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Sensor Interface ICs allow to readout the information coming from the signal generated by complex sensors, providing a suitable output signal simple to display or elaborate. The design and the realization of complex and/or distributed monitoring systems is often difficult due to the multitude of different electronic interfaces presented by the sensors available on the market. To address these issues the authors propose the concept of a Universal Intelligent Sensor Interface

Declarative sensor interface descriptors for the sensor web
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ABSTRACT: The Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) initiative of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) defines standards for Web Service interfaces and data encodings usable as building blocks to implement a Sensor Web. These standards encapsulate sensors for

A capacitive sensor interface circuit based on phase differential method
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AbstractA new interface circuit for capacitive sensor is presented. This paper presents the design and simulation of soil moisture capacitive sensor interface circuit based on phase differential technique. The circuit has been designed and fabricated using MIMOS0.35 m

A simple common sensor interface for planetlab
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This document goes into some detail in justifying its own existence. If youre sold on the idea and want to cut to the chase, read section 5, followed by 7. Sensors are our name for the abstraction used by many distributed query processors or management systems for the

A generic sensor interface in robot simulation and control
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Abstract:-Focusing on creating a module which will cooperate with Computer Aided Robotics (CAR) applications used both off-line and on-line, this paper outlines a generic interface, ie an architecture that can handle virtual as well as physical sensors in a

Investigating power-reduction for a reconfigurable sensor interface
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Abstract The power consumption of different implementations of a sensor interface utilized for wireless sensor network nodes are investigated. Most sensor network nodes use a CPU to implement the main functionality in software. This maintains flexibility compared with a

Design of a 12-bit cyclic RSD ADC Sensor Interface IC using the Intelligent Analog IP Library
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ABSTRACT Within this paper we present an Intelligent Analog IP design flow and its successful application on an industrial-level mixed-signal ASIC design. This novel design flow is based on a library of flexible (configurable), robust (design for reliability awareness) Key Words: transducer interface, smart sensor system, smart sensorinterface bridge interface, captive interface, universal transducer interface 1. IntroductionThe new sensorinterface described in this paper has been especially designed for this purpose

Rfid based general wireless sensor interface
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Abstract Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been used in various areas including Transportation and logistics, Manufacturing and Processing, Inventory and retail, etc. In this article, RFID technology will be used for wirelessly transmitting data from a

Eobody3: a Ready-to-use Pre-mapped Multi-protocol Sensor Interface
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ABSTRACT Away from the DIY world of Arduino programmers, Eowave has been developing Eobody interfaces, a range of ready-to-use sensor interfaces designed for metainstruments, music control, and interactive installationsWith Eobody3, we wanted to

A microcontroller sensor interface suitable for resistive sensors with large lead resistance
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AbstractA direct resistive sensor interface to a micro-controller reported earlier, works well only if the sensor element is very close to the micro-controller pins. If the sensor element is at a distance from the micro-controller then the lead resistance due to connecting wires

Building a usb sensor interface using the atmel atmega16 and the human interface device standard
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Interfacing computer systems to the outside world is an important aspect of creating new computer music interfaces. We need a means of capturing data from sensors which can be easily used to control a our synthesis engines and musical systems. The interface described in this document

A novel photo- sensor interface technique based on Σ conversion
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ABSTRACT Conventional sigma-delta (Σ) analog-to-digital (Ad) converters are based on an analog Σ modulator followed by a digital filter. In this paper we propose a new architecture of a first-order Σ modulator that needs no active analog components. With this

Onika: A multilevel human-machine interface for real-time sensor-based systems
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Control tasks may be either periodic or aperiodic. job P sensorinterface X configuration programmer and editor job R Configuration R raw data outjob Q special purpose processor F sensorinterface Y actuator interface Z i/o device driver x i/o device Chimera 3.0control tasks

A novel polymer nanofiber interface for chemical and biochemical sensor applications
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It is well known that the sensitivity of a sensing film is proportional to the surface area of the film per unit mass. In our research we have studied the feasibility of using thin polymeric films made of nanofibers (NFs) as novel sensorinterface

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