wireless-secure wireless sensor network

secure wireless sensor network

Designing secure sensor networks
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Sensor networks are expected to play an essential role in the upcoming age of pervasive computing. Due to their constraints in computation, memory, and power resources, their susceptibility to physical capture, and use of wireless communications, security is a

Secure localization algorithms for wireless sensor networks
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In the military and emergency preparedness class of applications, wireless sensor networks have a number of desirable characteristics, such as being autonomous systems that can be deployed in a remote possibly hostile environment and can perform tasks like battlefield

A survey on secure localization in wireless sensor networks
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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are shaping many activities in our society, as they have become the epitome of pervasive technology. WSNs have an endless array of potential applications in both military and civilian applications, including robotic land-mine detection

Key distribution mechanisms for wireless sensor networks : a survey
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to secure their communication. 3. NETWORK MODELS Communication in WSNs usually occurs in ad hoc manner, and shows similarities to wireless ad hoc networks . Likewise, WSNs are dynamic in the sense that radio range and network connectivity changes by time. Sensor

Secure positioning in wireless networks
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In this paper, we propose a mechanism for the secure posi- tion computation and verification of positions of wireless de- vices In this paper, we focus on sensor network positioning, and we show how VM can ensure secure positioning of sensors in the presence of

Secure wireless sensor networks : Problems and solutions
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As sensor networks edge closer towards wide-spread deployment, security issues become a central concern. So far, the main research focus has been on making sensor networks feasible and useful, and less emphasis was placed on security. This paper analyzes security If a wireless sensor network (WSN) is integrated into the Internet as part of the Internet of Things (IoT), there will appear new security challenges, such as setup of a secure channel between a sensor node and an Internet host. In this paper, we propose a heterogeneous

Security vulnerabilities in wireless sensor networks : A survey
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Similarly, an attacker can easily inject malicious messages into the wireless network A better solution actually gives a good compromise between these two. Since sensor nodes usually have One thing required in either case is the use of keys for secure communication

A security framework for wireless sensor networks
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a secure routing mechanism which provides a stronger resilience towards susceptible attacks on sensor networks . We plan to implement this security framework in Berkeleys motes having confidence that this framework will provide added security in wireless sensor network

Secure time synchronization protocols for wireless sensor networks
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Time synchronization is essential in wireless sensor networks as it is needed by many applications for basic communication. The inherent characteristics of sensor networks do not permit simply applying traditional time synchronization algorithms. Therefore, many new

An efficient sensor -to- sensor authenticated path-key establishment scheme for secure communications in wireless sensor networks
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Path-key establishment has become accepted as a commonly used solution in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) for protecting node-to-node communications from malicious attacks. Unfortunately, traditional security approaches are not well suited to WSNs due to

Secure and trusted in- network data processing in wireless sensor networks : a survey
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In- network data processing in wireless sensor networks (WSN) is a rapidly emerging research topic. The distributed processing could have several advantages for wireless sensor networks . First of all, in WSN computation is typically much less energy consuming

Secure localization in wireless sensor networks : a survey
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Secure localization of unknown nodes in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is an important research subject. When WSNs are deployed in hostile environments, many attacks happen, eg, wormhole, sinkhole and sybil attacks. Two issues about unknown nodes secure

Using REWARD to detect team black-hole attacks in wireless sensor networks
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A. A survey of secure wireless ad hoc routing, Scalable routing protocols for mobile ad hoc networks , Energy Efficient Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks , Ph

Secure data discovery and dissemination based on hash tree for wireless sensor networks
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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are widely ap-plicable in monitoring and control of environment parameters. It is sometimes necessary to disseminate data through wireless links after they are deployed in order to adjust configuration parameters of sensors or

Flegsens- secure area monitoring using wireless sensor networks
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In the project FleGSens, a wireless sensor network (WSN) for the surveillance of critical areas and properties is currently developed which incorporates mechanisms to ensure information security. The intended prototype consists of 200 sensor nodes for monitoring a

A low-energy key management protocol for wireless sensor networks
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A critical observation is that sensor -to- sensor secure channel establishment is not P. Kruus, and B. Matt, Constraints and approaches for distributed sensor network security, Tech Layer Driven Algorithm and Protocol Design for Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks , in the

Energy efficient security protocol for wireless sensor networks
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Another key issue in wireless sensor networks is to have secure communication between sensor nodes and base station. Unfortunately, only a little research has been reported in the literature so far on sensor network security

An efficient mutual authentication and access control scheme for wireless sensor networks in healthcare
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Abstract Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) will play an active role in the 21th Century Healthcare IT to This requires a secure and lightweight user authentication and access control access control is not suitable for WSNs in healthcare due to dynamic network topology, mobility

Provably Secure Online/Off-line Identity-Based Signature Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network .
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This paper describes an efficient and secure online and offline signature scheme for wireless sensor network (WSN). Security of the proposed scheme is based on difficulty of breaking Bilinear Diffie-Hellman problem (BDHP). WSN systems are usually deployed in

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