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provides a stable DC voltage independent of the load current, temperature and AC line voltage variations. The voltage regulator is needed to keep voltages within the prescribed range that can be tolerated by the electrical equipment using that voltage. A voltage regulator generates a fixed output voltage of a preset magnitude that remains constant regardless of changes to its input voltage or load conditions. There are two types of voltage regulators: linear and switching.

Application of artificial bee colony algorithm in an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) system
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Abstract-In this study, a new artificial intelligence based optimization method is applied to optimize the gains of PID controller for Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) system. A dynamic performance of the controller which is optimized with ABC algorithm is compared

Design of PID controller in automatic voltage regulator (AVR) system using PSO technique
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ABSTRACT In this paper, an evolutionary computing approach for determining the optimal values of the proportional-integral-derivative(PID) controller has been proposed. Proper tuning of such controllers is obviously a prime priority as any other alternative situation will

Impact of DG and voltage regulator interaction on distribution system voltage regulation
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Load currents through the power and distribution transformer and line impedances cause voltage drops, which reduce voltage magnitude at the loads. Voltage magnitudes at service locations must be maintained within specified ranges. This is accomplished in both fixed

Multilayer perceptrons neural network automatic voltage regulator with applicability and improvement in power system transient stability
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Abstract: In electrical power system network, the excitation system contributes in an effective voltage control and enhancement of the system stability. It must be able to respond quickly to a disturbance enhancing the transient stability and the small signal stability. This work

Analysis of Harmonic Free Voltage Regulator with Simulation Technique
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ABSTRACT: The Demand for a stabilizedharmonic free supply voltage (clean supply) is increasing these days, this is because some of todayloads such as computers are classified as power supply sensitive loads, and this means that they require a clean

Design and construction of automatic voltage regulator for diesel engine type stand-alone synchronous generator
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AbstractDiesel-electric stations have some advantages over other types of station, particularly in comparatively small sizes. A diesel station can be started and stopped quickly as and when required. It does not need any warming period, and need not be kept running

Fuzzy based digital automatic voltage regulator of a synchronous generator with unbalanced loads
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Abstract: Voltage stability and power quality of the electrical systems depend on proper operation of the Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) of generators. Nowadays, design technology of the AVRs is being broadly improved. According to wide range operating

Very fast recovery word-line voltage regulator for multilevel nonvolatile memories
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Abstract:-A very fast recovery voltage regulator for large capacitive loads is presented. A feedback cascode technique is used to achieve high recovery speed when a previously discharged capacitance is connected to the regulator output. The design has been

Genetic optimization tuning of an automatic voltage regulator system
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AbstractIn this paper, a genetic optimization with a new fitness function method is proposed to design a PID controller for the automatic voltage regulator system (AVR). The proposed fitness function is made by cost function to improve the transient response of the

Voltage regulator placement in radial distribution system using discrete particle swarm optimization
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Abstract This paper presents selection of optimal locations and sizes for voltage regulators in radial distribution system. The operation and planning studies of a distribution system require a steady state condition of the system for various load demands. Voltage has always

Fuzzy logic pid control of automatic voltage regulator system
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AbstractThe application of a simple microcontroller to deal with a three variable input and a single output fuzzy logic controller, with Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) response control built-in has been tested for an automatic voltage regulator . The fuzzifiers are based

Three steps AC voltage regulator based on one step-down transformer
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Abstract Automatic AC voltage regulation is a common domestic and industrial issue especially during loads currents changing. Many solutions are presented in this side based on multi tap transformer, however in this solution the steps of voltage controlling equal to the

Modeling of static series voltage regulator (SSVR) in distribution systems for voltage improvement and loss reduction
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Abstract This paper introduces the modeling of Static Series Voltage Regulator (SSVR) in the load flow calculations for steady-state voltage compensation and loss reduction. For this approach, an accurate model for SSVR is derived to use in load flow calculations. The rating

African buffalo optimization approach to the design of PID controller in automatic voltage regulator system
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Abstract: In the past few decades, researchers have focused so much attention on the application of bio-inspired techniques for solving real-life problems in science, engineering and industrial processes. This paper presents the African Buffalo Optimization (ABO)

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