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On- chip integrated cell-level power management architecture with MPPT for PV solar system
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This paper presents the design of an on- chip integrated power management architecture with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for Photovoltaic (PV) solar system. The system is developed in order to extract higher power for PV system under partial shading and other

A solar -powered, milligram prototype robot from a three- chip process
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Page 1. A Solar -Powered, Milligram Prototype Robot from a Three- Chip Process (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 1996 MS (University of California, Berkeley) 2000 A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements

Solar -blind dual-band UV/IR photodetectors integrated on a single chip
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Employment of layered structures made of semiconductor materials with different optical absorption bands, is a new way of realizing either a broad spectrum photo detector or selective multiple band photo detectors. Such a concept based on structures fabricated using

Characterization of entry to solar system atmospheres for chip -sized spacecraft
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Characterization of Entry to Solar System Atmospheres for Chip -Sized Spacecraft First Interplanetary Small Satellite Conference

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The purpose of this paper is to fabrication the Chip -On-Board LEDs solar simulator that can generate irradiance for the solar cell standard test condition and study the non-uniformity of the light source. Eighteen of fifty-watts of Chip -On-Board LEDs were applied to be the light

Functional layers for CIGS Solar Cell on- chip fabrication during post-processing
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The ubiquitous deploying of wireless electronic devices due to pervasive computing results in the idea of Energy Scavenging, ie, harvesting ambient energy from surroundings of the electronic devices . As an approach to the most practical realization of such an energy

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