superconducting accelerator module housing six 176 MHz half wave resonators and three superconducting solenoids is currently under production at ACCEL as part of a 40 MeV linear accelerator at the SOREQ NRC . The module will accelerate protons and

3D Integrated LTCC Module using µBGA technology for compact C-band RF Front-End Module
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Very compact 3D integration technology based on various wafer stacking methods and ultra-thin packaging technology have been successfully proposed for digital applications such as 3D memory and smart cards . However current 3D RF module integration is still based on

Rf Module based wireless secured home automation system using fpga
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Smart wireless home automation and security technique is one of the emerging technologies for intelligent building surveillance. Wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have been used in contemporary home security systems using low cost, low power

Monitoring water quality using RF module
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Water is one of the most essential needs for the existence of human beings. The water that is available for drinking purposes is usually contaminated by the industrial wastes and the debris found on the rock surfaces in lakes, ponds and wells. Thus the water consists of

PRF-1150 1kW 13.56 MHz Class E RF generator evaluation module
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1 INTRODUCTION DEI has developed an RF module to demonstrate the capabilities of our DEIC420 RF MOSFET gate driver IC and DE275-102N06X2A 1000V 6A RF MOSFET at ISM frequencies. The PRF-1150 module produces 1000W CW of RF output at 13.56MHz

Embedded software for the CEBAF RF control module
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The interface to this computer has been simplified. The transferred values are in convenient units, rather than base units or DAC/ADC bit patterns (eg, the RF module DACs and ADCs can be changed without changing the computer interface)

Update on the design of a five-cell superconducting RF module with a PBG coupler cell
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We present a complete design of the 5-cell superconducting accelerating module incorporating a Photonic Band Gap (PBG) cell with couplers. The purpose of the PBG cell is to achieve better Higher Order Mode (HOM) damping which is vital for preserving the quality

Novel Compact RF Module for Mobile WiMAX Terminal Equipment
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This paper describes a radio frequency ( RF ) module for Mobile WiMAX, where low cost, low power consumption, and small size are needed. To satisfy these requirements, we developed a new micro-size RF module and a new RF CMOS LSI using 90-nm CMOS

Satellite Dish Positioning Control by Geared Motor Using RF Module
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This paper is designed to develop a dish positioning system which can be operated by using RF Module . The main application of using a dish is to receive signal from satellites and other broadcasting sources. In order to position the dish to the exact angle to receive the The thermal radiation of a superconducting RF (SRF) module is simulated using software (ANSYS FLUENT) for threedimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The heat radiating from beam tubes and an input-power coupler (of waveguide type) of the SRF

KU Agile Radio 5 GHz 3.0 RF Module Description
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The KU Agile Radio (KUAR) is a modular design, consisting of separate power supply, digital processing, and radio frequency (RF) sections. The KUAR system has been specifically designed to address the particular needs of wireless networking and radio

RF performance of layer-structured passive millimeter-wave imaging module
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RF Performance of Layer-Structured Passive Millimeter-wave Imaging Module

Application RF Module for Safety Helmet
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Level safety of motorcyclist in roadway in this time very high risk, remember the amount of accident every day progressively mount this matter earn us read various mass media, problem of this generate doubtfulness to motorcyclist. As known that during the time

RF Module for High-Resolution Infrastructure Radars
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Recently, various types of radar are being actively developed and commercialized with an eye toward eradicating traffic accidents. Attention is focused particularly on the use of millimeter-wave radar for collision prevention due to its excellent all-weather (rain, snow

STM SPIRIT1 low-power RF module : overview and implementation
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The SPIRIT1 is a very low-power RF transceiver, intended for RF wireless applications in the sub-1 GHz band, avaible in a QFN20 4×4 mm package It is design to operate in different frequency bands (169, 315, 433, 868, and 915 MHz) with a data rate up to 500kbps with low

Wireless Energy Monitoring in Biped Robot Based on Xbee RF Module
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For mobile and humanoid robots, in the field of analysis, conservation, data monitoring, and management of the energy, the need of real time wireless communication for data to access and control is important. Wireless technology, which is widely used not only in close range

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This paper presents Autonomous speed control of over speeding vehicle using Radio Frequency. The main objective is to design a controller and a display, meant for vehicles speed control and to monitor the zones, which can run on an embedded system. Display

Study on A study on F8L10D-N LoRa RF Module for Drone Based live Broadcasting system 01
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In this paper, we present the study on the proposed design of a real-time transmission of a video from the drone to broadcasting station (OBVan) by using F8L10D-N LoRa Module. Nowadays, LoRa technology is proved to be the mass of low cost, long range machine-to

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This paper proposes an intelligent lane clearance and collision avoidance system as a prototype, which avoids delay and crashing of ERVs (EMERGENCY RESPONSE VEHICLE) and provides greatest security to the ERVs. Here ultrasonic sensor is used to continuously

RF Module Assembly Overview
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Over the years, the electronics industry has constantly been driven to produce components that incorporate multi-functionality and miniaturization, while maintaining improved reliability and low cost. While the portfolio of single die packages can still produce revenue for

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