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Characterization of wireless on-body channel under specific action scenarios at sub GHz bands
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Body area network is an emerging area of wireless communication for medical healthcare applications. This paper characterizes the narrowband wireless on-body channels under specific action scenarios by measurement at the three different sub GHz frequencies of 444

Compact triple-frequency antenna for sub GHz wireless communications
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The design of a compact printed antenna operating concurrently at three distinct frequencies is presented for sub GHz wireless communications. The radiation properties of the antenna, realized by using a low-cost PCB process on FR4 substrate, have been measured and the A novel compact wearable antenna printed on paper is presented. The antenna comprises a non-resonant coplanar monopole antenna placed on a miniaturized AMC (total size of 0.14 λ0 x 0.14 λ0 x 0.01 λ0 at 700 MHz). The manufacturing process only requires a commercial

A low power 4-bit interleaved burst sampling ADC for sub GHz impulse UWB radio
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GHz Ultra Wideband (UWB) receivers. The power efficiency is achieved by taking advantage of the low duty cycle feature of UWB impulse. After the synchronization is achieved, the burstmode sampling approach is employed to avoid unnecessary operations. So, the ADC

Simple Link Budget Estimation and Performance Measurements of Microchip Sub GHz Radio Modules
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The increased popularity of short range wireless in home, building and industrial applications with Sub GHz ( 1 GHz) band requires the system designers to understand the methods, estimation, cost and trade-off in short range wireless communication. Apart from Research efforts in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) are providing solutions in building new types of network of networks , going beyond the technological barriers due to intrinsic limitations of the constrained devices typically used in this context. Thanks to the

A Low Power Fully CMOS Integrated RF Transceiver for Wireless Sensor Networks in Sub GHz ISM-band
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A fully CMOS integrated radio frequency (RF) transceiver for wireless sensor networks in sub GHz ISM-band applications is implemented and measured. The IC is fabricated in 0.18- µm CMOS technology and packaged in LPCC package. The fully monolithic transceiver This study presents a sub GHz band propagationloss model for a region where the error rate is lower than that observed in previous studies to realize, with high reliability, a wireless control communication system between the equipment in a factory. In particular, we show

All-dielectric nanomechanical metamaterials for sub GHz optical modulation
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We report on the experimental demonstration of all-dielectric nano-mechanical metamaterials, fabricated in free-standing silicon and silicon/ITO bilayer membranes, with resonant reflection and transmission characteristics that can be manipulated via the spatial

Compact Microstrip Loop Resonator Based Bandstop Filters for Sub GHz Channels
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This paper presents two microwave bandstop filters based on microstrip loop resonators with capacitors. The filters have steep band edges, are compact and easy to fabricate. They are applicable for protection against strong signals in nearby channels. Construction of

Nanomechanically reconfigurable all-dielectric metasurfaces for sub GHz optical modulation
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Ultra-thin, free-standing, all-dielectric subwavelength-gratings and arrays of nano- cantilevers can act as resonant nanomechanically reconfigurable metasurfaces at telecommunication wavelengths. Actuation by electrostatic and optical forces delivers

Sub GHz inductive power transmission from helical coils for implanted medical devices
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This paper presents measurements and simulations for small helical coils that provide inductive power transfer for implanted medical devices (IMDs) in sub GHz region. In such context, the coils need be very small to be implanted within devices, or even to be used as

Virtualized sub GHz transmission paired with mobile access for the Tactile Internet.
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The Tactile Internet has highly challenging technical requirements. For example, the end-to- end latency for the sensation of touch to be realistically conveyed to the end-user via communications, for the purpose of that end-user implementing control actions in response A peak-to-average power-ratio (PAPR) aware dual-mode power amplifier (PA) for short range wireless communication in Sub GHz band is proposed in this paper. By carefully choosing the bias, the dual-mode PA achieves the measured output P1dB (OP1dB) of 13.6

Comparison of TDMA and CSMA MAC performance in Sub GHz band
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Spectrum scarcity is being faced all across the and valuable resource. Facing this spectrum technologies and techniques to effici has emerged as a result of these activities i secondary networks. Terrestrial TV Services o Frequency (UHF) bands all across the world. T these TV

Realistic Indoor Radio Propagation for Sub GHz Communication.
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This research article proposes a novel ray-launching propagation loss model that is able to use an environment model that contains the real geometry. This environment model is made by applying a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm. As a solution to

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