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Impulse based UWB Transmitter in 0.18 um CMOS for Wireless Interconnect in Future ULSI
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To meet the challenge of 3D-intergration in future ULSI, global wireless interconnection (interconnect distance above 300 um) which utilizes electromagnetic wave transmission by using integrated antenna and ultra wideband (UWB) transceiver system has been proposed

A very low power IR- UWB transmitter with digitally data rate control
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Abstract: In this paper, a very low power and low complexity all digital impulse radio ultra wideband (IR- UWB ) transmitter is presented. The pulse repeating frequency (PRF) of the transmitted signal is controlled digitally, which complies with federal commission committee

A prototype high-voltage UWB transmitter
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Abstract We describe here the early development of a high-voltage Ultra-Wideband ( UWB ) transmitter that combines a collapsible Impulse Radiating Antenna and a fast-risetime triggered source. The antenna (TX-1) is a version of the CIRA-2 with a center support tube

A Single Chip UWB Transmitter Based on 0.18m CMOS Technology for Wireless Interconnection
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Steady downscaling of semiconductor device dimensions and the demand for System On a Chip (SOC) have led to the concept for wireless interconnection as shown in Fig. 1 within the chip and among the chips to avoid transmission delay due to parasitic resistance,

A 6.5-8.5 GHz CMOS UWB Transmitter Using Switched LC VCO
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AbstractA 6.5 8.5 GHz CMOS UWB transmitter is implemented using 0.18 um CMOS technology. The transmitter is mainly composed of switched LC VCO and digital pulse generator (DPG). Using RF switch and DPG, the uniform power and sidelobe rejection are

A TH- UWB Transmitter and its Pulse Generation Circuit for Intra/Interchip Wireless Interconnection
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Steady downscaling of semiconductor device dimensions has been the main stimulus to achieve higher speed and performance of integrated circuits over the past decades. Unfortunately scaling has a reverse effects on interconnect delay associated with the

Design of CMOS IR- UWB Transmitter
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In IR-UWB system, very short pulses (generally 0.1 → 1 ns) are used to transmit information symbol, which spread energy of the signal of frequency up to 10 GHz. The power spectral density (PSD) of transmitted pulses must satisfy power and spectrum limits of the Federal Communications

A low-power low-complexity transmitter for FM-UWB systems
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AbstractA frequency modulated ultra-wideband (FM- UWB ) transmitter with a high-robust relaxation oscillator for subcarrier generation and a dual-path Ring VCO for RF FM is proposed, featuring low power and low complexity

3.51 pJ/pulse/1.2 V CMOS IR- UWB Transmitter
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Abstract Spectrum tuning and meeting low power are the main challenges in impulse radio ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) system while it has the highest level of prospects in contactless and continuous vital sign monitoring. In this paper, an IR- UWB transmitter is designed for the

Chip on board 3-10GHz IR- UWB Transmitter with optimized die to antenna wire bond transition
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WideBand Impulse Radio (IR- UWB ) transmitter is presented. The transmitter includes a pulse generator integrated in a 0.13 m standard CMOS technology and an antenna printed on the chip carrier. The board is manufactured with Roger 4003 laminate substrate and has

An UWB System and All-Digital Transmitter Architecture for Biotelemetry Systems
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More details regarding the SM can be found in. 5 All-Digital UWBTransmitter Architectures The UWB impulse transmitter generates very short pulses, which results in a very wide frequency bandwidth and high data rates

A CMOS UWB Timed-Array Transmitter with a Vivaldi Antenna Array for I-Radar Applications
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TABLE I. PERFORMANCE AND COMPARASION OF UWBTRANSMITTER A fully integrated CMOS UWBtransmitter Proceedings of IEEE 7th International Conference On ASIC (ASICOM 2007)

Charge Pump Modulated VCO for a Low Power UWB-FM Transmitter
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In 90nm CMOS, a multi-inverter ring oscillator can operate up to 10GHz. A CMOS inverter VCO may be controlled via its power supply. The proposed UWBtransmitter modulates the VCO output frequency by varying the supply voltage using a charge pump

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ABSTRACT This paper presents the design and simulation of a low-power full-band UWB transmitter with on-chip quadrature voltage-controlled oscillator (QVCO) in 130 nm CMOS technology. The proposed transmitter consists of a passive poly-phase filter (PPF), QVCO, a

Passive RFID Tag with UWB Transmitter
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AbstractRadio Frequency Identification Tag is a transmitter which transmits its own identification to interrogators and has been used in many areas such as tracking and distribution industries. The main issues of passive RFID tag are power harvesting and low

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