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Analysis of system parameters for LEO/ICO- satellite communication networks
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Currently many efforts are undertaken to develop and install communication networks based on low earth orbit (LEO) and intermediate circular orbit (ICO) satellites. However, many problems are to be solved until the final operation of such networks. This paper deals with

Packet switching in a multi-access broadcast channel with application to satellite communication in a computer network
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COMPUTER SYSTEMS MODELING AND ANALYSIS GROUP REPORT SERIES Assignment of Inventory of a Variable Structure Computer, January 1 , The Automatic Assignment and Sequencing of Computations

Interference and fade mitigation techniques for Ka and Q/V band satellite communication systems
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Up to the past few months, geostationary telecommunication satellite systems have kept taking advantage of the satellite natural wide area coverage capability, of their rather rapid deployment and efficient capability to provide a telecommunication infrastructure in areas

Modeling and performance study of inter- satellite optical wireless communication system
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Optical communications systems have evolved from lengthy fibers to powerful wireless system. This has hence resulted in the use of optical wireless communication system in space communications. As the number of satellites orbiting Earth increase year by year, a

PSK and DPSK trellis codes for fast fading, shadowed mobile satellite communication channels
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The performance of 8-PSK and 8-DPSK trellis codes is presented for a class of fast fading, land mobile satellite communication channels. As presented in the literature, the fading model is Rician but, in addition, the line-of-sight path is subjected to a fast lognormal

Enhancing small satellite communication through effective antenna system design
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A Cube- Satellite (CubeSat) is a small satellite weighing no more than one kilogram. CubeSats are used for space research, but their low-rate communication capability limits functionality. As greater payload and instrumentation functions are sought, increased data

Improving noise immunity of QPSK demodulation of signals in digital satellite communication systems
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One of the basic parameters effecting the total noise immunity to receiving digital signals is quadrature signal QPSK demodulator stability . Using digital methods forming special signals based on direct digital synthesis what allows improving characteristics of digital channels is the actual

Broadband conformal phased array with optical beam forming for airborne satellite communication
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For enhanced communication on board an aircraft, novel antenna systems with broadband satellitebased capabilities are required. The technology will enhance airline operations by providing in-flight connectivity for flight crew information and will bring live TV and

Ka-Band the future of satellite communication
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We are very familiar with the C and Ku bands. These bands are normally used for digital TV transmission. Some of our readers also know the S band. However, the frequency spectrum that can be used for satellite communication is not limited to the above mentioned ones

Adaptive antenna array for satellite communication systems
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Satellite Communication Systems are beneficial in providing communication services to vast regions especially where the adequate infrastructure for communication may not be constructed. Wireless communication is one of the fastest growing fields in the engineering

Disaster assessment and satellite communication : on the threshold of a new era
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Disaster events have always been with us. Success or failure of a disaster response is often determined by timely access to communication and the exchange of reliable information. Especially, crucial is information acquired by on-site first responders responsible for initial

Interference cancellation for multimedia satellite communication systems employing superposed transmission
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Communication over the Internet has become a fact of life. Since the contents being transmitted now include multimedia contents like video, bandwidth requirements continue to explode. As a result, neither the conventional public switched telephone net-work nor the

6 x 20Gbps long reach WDM-PI based high altitude platform inter- satellite communication system
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InterSatellite communication is one of the remarkable technologies in the era of high altitude platform (HAP) communication system. This work is focused on the transmission of six channels, each carrying 20Gbps non return to zero (NRZ) data over inter- satellite link of

Design of microstrip patch antenna for ku-band satellite communication applications
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A rectangular microstrip patch antenna is presented in this paper for Ku-band satellite communication applications. The proposed E-shaped patch antenna is designed to cover various applications such as broadcasting, remote sensing and space communication . To

Helicopter satellite communication system for disaster control operations
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Kashima Space Research Center National Institute of Information and Communications Technology Role of satellite communication for disaster management II. Requirements for the helicopter satellite communication

Design and Analysis of Rectangular and U Slotted Patch for Satellite Communication
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This paper presents Microstrip antenna in the application for a satellite band microwave communication system for super high frequency (SHF), at a frequency range of 4.0 Ghz 6.0 Ghz. Currently, most security, research and education platforms are equipped with SHF

An evaluation of passive acoustic monitoring using satellite communication technology for near real-time detection of tagged marine animals
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Passive acoustic monitoring has become a common tool for monitoring tagged marine animals. Recent improvements in acoustic technology have addressed some of the limitations of the system; specifically, the need to manually download data and the time

Satellite Communication Advancement, Issues, Challenges and Applications
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Communication in the whole of the World is revolutionized with the advent of Satellites. Satellite Communication has served mankind in many ways eg to predict weather, storm warning, provide wide range of communication services in the field of relaying television

Dual-circular-polarized high-efficiency antenna for Ku-band satellite communication
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(CP) antenna was designed for Ku-band operation. The design is based on a truncated corner square-ring slot configuration with planar multilayer circuit board technology. High isolation is achieved between orthogonal ports while maintaining axial ratio lower than 3 dB

Role of turbulences in WDM-polarization interleaving scheme based inter- satellite communication system
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Inter- Satellite communication is the revolutionary technology used to transmit the signals between the satellites. This work is focused to carry out the investigation of turbulences in Inter- Satellite communication system by incorporating WDMPI interleaving scheme. A 6 x 20

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