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Contradirectional interaction in a NRD waveguide coupler with a metamaterial slab
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This paper addresses the use of metamaterials in the design of an NRD contra-directional coupler . The coupling between two parallel NRD waveguides, with the same phase constant but with antiparallel power flow provides new features that can be used in the design of

Design of K-Band substrate integrated waveguide coupler , circulator and power divider
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Our study concerns the analysis of K-band passive devices using a new technology, substrate integrated waveguide (SIW), by the HFSS code. This technology has been applied successfully to the conception of planar compact components for the microwave and A new approach is made to the problem of tapering the branch impedances for broad-band performance. A taper is proposed, which, for a S-db branch coupler , is shown to give much better results in theory and practice than the currently used biiomial taper. Also, simple

Low cost 1×2 acrylic-based plastic optical fiber coupler with hollow taper waveguide
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A 1 2 Plastic optical fiber (POF) Y- coupler has been designed and fabricated using a simple acrylic (PMMA) mold insert. The device is composed of three segments: an input POF fiber, an intermediate hollow taper waveguide and output POF fibers. The acrylic mold insert

A full-parameter, broadband, homogeneous, and compact waveguide coupler designed with transformation optics
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Traditional waveguide couplers are always with large volume, non-neglectable reflection and distortion of beam profile. To provide a possible solution, some transformation optics based strategies have been proposed, however, implementation of the constitutive In this paper, a cosine-shaped vane-folded waveguide slow-wave structure (CV-FWG SWS) is proposed and studied. In comparison with a conventional FWG, the CV-FWG SWS exhibits 3-D configuration, in general, which offers some unique features, such as shifting

Waveguide Coupler for X-Band Deflectors
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Page 1. Waveguide Coupler for X-band Defectors VA Dolgashev, SLAC Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop 2008, Santa Cruz, CA, July 27 August 2, 2008 SLAC-WP-084 Work supported in part by US Department of Energy contract DE-AC02-76SF00515. Page 2. Outline

Design of a compact X-Band substrate integrated waveguide directional coupler
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This paper presented the design of four-port network directional coupler at X-band frequency (8.2-12.4 GHz) by using substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technique. SIW appears few years back which provides an excellent platform in order to design millimeter This short communication describes a study of the grating coupler and the wave-guiding properties of an As2S3 thin film. The advantages are low optical loss, high refractive index in the near infra-red region and a large refractive index change induced by photodarkening

Design of an EH tuner and an adjustable directional coupler for high-power waveguide systems
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The calculation and experimental results for a magic tee with movable choke plungers in- and G-arms for the tuning the coupling-factor and RF phase of high-power accelerating cavities are presented. The investigations were carried out at 2.797 GHz and 1.3 GHz. The

Design of V-band substrate integrated waveguide power divider, circulator and coupler
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Recently there is growing interest in a new technology, substrate integrated waveguide (SIW), it has been applied successfully to the conception of planar compact components for the microwave and millimeter waves applications. In this study, a V-band substrate

A new type of broadband, higher order mode coupler using parallel ridged waveguide in comparison with a coaxial filter version
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For possible use in the 200 MHz SPS single cell cavities a broadband, higher order made coupler has been developed for damping both zero-pole (longitudinal) and dipole (transverse) cavity modes. The device consists of a coupling head acting independently on

Porous silicon waveguide biosensors with a grating coupler
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Human beings have many senses to recognize the surrounding environment. In addition to the traditionally recognized five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, other qualities including pain, balance, and acceleration also help us to interact with the world. For In this paper, an waveguide directional coupler with broad bandwidth, high directivity and high flatness using an efficient and rapid design procedure is proposed. This waveguide directional coupler achieve a weak coupling of-20 dB by using one circular aperture at the

Design Of 10 dB S-Band Multihole Waveguide Coupler
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S-Band Resonant ring for high power testing of various waveguide components is under development. WR-284 based 10dB multi-hole waveguide coupler is chosen as main coupler of the resonant ring. Theoretical design of this coupler has been done to find out the no. of

Compact and highly spectral selective asymmetric co-directional coupler using slow light photonic crystal waveguide
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This paper addresses the design of an ultra-compact narrow band transmission co- directional coupler suitable for 100GHz wavelength division multiplexing applications. The originality of the considered approach stems from the use of laterally coupled strip and

Broadband half mode substrate integrated waveguide cruciform coupler
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In this paper, a cruciform coupler with half mode substrate integrated waveguide structure is presented. The prototype coupler consists of four half mode SIW structures crossing each other in right angle and two metallic posts are inserted in free section of junction in order to

Single Balanced Mixer Using Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) 90 Coupler
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The present paper focuses on an innovative broadband millimeter-wave single balanced diode mixer which is designed through using a newly designed substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) 90 coupler . The low cost singlebalanced mixer has its own advantages of

Short-slot hybrid coupler in gap waveguide at 38 GHz
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This thesis is an attempt to validate the recently developed gap waveguide technology. Gap waveguides are modified form of conventional microstrip and hollow waveguides. It provides two alternatives such as ridge gap waveguide and groove gap waveguide . This thesis

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