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Delay insensitive system – on – chip interconnect using 1-of-4 data encoding
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The demands of System – on – Chip (SoC) interconnect increasingly cannot be satisfied through the use of a shared bus. A common alternative, using unidirectional, point-to-point connections and multiplexers, results in much greater area requirements and still suffers

System-on-a-chip test-data compression and decompression architectures based on Golomb codes
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Wrapper Coren Timing and synchronization Figure 1: A conceptual architecture for testing a system – on – chip Decoder Figure 2: A conceptual architecture for testing a system – on – chip by storing the encoded test data TE in ATE memory and decoding it using on-chip decoders

Frequency-directed run-length (FDR) codes with application to system-on-a-chip test data compression
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Core Core Core Core SOC Core Core Figure 1. A conceptual architecture for testing a system – on – chip by storing the encoded test data TE in ATE memory and decoding it using on-chip decoders. TD Tdiff TE Core under test Internal scan chain Decoder CSR ABSTRACT A System on Chip (SoC) library for MOSIS scalable CMOS rules has been developed. It is intended for use with Synopsys and Cadence Design Systems Electronic Design Automation tools. Students can also use layout tools for semi-custom designs and

RF CMOS technology scaling in high-k/metal gate era for RF SoC ( system – on – chip ) applications
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The impact of silicon technology scaling trends and the associated technological innovations on RF CMOS device characteristics are examined. The application of novel strained silicon and high-k/metal gate technologies not only benefits digital systems, but

ST7580 power line communication system – on – chip design guide
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The line coupling interface is designed to allow the ST7580 device to transmit and receive on the AC mains line using the available FSK and PSK modes within the European CENELEC EN50065-1 standard A band, specified for automatic meter reading (AMR) applications . The

Future-ready ultrafast 8bit CMOS ADC for system – on – chip applications
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Semiconductor technology is now approaching 100 nanometer feature size and will soon be below 100 nanometer. This technology trend presents new challenges in analog-digital mixed signal circuit design. A mixed signal circuit must be integrated on a single chip along

A hardware and software monitor for high-level system – on – chip verification
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Verification of todays Systems-on-Chip (SoC) occur at low abstraction-levels, typically at register-transfer level (RTL). As the complexity of SoC designs grows, it is increasingly important to move verification to higher abstraction-levels. Hardware/software co-simulation

Efficient test access mechanism optimization for system – on – chip
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Test access mechanisms (TAMs) are an important component of a system – on – chip (SOC) test architecture. TAM optimization is necessary to minimize the SOC testing time. We present a fast, heuristic technique for TAM optimization and demonstrate its scalability for ABSTRACT A test architecture for an SOC consists of a number of Test Access Mechanisms that connect to wrapped cores. This paper presents a new test architecture, named the TestRail Architecture, that is a hybrid form of the known Daisychain and Distribution ABSTRACT Asynchronous circuits can provide an elegant and high performance interconnect solution for synchronous system – on – chip (SoC) designs with multiple clock domains. This globally asynchronous, locally synchronous(GALS) approach simplifies

NeuFlow: Dataflow vision processing system-on-a-chip
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Page 1. NeuFlow: Dataflow Vision Processing System-on-a-Chip

The MorphoSys dynamically reconfigurable system – on – chip
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MorphoSys is a system – on – chip which combines a RISC processor with an array of reconfigurable cells. The important features of MorphoSys are coarse-grain granularity, dynamic reconfigurability and considerable depth of programmability. The first

On-chip interconnects for next generation system-on-chips
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Through the parallel processing on a single device, these so-called system – on – chip (SoC) architectures gain in performance. Especially network and multimedia applications benefit from this ARM system – on – chip architecture, Addison-Wesley, 2000

Behavioral-level test vector generation for system – on – chip designs
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Co-design tools represent an effective solution for reducing costs and shortening time-to- market, when system – on – chip design is considered. In a top-down design flow, designers would greatly benefit from the availability of tools able to automatically generate test

A dynamic memory management unit for embedded real-time system-on-a-chip
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have cached. In this case, the write through from the PE with read/write will cause the cache lines in the read only PEs to be invalidated. 3. THE SoCDMMU As Figure 1 showed, the System – on – Chip consists of multiple PEs connected to a large memory block

System on chip design methodology applied to system in package architecture
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There are two competing technologies pursuing theholy grailof complete system integration. Today, the most common method used to create thesystemis to mount separately packaged ICs on a next-level substrate. Even with a low pin count, a package is We designed a SoC/ASIC to implcment tlie low power. high perfornlance H. 264 encoder and decoder with a 32-bit RlSC CPU on a single chip. We used the system-level modeling technique to develop tlic H. 264 codec and highspeed RlSC microprocessor cores. and

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