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A 50MHz-to-1.5 GHz cross-correlation CMOS spectrum analyzer for cognitive radio with 89dB SFDR in 1MHz RBW
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Spectrum sensing for cognitive radio requires a high linearity to handle strong signals, and at the same time a low noise figure (NF) to enable detection of much weaker signals. Often there is a trade-off between linearity and noise: improving one of them degrades the other

A micropower-compatible time-multiplexed SC speech spectrum analyzer design
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A micropower-compatible time-multiplexed SC speech spectrum analyzer embodying several new design methodologies is described. In the bandpass filter (BPF) section, the dc offset differences between channels are reduced by a careful biquadratic filter design, and a

A PC with sound card as an audio waveform generator, a two-channel digital oscilloscope and a spectrum analyzer
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The availability of inexpensive PC sound cards that can simultaneously play and record stereo digital audio files permits a single PC to function as both a signal generator and as a dual-channel recording digital oscilloscope. When the input and output of a linear analog

A wide band electron spectrum analyzer
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An optimization procedure for the design of an electron spectrum analyzer (ELSA), which consists o1 the combination of a triple focusing magnet with an energy sensitive detector was developed. The resulting magnet focuses a solid angle of 7.6 msr (5 5) and a

Increasing the spurious-free dynamic range of an integrated spectrum analyzer
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Spectrum Analyzers (SAs) are measurement instruments able to decompose a time signal into its frequency components. Due to non-idealities, SAs add noise and distort the signal to be measured. The ratio between the the largest signal and the noise floor level in a

Narrowband and broadband discrimination with a spectrum analyzer or EMI receiver
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Page 1. WERNER SCHAEFER SCHAEFER ASSOCIATES wernerschaefer@comcast.net Narrowband and Broadband Discrimination with a Spectrum Analyzer or EMI Receiver Page 2. Content 1. Introduction 2. The role of the instrument IF section 3. Resolution bandwidth test

A real-time digital spectrum analyzer .
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In the past, spectral analysis has been done almost exclusively by analog equipment. The main stumbling block for digital spectral analysis has been the enormous number of computations necessary to calculate the spectrum digitally. This research develops a new

A high-resolution, low-frequency spectrum analyzer
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This dual-channel instrument uses digital computation with a mi cr opr ocessor to m ake fre qu en cy-d om ai nm eas ureme nts in the 0-to-25.5-kHz range with bandwidths as narrow as 20 mHz, and do it hundreds of times f aster than conventional sweptJrequency analyzers. At

Accuracy evaluation of a new broad-band vector digital spectrum analyzer
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Absfract-I n fhispaper fhe fheorefical expression of the accuracy of a previously introduced vecfar digital spectrum analyzer based on a random usynchranous sampling strategy whose bandwidih limitation is due uniquely fo ihe bandwidth of the Samplold circuit, has

A prototype single-chip spectrum analyzer with integrated frequency-synthesized tuning
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A variety of applications such as spectrum monitoring systems and dynamic spectrum access systems motivate the development of on-chip capability to measure the frequency spectrum of the local radio environment. Toward this end, a prototype of a simple single-chip

A spectrum analyzer laboratory project
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A laboratory project in which the students build a simple DC to 1 MHz spectrum analyzer using only an oscilloscope, function generator, and a custom-built mixer/IF section is described. After assembling the spectrum analyzer the students use it to explore the spectra

A CMOS spectrum analyzer frontend for cognitive radio achieving+ 25dBm IIP3 and-169 dBm/Hz DANL
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A dual RF-receiver preceded by discrete-step attenuators is implemented in 65nm CMOS and operates from 0.3 1.0 GHz. The noise of the receivers is reduced by cross-correlating the two receiver outputs in the digital baseband, allowing attenuation of the RF input signal

Spectrum analyzer with USRP, GNU Radio and MATLAB
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In this paper, a spectrum analyzer in the 2.3-2.7 GHz band is proposed using the USRP, GNU Radio and the MATLAB software. With this solution, a cheap and reliable analyzer can be made, also serving as an introductory work for a cognitive radio. A RF signal generator The two-channel combined hardware/software system contains a spectrum analyzer an oscilloscope, a frequency meter, a phase meter, a dc and ac voltmeter, and instruments for measuring noise, nonlinear distortions, power, and the ampli- tude distribution density of the input

Analysis and design of an ADC for a spectrum analyzer
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Cognitive radio requires a system that is capable of quickly sensing the spectrum for available frequencies. In order for such a system to work a spectrum analyzer is required. The spectrum analyzer must be capable of detecting strong and weak signals

Analysis of a discrete spectrum analyzer for the detection of radio frequency interference
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As the radio frequency spectrum becomes increasingly overcrowded, interference with mission-critical DSN operations is rising at an alarming rate. To alleviate this problem the DSN is developing a wideband surveillance system for on-site detection and identification of

Dynamic Testing Of A Dual Line Filter For Common And Differential Mode Attenuation using a Spectrum Analyzer
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In todays EMC environment, dual line filtering is needed on diverse items such as motors, entertainment electronics (CD players, video cameras, digital cameras), personal computers (fan motors, disk drives, printers), and other consumer goods. Both common and differential

Finite word length implementation of a megachannel digital spectrum analyzer
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This article presents the results of an extensive system analysis of the megachannel spectrum analyzer currently being developed for use in various applications of the Deep Space Network. The intent of this analysis is to quantify the effects of digital quantization

et I5 I-channel Analyzer for Spectrum Sampling
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SECTION IS DE- 400 msec PLING RATE Fig. 1-9 Block dlagram of the 51-channel spectrum analyzer and associated equipment for the recording of successive frequency, tlme-synchronous spectral sections. Page 5. Page 6. TYPICAL OPERATION Fig

High-speed measurement technologies of AQ6370C optical spectrum analyzer
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The optical spectrum measurement is indispensable to the wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology that is increasingly being used in optical communications. Optical spectrum analyzers, which measure and analyze the optical spectrum of light that travels

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