A novel conformal RFIDenabled module utilizing inkjet-printed antennas and carbon nanotubes for gas-detection applications
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This letter introduces for the first time the integration of a conformal radio frequency identification ( RFID ) antenna with a single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) composite in a chipless RFID node for toxic gas detection. The electrical performance characterization of

Automatic Rationing for Public Distribution System (PDS) using RFID and GSM Module to Prevent Irregularities
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Public distribution system ie rationing distribution is one of the widely controversial issue that involves corruption and illegal smuggling of goods. One reason of this to happen is because every job in the ration shop involves manual work and there is no specific technology

Zigbee based indoor campus inventory tracking using RFID module
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This is a very useful application of RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and is very commonly used in institutes, offices, homes and so on. An RFID system consists of a reader device and a transponder. A transponder or tag has a unique serial number which is

Enabling ubiquitous wireless sensing by a novel RFIDbased UWB module
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In this paper, we present a novel passive CMOS module which uses two different standards in uplink and downlink. It can be used in many applications such as Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID ), and ubiquitous wireless sensing. Such as conventional RFID systems

Design of quadrifilar spiral antenna with integrated module for UHF RFID reader
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In this paper, a quadrifilar spiral antenna (QSA) with an integrated module for UHF radio frequency identification ( RFID ) reader is presented. The proposed QSA consists of four spiral antennas with short stubs and a microstrip feed network. Also, the shielded module is In this letter, a compact monostatic antenna module with Tx-to-Rx isolation optimized by on- board reconfigurable leakage canceller and balanced antenna structure is presented. The self-interference of monostatic structure is managed by a directional coupler with impedance

Design of a low-power, low-cost UHF RFID reader module
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A new low-power, low-cost ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification ( RFID ) reader module for short range low/mid-powered applications is presented in this paper. AS3993 is used as the reader IC, which integrates all building blocks including an analog

A wide-band power module for passive UHF RFID readers
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This paper presents a power module that can pro-vide passive RFID readers with more than 30.6 dBm output power in the whole 860-960 MHz ultra high frequency (UHF) band. The module has been firstly analyzed and optimized by means of a simulation model developed

SCOR model based on RFID enable supply chain management module on ERP
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(SCM) suitably delivers exactly packaged product, quantity and product information to the specified customer at the right time. Recently, many companies have applied ERP system to manage their supply chain. However, this system consumed much more time and resource

UICE: A High-Performance Cryptographic Module for SoC and RFID Applications.
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In order to overcome proprietary algorithms with respect to the system manufacturers, a free cryptographic module the Universal Immobilizer Crypto Engine (UICE), will be proposed. This UICE algorithm is tailored to 8-bit microprocessor architectures and is therefore very

The Design of a New Multi-Dimensional Parameter Acquisition Equipment with RFID Module in Sensitive Logistics Environment
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Article Preview Article Preview In this thesis, I designed a new multi-dimensional parameter acquisition devices with a RFID module . The device combines RFID module and multiple sensor by microprocessor chip. To make it has the multiple functions of RFID tags, readers

Design and Fabrication of 900MHz USN/ RFID Module
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This paper proposed Intelligent and wireless USN/ RFID module system that overcomes disadvantage of existing RFID system with no sensing module and wire communication. The proposed USN/ RFID system was designed and fabricated. After fabricating new system, we

RFID Modules Guideline for selecting appropriate RFID Module for Industries
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Barcode has been used for identification of products since long. It had been successful for identification but as time has gone for barcode now. We do need to move on towards the technology which could work better and easier than barcode. The manual scanning of each

Vehicle Accident Detection and Identification Using Image Compression Analysis and RFID Traffic Cone Tracking System Module
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This paper proposed an intelligent RFID traffic cone that is applied for vehicle accident detection and identification based on image compressing analysis and RFID detection tracking in an accident clamming system and traffic reporting system. The gain benefit of this

Examination Guide using RFID and Fingerprint Module for Jumbling System
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Purpose of this undertaking is guiding the learner at the test insides. Now a days 99% of the tests are took place mixing together system. In this process so many candidates facing problems in looking for rooms. Most of the students have a feeling tense before coming to

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This paper helps to develop a sophisticated voting system and also perceive it, if someone theft. The voting process is as follows: Each voter is provided a unique id card. The. voter can cast his vote only through his card by swiping around RFID reader module . If tries to

Teaching and Learning Module on Learning Disabilities (LD) Using RFID Technology
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Over the last decade, there have been dramatic changes in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning in special education domain. Traditional teaching and learning approach prevents children with learning disabilities (LD) from having opportunities

Automatic Vehicle License Plate Detection System using RFID Tags Finger Print Module with MQTT Protocol
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Automatic Vehicle license plate system requires verification of the license plate of the registered vehicle to ensure for the security purpose and to manage the time in freeway, lance and check station. This paper aims to survey the different techniques implemented for

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Abstract Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID ) technology is an advance contactless identification system which communicates through radio frequency between RFID reader and tags. Basically, there are three components in RFID system which consists of reader

Smart Atm Access Using RFID Biometric Finger Print and GSM Module
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In this project we are simply digitize the work, when user or customer come to the bank for opening new bank account for money saving, then the bank require some valid id proofs and one or two nominee. The proof or doccummentation for example true copy of aadhar

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