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Blast- RF : Software for analysing blast risks for facades
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There are many computer programs that model the consequences to built infrastructure when subject to explosive blast loads; however, the majority of these do not account for the uncertainties associated with system response or blast loading. This paper describes new

Combination of geographic information system (GIS) and radio frequency (RF) planning software, to assess the market potential of wireless broadband internet
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The idea is reflected in the acronym GIGO (Garbage-in Garbage-out). It is commonly known that higher resolution data yields better results because low resolution data could potentially cause misinterpretations when using RF software at a local scale

Advances in digital front-end and software RF processing: Part I
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Software RF means almost limitless flexibility and scalability in the way RF signal processing is done, and digital is necessary for software RF . Software RF will ultimately become an operational part of SDR in coming years

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An improved parameter extraction method using an RF software simulation is proposed. The ADS program, Advanced Design System (gently supplied by Agilent Brazil), which has been created to design a complete set of RF projects, has shown excellent results for this task

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