Radio frequency(RF) transmitter is a circuit which consists of transducer,modulator,wave guide and an antenna used to transmit radio waves.

X-Band RF transmitter and receiver design of APAA system for mobile satellite communications
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A X-band active phased array antenna (APAA) system for mobile satellite communications was developed by ETRI. This system electrically and mechanically tracks to Korean satellite, Mugunghwa, in vehicles. Its electrical tracking range is 35 in elevation direction and 4 in

UHF RF Transmitter and Receiver
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ABSTRACT: Here we propose a current mode oscillator circuit using Q-Dot technology and subsequently we modify this circuit for transmitter and receiver design. We like to note that transmitter is a amplitude modulation (AM) to frequency modulation (FM) conversion

Proposal for Control of a Multi-Cavity RF System with One Transmitter
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with one Transmitter Joachim Tückmantel 1. INTRODUCTION Supplying a linac with RF can be done by the safe method of using one RFtransmitter with RF vector feedback per cavity. Any such system can control and counteract all excursions of its single cavity (Fig. 1) Fig

High Performance VCO for Low Power RF TransmitterA Review
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ABSTRACT A typical RF transmitter requires maximum start up time. The transient energy during the startup can be higher than the energy required by the electronics during the actual transmission. In order to reduce start up energy consumption, reduce the power

Array RF Transmitter for 7T MRI of the Spine Based on Dipole Antennas
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Methods Two dipoles were constructed from 10 mm wide copper tape to perform quadrature excitation. Their length of 370 mm was chosen to match λ/2 at 300MHz. The conductors were connected at one end to a home-built λ/8-λ/12 hybrid and through two home-built TR

Implementation of Reconfigurable, Coding-Efficient All Digital RF Transmitter
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Abstract A new reconfigurable, coding efficient digital RF Transmitter Architecture has been designed. The current approach uses different pulse shaping techniques and flexible Digital frequency Synthesizer which effectively increases coding efficiency of the system. Here we

Implementation of a PC Security System using RF TransmitterReceivers.
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Abstract: This paper suggests data communication using an RF TransmitterReceiver and a PC protection method a connected Receiver and software. Older PC protection systems demanded manual operation, but the suggested method protects PC automatically by

Direct conversion 700 MHz RF transmitter
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ABSTRACT This project presents the Direct Conversion 700 MHz RF Transmitter which was designed to produce transmitted output power of 22 dBm. The design of this 700 MHz RF transmitter consist of five section altogether. First section is 25 MHz high pass filter, followed

RF Transmitter for ECR Ion Sources
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1. ABSTRACT A growing number of accelerators, mainly cyclotrons, are using ECR ion sources to extend their possibilities. In ECR sources, the plasma which generates the ion beam is created by RF power. The microwave tube which delivers the RF power must be

Design of RF Transmitter with high speed for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) using 8-Core DDS System of FPGA
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AbstractAn overall goal of the research is to investigate a new approach to the MRI RF Transmitter . Design a highspeed MRI RF transmitter . The goal is to explore the potential of a built-in DDS core of an FPGA chip to generate a dualchannel output at a 1 GHz sampling

Simulating and Designing An RF Transmitter for Small Satellites
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This paper discusses the design and simulation of an RF transmitter for small satellites operating in the commercial S-band (2.2-2.29 GHz) with a data rate of 8 Mbps. In such systems, modeling frequency-dependent nonlinear characteristics of complex analog blocks

Estimating Local SAR Produced by RF Transmitter Coils: Examples Using the Birdcage Body Coil
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Purpose To quantify local SAR near the conductors of the birdcage coil using symbolic calculations and finite element modeling (FEM). To compare the accuracy of these two techniquesIntroduction Local SAR is a critical factor in patient safety. The precise calculation of local SAR is difficult because

A Fully-Integrated 5.2 GHz CMOS RF Transmitter for Wireless Communication
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ML Yeh, HJ Chen, WR Liou, TH Chen, YC Lin AbstractThis paper describes the design of a fully-integrated 5.2 GHz CMOS RF transmitter circuit. This transmitter contains a quadrature up conversion mixer, a quadrature voltage-controlled oscillator (QVCO), and a class AB power amplifier (PA). Current reuse

Narrow Band 430-MHz CMOS RF Transmitter
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Abstract This paper presents a RF transmitter for narrow band 400-MHz applications. This system was composed of an integer-N PLL (Phase Locked Loop) block, a PA (Power Amplifier), and SPI (Serial to Parallel Interface) digital control block. It used 12.8-MHz

A Design and Implementation of RF Transmitter for IMT-2000 system based on DS CDMA
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Abstract The performance requirments of RF transmitter in RFS (RF Subsystem) for IMT- 2000 CDMA system using 3.75 MHz RF bandwidth were analyzed. Since then, the RF transmitter is designed and implemented on the basis of requirement specification. The test

RF transmitter with Cartesian feedback
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Cartesian Feedback for use in Bluetooth applications. The Cartesian feedback is used to improve the linearity of the system, allowing the power amplifier to be designed for efficiency. The Cartesian feedback loop consists of two independent I and Q feedback loops

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