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Musical interaction design with the create usb interface
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Abstract The CREATE USB Interface or CUI, is a tool for both research and teaching that was developed to facilitate the design of new musical instruments and other interactive art projects. Teaching Human-Computer Interaction in music and related media arts presents a

Fabricate a high-resolution sensor-to- USB interface
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The circuit in this Design Idea combines a mixed-signal microcontroller, a USB UART (universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter), and a novel adaptable analog sensor-input circuit. It allows you to connect many types of sensors to the designtwo ana-log-input

Development of a gyro sensor based computer mouse with usb interface as technical aid for disabled persons
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Abstract: This paper describes the development of an alternative computer mouse for disabled persons. The mouse is an advanced technical aid for a large group of disabled (handicapped) persons, and can be placed on variuos suitable body parts. The mouse is

A USB interface high-speed data acquisition system
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Abstract: Article Preview Article Preview A continuous-wave lidar signal acquisition system with USB2. 0 interface is present, in this paper. The hardware and the application program has been designed, its sampling rate is up to 1000Msps by flywheel A/D circuit. The signal

AvrUsb500v2–an open source Atmel AVR Programmer, stk500 V2 compatible, with USB interface
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Abstract: This is a re-design of the popular avrusb500 programmer. The second version of avrusb500: avrusb500v2. When I started to develop the original avrusb500 during spring 2005 I had a modern programmer in mind. It should have a USB interface but have no

A normalized USB interface based on the FT245B chip from FTDI
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The current document seeks to describe a USB interface implementation proposal based on the FTDI FT245B circuit. The latter in fact being only a byte pipe, a framing protocol for distinguishing bytes is also proposed. The objective is to obtain a «plug and play»

Designing with the EZ-USBFX3 Slave FIFO Interface
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On assertion of PKTEND# with SLWR#, the GPIF II state machine interprets the packet to be a short packet and commits it to the USBinterface The EZ-USB FX3 FIFOs are associated with sockets. Sockets on the GPIF II side are similar to endpoints on the USBinterface

USB interface with FPGA for data acquisition system using in X-ray applications
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Abstract The image processing system with acquisition, transmission and display was designed based on the new type CMOS image sensor and USB2. 0 controller. Using the Omni Vision OV9715 CMOS image sensor as photoelectric imaging device, glueless

Compact 8 K multi-channel analyzer with USB interface and multi-mode operation
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Abstract A Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA) is the heart of a nuclear spectroscopy system. The paper describes a new, high-performance MCA with many advanced features. Some of them are in-built hardware for List and MCS modes in addition to the standard PHA mode of tyqm@jnu.edu.cn AbstractIn this paper, we present a UART- USBinterface converter design based on FPGA, which implements asynchronous serial communication protocol and USB protocols conversion. Design is implied

Development of compact wireless communication module for auto-recognition wearable I/O device by using USB interface
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Abstract: The importance of wearable I/O devices has grown in current wearable computers working environment. Undoubtedly, between the consumer and industrial possibilities, Wearable computers will become a larger market force in the near future. In these

TTFM signal acquisition system with USB interface
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The Design of High Frame Rate Linear CCD Data Acquisition System Based On USB 2.0 Interface
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Fig.3 Timing Sequence Diagram Of Slave FIFO Sync (3) Design of USBInterface Circuit The working mode of USB controller is Slave FIFO synchronous mode. USBinterface design in this article is the interface logic design between USB controller and FPGA

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Information furnished by HAMAMATSU is believed to be reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed for possible inaccuracies or omissions. Specifications are subject to change without notice. No patent rights are granted to any of the circuits described herein.

Implementation of Multi-Protocol, Data Acquisition With High Speed USB Interface Using FPGA
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AbstractThis paper describes the implementation of the FPGA as a data acquisition system with highspeed USB interface . This can simplify the data interfacing to the PC by installing most data transfer protocols into one system. The FPGA has the advantage that it

Lessons learnt in developing a SDR Platform with USB interface
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Building a new Software Defined Radio (SDR) system requires multidisciplinary research covering the engineering disciplines of communication systems, radio frequency, digital and analog hardware, software and digital signal processing. This paper focuses on the efforts at Abstract: Article Preview Article Preview In this paper, the design of data acquisition system of intelligent community based on USB interface is developed, the method and process of design scheme, a set of data acquisition system composed of the United States of America

USB Interface for an Optical Flow Chip
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Abstract The goal of this semester project was to implement a USB interface for Alan Stockerneuromorphic Optical Flow Chip (Motion18). For this, a PCB with the necessary components was designed. Then, firmware for the onboard microcontroller was written.

USB Interface for Communication between FPGA and Personal Computer
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Abstract The USB Interface provides capability of utilizing the new bus standard to interface programmable device designs to personal computers. This is useful for real time applications such DAS. The USB Interface is described in VHDL which is synthesizable,

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