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NLMS Adaptive Digital Filter with a Variable Step Size for ICS (interference cancellation system) RF repeater
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In the NLMS (normalized least mean square) adaptive filters, choosing a suitable step size is crucial as the stability and the steady-state convergence error of the adaptive filter heavily depends on the step size value. In this paper, we propose a new VSS (variable step size)

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In the past, remote keyless entry (RKE) systems were present only in higher end car manufacturers and models. As the technology becomes more economically feasible, more and more manufacturers are including these systems in a wider range of their cars. To make

A power-optimal repeater insertion methodology for global interconnects in nanometer designs
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This paper addresses the problem of power dissipa-tion during the buffer insertion phase of interconnect performance optimization. It is shown that the interconnect delay is actually very shallow with respect to both the repeater size and separation close to the minimum point. A

Quantitative studies of impact of 3D IC design on repeater usage
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In this paper, we present our quantitative studies of the impact of 3D IC design on repeater usage. The repeater usage is estimated by the interconnect optimizer IPEM in the post- placement/pre-routing stage, where the 2D and 3D placement are generated by state-of-art As process technology scales down to deep sub-micron and the frequency of a high- performance processor increases beyond 300 MHz, coupling induced signal integrity problems become more severe. Ignoring coupling effects can lead to functional failures or

Methodology for repeater insertion management in the RTL, layout, floorplan and fullchip timing databases of the Itanium microprocessor
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Page 1. 99 Methodology for Repeater Insertion Management in the RTL, Layout, Floorplan and Fullchip Timing Databases of the Itanium Microprocessor Rory McInerney Kurt Leeper Troy Hill Intel Corp On the Itanium processor, 85% of the Fullchip level routes require one or more

Repeater analyses for TOEFL iBT
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The operational administrations of TOEFL® iBT began in September 2005 and gradually expanded to the rest of the world in 2006. Some TOEFL iBT test-takers chose to take the test more than once and they were categorized as repeaters. Knowledge about the performance

Equalization on-channel repeater for terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting system
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This paper presents technical requirements of on-channel repeaters (OCRs) to broadcast the terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (T-DMB) signals in single frequency network (SFN) environment. In order to meet such requirements, the configuration and (WPT) system with multiple relay resonators (repeaters) inserted properly between the transmitter and the receiver can increase the transmission distance significantly. Based on the coupled resonator bandpass filter model, a flexible design method for wireless power

Compact repeater antenna system with extremely high isolation in the 800 MHz band
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The radio repeater is an attractive solution for cost-effective expansion of coverage in cellular systems. The direct relay radio repeater (not the frequency conversion type) is particularly cost-effective due to its simple structure. However, when this type of repeater is

and underground medium-voltage and low-voltage broadband over power lines networks: cooperative communications through two-and three-hop repeater
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This paper reviews and analyzes the broadband capacity and the coexistence potential of overhead and underground medium-voltage/broadband over power lines (MV/BPL) and low- voltage/broadband over power lines (LV/BPL) topologies when one and two repeaters are

Repeater insertion in RLC lines for minimum propagation delay
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A closed form expression for the propagation delay of a CMOS gate driving a distributed RLC line is introduced that is within 5% of dynamic circuit simulations for a wide range of RLC loads. It is shown that the traditional quadratic dependence of the propagation delay on

Modulation and pre-equalization method to minimize time delay in equalization digital on-channel repeater
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This paper presents novel modulation and pre-equal-ization methods to minimize a signal processing time delay in the Equalization Digital On-Channel Repeater (EDOCR) for the ATSC terrestrial digital TV system. The proposed modulation method uses Equi-Ripple (ER)

On-body wearable repeater as a data link relay for in-body wireless implants
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Wireless medical devices implanted at different locations in the human body have a wide application range. Yet, high data rate communication in the 2.4 GHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical band suffers from high in-body attenuation loss. Link improvement cannot be

Designing quantum repeater networks
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Quantum networks generate distributed entangled state or relocate quantum state, uniquely ensuring eavesdropper detection or reaching agreement more quickly than their classical counterparts. These capabilities rely on the composition of link and multihop mechanisms

Effects of inductance on the propagation delay and repeater insertion in VLSI circuits: A summary
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The importance of on-chip inductance is continuously increasing with higher operating frequencies and technology scaling trends. However, industry currently uses primarily RC models to characterize the interconnect. This paper describes the effects of on-chip N THIS PAPER the effects of filter shaping and nonlinearity in a coherent quadruature phase- shift-keyed (QPSK) system are analyzed. The physical background is a digital satellite communication link. Due to power and bandwidth constraints the major performance Direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) systems spread the baseband data signal over a broad bandwidth to achieve anti-jamming protection, which increase the difficulty of spectrum surveillance. The current jamming types, including broadband noise, partial-band

Evaluation of security for DSSS under repeater jamming
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Direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) technique has been widely used in both military communications and commercial communications. On the other hand, it is a challenge to both frequency surveillance and military countermeasures. The normal jamming types

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