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switching regulator is a type of switch mode power supply circuit that is designed to efficiently reduce DC voltage from a higher voltage to a lower one, that is it subtracts or “Bucks” the supply voltage, thereby reducing the voltage available at the output terminals without changing the polarity.

A Monolithic Switching Regulator with 100 V Output Noise
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Size, output flexibility and efficiency advantages have made switching regulators common in electronic apparatus. The continued emphasis on these attributes has resulted in circuitry with 95% efficiency that requires minimal board area. Although these advantages are

Efficiency and power characteristics of switching regulator circuits
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Efficiency is often the main objective when using switch-ing regulators. High efficiency means less power drain on the input source (batteries, etc.) and less heat buildup around the regulator, allowing for smaller and lighter power supplies and system enclosures.

The state space average model of buck-boost switching regulator including all of the system uncertainties
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Abstract In this paper a complete state-space average model for the buck-boost switching regulators is presented. The presented model includes the most of the regulator parameters and uncertainties. In modeling, the load current is assumed to be unknown, and

Theory and Applications of the MC34063 and~ A78S4O Switching Regulator Control Circuits
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The MC34063 and p. A78S40 are monolithic switching regulator subsystems intended for use as dc to dc converters. These devices represent a significant advancement in the ease of implementing highly efficient and yet simple switching power supplies. The use of

DC-to-DC Switching Regulator Insights Achieving Longer Battery Life in DSP Systems
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A key component of such systems, a step-down dc-to-dc switching regulator efficiently derives a low supply voltage, say 1 V, from a higher-voltage supply, for example, 4.5 V. As a regulator, it must maintain a constant voltage, rapidly responding to variations in the

Heavy ion single event effects test of 4A adjustable switching regulator MSK5042 from MS Kennedy
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This report gives heavy ion SEE test data on the switching regulator MSK5042 from National Semiconductor. This work has been performed in the frame of the ST5 project. Previous testing in March 2002 showed a Single Event Burnout (SEB) sensitivity of the device power

LT1534 ultralow noise switching regulator controls EMI
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Todaycircuit designer is often challenged to assemble a high performance system by combining sensitive analog electronics with potentially noisy DC/DC converters. Requirements for a small, efficient, cost effective solution are in conflict with acceptable

Heavy ion single event effects test of switching regulator LM2651 from National Semiconductor
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This report gives heavy ion SEE test data on the switching regulator LM2651 from National Semiconductor. This work has been performed in the frame of the ST5 projectThe tested devices are described in Table 1Type LM2651MTC-ADJ Manufacturer National Semiconductors

Switching power supply design review 60 watt flyback regulator
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I. SELECTION OF FLYBACK TOPOLOGY The flyback, when compared to other switchingregulator topologies, has several cost and performance advantages: Cost AdvantagesFigure 6 illustrates an optimum practical open-loop frequency response for a switchingregulator

Understanding Switching Regulator Output Artifacts Expedites Power Supply Design
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Minimizing output ripple and transients from a switching regulator can be important, especially when powering noisesensitive devices such as high-resolution ADCs, where the output ripple can appear as a distinct spur on the ADCoutput spectrum. To avoid

Pulsed-laser Test Report of the MSK5058RH Switching Regulator
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The purpose of this test is to examine the pulsed-laser-induced single event effects (SEE) susceptibility of the MSK5059RH step down switching voltage regulator from M. S. Kennedy Corporation. The test was conducted at the Naval Research LaboratoryThe MSK5059RH is a radiation hardened

A Novel Quasi-Resonant ZCS-PFM DC-DC Switching Regulator with Loosely-Coupled Flyback Inductors
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AbstractThis paper presents a novel topological prototype ofvoitage source series quasi resonant zero current soft-switching pulse frequency modulated tic-dc power converter circuit using lGBTs which incorporates a high-frequency ybsck transformer link. Its steady-

Step-down Switching Regulator Light-load Efficiency Improvement Using Recycled Parasitic Energy, and Gate Voltage Clamping
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Basic Synchronous Buck Regulator Theory of Operation. 6 Survey of Known Light-Load Efficiency Boosting Strategies . 10Approach . . 15 Implementation of Parasitic Energy

555 as switching regulator supplies negative voltage
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Negative-voltage, source. Pulses from free-running multivibrator IC are inverted and smoothed by C2, D2, and C3. Negative output voltage across C3 is regulated by the transistor, Which increases or decreases multivibrator frequency to charge 03 as often as

A low noise switching converter-regulator for main power control in a space power system
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RAE) spacecraft. The selection of the design approach for the switchingregulator is presented, to- gether with an analysis of its operation and definition of its characteristics, functional performance, and test results . The regulator

used to design a switching power supply part a: Mathematical theory of dc-dc step-up/down converter controlled by mc34063 or ua78s40 switching regulator
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Abstract The paper presents a DC-DC step-up/down converter used in switching power supply with monolithic switching regulator control circuits. The paper completely describes the design of the switching power supply starting with the simplified mathematical theory of

Universal Switching Regulator Subsystem
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TheA78S40 is a switching regulator subsystem, consisting of a temperature compensated voltage reference, controlled duty cycle oscillator with an active current limit circuit, comparator, high current and high voltage output switch, capable of 1.5 A and 40 V, pinned

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