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A complete software-based IF GNSS signal generator for software receiver development
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The recent development of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) software receivers has brought a new perspective to receiver design. The first step necessary to use them is to have access to sampled data at an Intermediate Frequency (IF). These sampled data can be

Sinusoid signal generator for on-chip impedance spectroscopy
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Compact signal generators are a necessary component for many biomedical and chemical sensor microsystems. This paper presents a signal generator with precise digital frequency control that is 62% smaller the previous designs. The signal generator can produce analog

Frequency stabilized GaP continuous-wave terahertz signal generator for high-resolution spectroscopy
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We constructed a GaP continuous-wave terahertz (CW-THz) signal generator based on different frequency generation that can tune automatically from 0.15 to 6.2 THz without mode- hopping. Independent frequency feedback control for the seed laser and power feedback Nowadays, voltage transducers in medium-voltage (MV) distribution networks operate in nonsinusoidal conditions while their calibration is still based on simple sine-wave tests. A more significant characterization could be achieved using complex multitone signals

Implementation of Digital Chaotic Signal Generator with an Efficient Cross-Correlation in Wireless Communications
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This paper describes the digital chaotic signal with ship map design. The robust digital implementation eliminates the variation tolerance and electronics noise problems common in analog chaotic circuits. Generation of good non-repeatable and nonpredictable random

ECG signal generator based on geometrical features
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Electrocardiograms are widely used in biomedical signal processing to diagnose abnormal heart functioning. Many algorithms have been constructed to analyse, measure and compress these signals. These methods are hard to test because real ECG signals are

Hybrid GPS/Galileo/GLONASS IF software signal generator
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ABSTRACT A Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signal simulator is a necessity for the development and validation phases of a GNSS receiver. By connecting the simulator to the antenna port of a receiver, the latter can navigate as if it is on a real vehicle. Indeed

Advanced Audiometer: A Novel Signal Generator Technique
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Audiometry is the technique to identify and quantitatively determine the degree of hearing loss of a person by measuring his hearing sensitivity, so that suitable medical treatment or one of the appropriate hearing aids and assestive device can be prescribed. In audiological

Signal Generator Based on Direct Digital Synthesis Techniques
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This paper describes a design of signal generator based on direct digital synthesis technique (DDS). According to the basic principles of DDS using Matlab/DSP Builder establish DDS model, then compiling by the SignalCompiler tools and generating VHDL ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAM (EEG) and other biological signals have random amplitude variations and it is useful to be able to generate a signal having similar properties and that can be repeated exactly. Such a signal is often more appropriate for testing analysis

Development of Real-Time signal generator Graphical user Interface using MATLAB 6.5
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Real-time application using MATLAB is very difficult to be implemented since the implementation requires very long and tedious programming code. This paper presents an approach to design real-time signal generator system that uses Graphical User Interface

Digital GPS signal generator for L1 band
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This paper deals with the generation of GPS signals using FPGA based Xilinx System Generator 9.2. We have considered L1 frequency band as it is mainly used for commercial, civil aviation and other purposes. Once the GPS signals are generated in the simulated

A graphical user-interface controller for the biomedical high-voltage signal generator
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The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the biomedical equipment is expected to perform reliably and to assure fast response at a maximum level of safety. We designed a user- friendly GUI to control the high-voltage signal generator . Electroporation is a

Digital GNSS Signal Recorder, Generator, and Simulator for Receiver Test, Qualification, and Certification
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given anymore. Looking at the performance analysis in a different way, there are many interference and degradation sources in the real world that cannot be captured in a complete and accu- rate way in a signal generator . Even

Implementation of signal generator (DSP) using TMS 320C6713 DSK
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ABSTRACT TMS 320 C 6713 DSK is used for the implementation of signal generator (DSP). The DSP processor TMS320C6713DSK with Code Composer Studio has been used to generate the signal waveforms and is used for interfacing user and the DSP board. A look

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